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  1. Shave all the areas around the greens so there are 20/30 yard run-offs when you miss the green. Make them chip off tight lies to difficult pin positions and put emphasis on controlling the spin coming out of sand and rough.
  2. Looking for a set of Ping irons in 4-PW or 4-UW Black or Red dot. Stiff shafts and I really would prefer anything in the Modus line (AWT 2.0, 105, or 120). Can be in an iBlade, i200, or i210.
  3. Selling these Mizuno MP-20 HMB 4-PW with C-Taper Lite stiff shafts. Standard L/L/L. Played approximately 10 rounds throughout the summer with a few range sessions in. No dings, chips, or marks just normal face wear from hitting balls. $old. Liked these irons but there is no more denying it I am just a Ping guy. *EDIT* Added additional face pics per request.
  4. The big thing is with guys who start their careers on a roll and gain that confidence is, how well do they respond when they get kicked in the teeth a little? There will inevitably be a bad patch, a blown tournament, swing issue, injury, something that might affect him. Spieth hasn't regained his form, we'll see how Brooks comes back from the disappointing PGA finish. If he has enough resilience to bounce back after a bad phase he'll have a very successful career.
  5. I did the same thing. Once the notice went out that Ping will delay their product until next year I bought Mizuno irons. Still excited to see what Ping's new offerings will look like though.
  6. I'm sure they did it because there will be lots of camera's around Phil and Tiger and we surely need to protect Byron's "brand". Not a bad consolation prize to be grouped with the winner last week and the winner here last year though.
  7. Turn the loft down and change to a lower spinning ball.
  8. Two more things: Watch the TXG youtube video on the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and Chris Voshall explains what each of these figures meansMizuno only will recommend what they have as their free upgrade shafts, which is why KBS shafts will sneak into most peoples top three. I got C-Taper Lite on mine and they work phenomenally, coming from Modus 120s.
  9. Played a round with these and it is a really quality ball. Good alternative if you dont want to shell out premium ball money. Gave a good bit of pop off the irons.
  10. If your swing is somewhat unique dont be fooled if your fitting specs are too. If you trust the numbers in the fit and are comfortable with the feel go for it! Can always remove the shaft labels and tell folks they are X100s if you like.
  11. Yep should be a screw that sits flush in that space.
  12. Anecdotal I know but two weeks ago I went in fully thinking I would pick up a set of Hot Metal Pro's or Forged (saving some cash). I got a shaft optimized via the swing optimizer and tried three heads (including the HMB) and there weren't any noticeable differences so I picked the one I liked the look of. None of the specs changed from head to head (Mizuno is sensitive to that) so I would feel confident that no matter the head chosen they should be a quality fit.
  13. Some parts of this make sense though. If you find an iron-type you like, if they are in a series they are much less likely to drastically change what the iron does and how it fits your game. AP2 players have had longstanding confidence that the next iteration addresses the small things they find instead of being a completely different iron each release and there is some comfort in using past history of an iron release to help our current choices.
  14. I did a fitting last Friday totally banking on ordering a set of 919 Hot Metal Pros or 919 Forged because of the price reduction but left dropping the extra $$ on the HMBs. Looks, consistency, and dispersion were too much to ignore and I hate spending money. Pretty much ruined me getting a SIM Hybrid because of the extra cost but I enjoyed about every swing in the 40 minute session. I played the P790s in previous years and do not remember getting the same consistent performance out of those clubs.
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