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  1. Ping I500 Irons (5 - P) w/ Dynamic Gold 105 S300 shafts & black Mid-Size Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips that were installed in July. Grips have about 20 rounds on them, and irons were used for 2 seasons. Irons have wear indicative of 2 seasons. Have pictured the two largest wear items. 1) 6 iron has a wear mark on the toe, but is barely noticeable to touch (i.e. face is still flush) and their is no performance impact. Also not noticeable at address. 2) Ferrule on Pitching Wedge and 6 Iron has a small gap between it and the head. Both are not moveable by hand, nor cause any performan
  2. Southern Hills Plantation is right by World Woods, but about 10 minutes closer and a great Pete Dye design.
  3. 1) Pinehurst 2) Streamsong 3) Hilton Head (Harbour Town, and several others in the area) 4) Sea Island I would not recommend RTJ Trail if your budget is $2K. If your budget is less than $1K, RTJ is a great option.
  4. Check out Brooksville. Not really in the middle, but great golf. World Woods has two courses and Southern hills plantation is a great course.
  5. Heritage hills is up by Louisville, good track but not worth driving to. Cherry Blossom is a solid track, I played in last November and it was in good shape. Kearney Hill is usually in good shape too, and the best shape of any course in the area in the Winter months.
  6. Brooksville, FL is what you are looking for. A little out of the way, but worth the drive. The have Southern Hills Plantation and World Woods.
  7. Definitely recommend a caddy. And the greens are some of the best I have ever played on.
  8. Woodstone is the best value I have ever seen, not sure how far that is from you. But it is up in the lehigh valley.
  9. I have been Stamford for a little over a year, still looking for a club as well. Have you nailed one down yet? I reached out to Rockrimmon to see if they are doing a summer program like they did last year. I think it was somewhere around $5300 for the season, then you could transfer into a membership. Course is solid.
  10. Is Silvermine a walkable track? I drove by it a couple of months ago, and could not tell for sure.
  11. Anyone who lives closer to the city in Fairfield, Brooklawn has a reasonable deal for under 40. And even a better deal for under 30. But I am still searching for a club myself, after being in the area for a little over a year.
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