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  1. There’s a $20 off $100 code as well 2snew
  2. I’ve made a few purchases in bst and most go well, but bought a club last year, just to try it out, and today i go to change the grip and find a 1/2” butt extension, aghhh, why dont people disclose this!!! I know shafts dont sell for as much when they have extensions, but its super shady. This is the second time it’s happened to me, not to mention i have countless other shafts i bought and dont use, so I’ve never changed the grips, who knows if any of those have extensions in them, hopefully not. rant over
  3. Whats gonna happen if you have a weird question for him?
  4. Was it cut down to 33”? Or was it stock 33”
  5. Let me know how the work out for u guys
  6. Deal is too good, not a fan of the color options, but my bag is starting to sag and fall
  7. I think just marking your ball is quicker than asking people “hey is my ball in ur line?” And when everyone is walking to the green dont you walk towards your ball to be close enough to mark it without it taking too long?
  8. Yee yee, been waiting on the sale they usually have on the lamkin site, but i feel like they havent had it in a while
  9. Good choice, this ones def at the end of its life
  10. I have a Callaway epic hybrid and was wondering if this adapter works with the epic flash hybrid
  11. Terrible situation all around, hope u keep ur sanity with all that goin on. Im in the bay area and am getting stir crazy being inside with all the terrible air quality. Hope everyone reading this stays safe and sane!
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