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  1. Yes, but I thought I read that tour pros are eligible for health insurance benefits and a pension. That sort of blurs the line between employee and contactor. If that is correct? M
  2. They will bounce back. I'm sure of that. Some of the guys like Rai are rising stars. Time will tell.
  3. Tiger was never great off the tee, but he's the best iron player IMO to EVER play the game. Hogan probably second and Nicklaus third. YMMV. M
  4. Never ever going to see it at a TPC course. Which if you listen to some of the pros are all garbage courses anyway. Pat Perez was complaining recently that they don't get to play the best courses in the US, they play "Crap TPC courses" because the tour owns them. Because the PGA Tour owns the TPC courses, you will never see the PGA of America putting RC events there.
  5. I've done this...in shorts, a tee shirt, and a baseball cap. Yes, alcohol was heavily involved, and it involved a girl and a bet. M
  6. That just means they're weak....
  7. Exactly. I played D1 college tennis. I remember several times saying "bring Agassi on, bring any of them on!" Could I beat them? Almost certainly not....but in my mind, to play at my peak, I needed to think that way. I remember being down at Van der Meer's in 1990 and getting to hit some balls with Stefan Edberg. It was amazing...did I come away respecting him yeah, but there was a part of me that thought "On the right day, I can beat that guy"....I have no problem with what BK said. Do I think he'll do it? Probably not, but if that's what he needs to believe to play at his peak....good on him... M
  8. Yeah, but you can't play with that attitude. I couldn't. Unless I believed I was better than everyone, I'd never win. We're all different psychologically. Some people, in order to play well, have to believe they are better than everyone....some have to play with a chip on their shoulder and be pissed off all the time. We're all different. I see pro athletes as patients all the time, and most of them are more like BKs attitude than not.
  9. This....FFS, If I was on the PGA tour, I'd have the same mentality. If you aren't thinking that you could win every single major and you don't want to dominate your competition, why the heck are you even playing? Jordan didn't want to just beat you. He wanted to humiliate you. He wanted in his own words "to bury you at center court". He was also selfish. After one of their playoff wins, when he had lit up the score board, early in his career, one of the coaches said "Michael, nice job, but remember, there is no "I" in team".....Jordan turned around and said "Yeah, but there is in WIN, isn't there!" Tiger had that mentality. I don't want to just beat you, I want to humiliate to you. Jack, heck wasn't Jack the first one to say what Brooks said about most of the guys on tour can't win a major.. Ironic that everyone here is beating him up for believing in himself when every other great athlete was the same. Tom Brady...same. He still keeps his 6th round draft pick announcement in his locker. Looks at it before every practice and every game, and says it just makes him want to prove to everyone how wrong they all are. Federer said once "The man who wins is the man who thinks he can". What's wrong with Brooks thinking he can?
  10. I’ll let y’all read this…make your own judgments, nice to know you can judge your progress in golf by a number, but not by playing golf…LOL. We do, it’s called your score.
  11. Who else thinks Sam Burns look likes a '70s porn star with that stache? LMAO M
  12. Love SRV, when I started playing guitar, he was a HUGE influence.... Also, Randy Rhoads, was a huge influence....
  13. That's okay, the only proper football team in the Big 10 starts in the #4 spot. Go Buckeyes! M
  14. I actually have a slightly different take. While I think it is incredibly lame to yell things at players, I think it is nonsense that the tour is reacting this way. Especially regarding "Brooksie". I think you're lame if you say that to Bryson, but I also think it is harmless. Bryson and these other pros CHOSE to become famous figures/athletes. Doesn't matter that they don't make what MLB or NBA stars make, many of them, Bryson included make millions per year. Part of that money is to put up with the BS of being a superstar. He chose to put himself in the public light, he chose to be a professional golfer. No one made him. That means, in any sport, including golf, putting up with heckling, etc. Don't like it Bryson....quit golf. Go do something else. I think too many of these young athletes are WAY too soft....Bryson included. Tiger had guys wearing shirts with his f'n mug shot on them.....Bryson and many of these players need to get a lot tougher. Totally disagree with the tours take here.
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