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  1. Yep, which is why I was very careful to use the words "Sounds like..." in my statement. No one outside of Matthew and those closest to him knows what is really going on.
  2. It's more than that. His mom gave an interview and said he was really struggling emotionally with loneliness and all of the stresses of the tour life. He also, per his mom, did not do well with not playing well. Apparently he bought a home near his Alma Mater at Oklahoma so he could hang out with all the college guys. Sounds like some emotional and maturity issues ON TOP of swing issues. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/isolation-era-difficult-players-game-185151114.html
  3. Just curious how many of you play with a more narrow stance. My stance has gotten more narrow as I have gotten older. Partly because I have a mild inflammatory arthritis that affects my SI joints. I do not have the ability to rotate and get to my left side if my stance is too wide. I have narrowed it down to just inside of the shoulders and I seem to strike the ball much better with that stance. I also stay a little more upright. It allows me to turn better and rotate through the shot getting fully on my left side and allows me to flatten the plane a little bit. Just curious
  4. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/matthew-wolff-withdraws-from-pga-championship Not a good sign. Especially given the lack of any reason behind it. We know from his mother that he was not dealing well with the stresses of life on the tour. I sincerely hope he gets his life figured out. M
  5. Yep, not surprised by Phil at all. I just wanted to note that it sounds like from that quote, that there is a collective bargaining agreement between the players and the tour. So, if they signed to and agreed to that, then they could very easily be suspended/expelled with questionable legal remedies....if that quote above is correct that is. M
  6. Sounds like the players agreed to it. According to several players, Monahan made it clear that joining the PGL would mean an automatic suspension from the PGA Tour and the possibility of a permanent expulsion. According to a PGA Tour official, such an action is part of the tour's regulations and has been approved by the players. https://africa.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/31394037/phil-mickelson-bash-super-league-others-do
  7. I'm no expert, but looks like you are hanging back and not getting to the left side early enough through impact. That could open your shoulders as you are pivoting instead of transitioning. I could be wrong though. M
  8. Typically stops on the green...releases a 10 feet or so, but nothing crazy...It's both off a mat-SkyTrak...and outdoors on real grass-Trackman. M
  9. So, I have SkyTrak, and I've used Trackman before as well. No matter what club I am using (except Driver-which is a low LA and height), virtually everything is optimized (or close to) including launch angle, height, contact, AoA, etc. EXCEPT, spin and descent angle. No matter what I do or what club, spin is always low by several thousand....on both devices. Descent angle is also low by several degrees. Driver swing speed is 102-106 average. Average AoA 4* down, Driver I struggle with...maybe 1-2* up. Swing path is usually 2-3* out to in, FA is usually neutral to 2* open or closed...
  10. Here's the thing I read... https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/isolation-era-difficult-players-game-185151114.html
  11. I read a recent article that he was really struggling with feeling lonely and the difficulties of being on tour. He was not adjusting well. His mother said that’s why he bought a new home near his college alma mater so that he could hang out with other college guys. Sounds like a lot of off the course issues.
  12. True, I just really lost interest in watching at that point. I enjoy watching it now..way, way more. I also usually turn it off whenever someone is really dominating...ala DJ at TPC Boston....It's just not interesting to me personally. Now, if you have 3 guys tied on the back nine on Sunday? You have my attention. M
  13. Yeah, I almost snapped some clubs...LOL
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