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  1. I actually tried two things. First I added a P790 4 Iron (195-200) with my P790 5 Iron (175-180), using the same shaft. I got a little more punch but the thicker sole was more inconsistent in the conditions that I play in and I didn't get much spin out of the 4 iron. I don't hit the ball very far so I need 4 iron into some greens often and it wasn't working out. So I moved to the P770 4 Iron but used a little lighter shaft (Modus 105 vs 120 in the P790) and I lost about 5-7 yards of carry but hit the ball a good bit higher and spin it more. Gap is closer to my 5 iron and further from my 3 Hybrid (and even further from my occasional 5 Wood) but unless I play the tips at my home course I rarely have those yardages. So long story short, I didn't change lofts, but I did end up changing clubs in the 4 iron to even gaps.
  2. Part of me feels that they initially started out trying to create an i210 replacement and simply couldn't. Then they took the design, shrunk it a little, added some forging to make it the iBlade replacement. i210 might have a run as long as the iBlades.
  3. Coming from MP 63 you're probably going to have "loft shock" on almost any of the players distance irons you look at. It's just the times. That said the P770 looks from address may be noticeable when comparing your irons side by side. But I don't think you'll really see a difference just putting them down by the ball. I liked the address look for the irons, specifically in the 4-9 Iron. Pitching Wedge, not so much so I just picked up a non set wedge to replace.
  4. Only one item for sale a Taylormade SIM2 22° 4 hybrid with a stock Tensei Blue AV Raw 80g stiff shaft. Bought new, the club saw one range session and a couple shots on the course. I've been cycling through various hybrids for that spot and probably going back to a 4 Iron instead. Face has some light range ball marks but the rest of the club is pristine. Comes with headcover (no tool, didn't get one myself). Asking $215 paypal'd and shipped.
  5. Selling these Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal Pro's 4-GW with the stock Project X LZ 5.5 blackout shafts. Standard L/L/L. Seen very little use, one range session and one round. Looking for $old paypal'd and shipped. Just didn't vibe with these irons but could be a great holiday gift for you! PM me with offers!
  6. He really should just play the courses where it can be hot and humid so his back loosens up. It's where he's physically looked the best.
  7. I think the issue some are taking is that they moved some start times up so they can start the tournament even though it was obviously storming just to call it one hole in and therefore be able to mandate the "play it down" for the first round on a day where its obviously going to be wet and balls will be super muddy.
  8. This! My football teams are (were?) the Wolverines and the Lions. And those seasons are affectively over. But either way, it's Masters 100% of the time, at any time of year.
  9. Shave all the areas around the greens so there are 20/30 yard run-offs when you miss the green. Make them chip off tight lies to difficult pin positions and put emphasis on controlling the spin coming out of sand and rough.
  10. Selling these Mizuno MP-20 HMB 4-PW with C-Taper Lite stiff shafts. Standard L/L/L. Played approximately 10 rounds throughout the summer with a few range sessions in. No dings, chips, or marks just normal face wear from hitting balls. $old. Liked these irons but there is no more denying it I am just a Ping guy. *EDIT* Added additional face pics per request.
  11. The big thing is with guys who start their careers on a roll and gain that confidence is, how well do they respond when they get kicked in the teeth a little? There will inevitably be a bad patch, a blown tournament, swing issue, injury, something that might affect him. Spieth hasn't regained his form, we'll see how Brooks comes back from the disappointing PGA finish. If he has enough resilience to bounce back after a bad phase he'll have a very successful career.
  12. I did the same thing. Once the notice went out that Ping will delay their product until next year I bought Mizuno irons. Still excited to see what Ping's new offerings will look like though.
  13. I'm sure they did it because there will be lots of camera's around Phil and Tiger and we surely need to protect Byron's "brand". Not a bad consolation prize to be grouped with the winner last week and the winner here last year though.
  14. Turn the loft down and change to a lower spinning ball.
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