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  1. Exactly my point, Tiger changed the game and early on was overpowering courses. There was even talk about "Tiger Proofing" courses, which actually brought in MORE average sports fans. Tiger is literally the textbook example of creating spectacle and the "OH MY GOD, did you see that!" moments. M
  2. Heck, even the youtube golf crowd has gotten in on this chase for distance. Andrew Rice vs Martin Chuck vs Mark Crossfield.
  3. BTW, I could be wrong on that...but I think I remember reading that somewhere back in the 80's. M
  4. Wasn't it Nicklaus that said years ago that the first thing you needed to do was to learn to hit as far as you could. Accuracy came later. Doesn't sound that different than what is happening now. M
  5. Equipment changes...rule changes...same thing. All of those sports (except NASCAR) have changed their rules to make the sport more exciting. Enacting rules for golf equipment is having the same effect. Both are rules changes. Anything else is just splitting hairs. What Bryson or others do doesn't affect how I play the game or my enjoyment of it. However, it could affect the viewing of PGA events, which was the original point. YMMV. M
  6. They may not care about the actual distance, but if Bryson uses it to challenge the course record, people will be turning in to watch the spectacle.
  7. I find it interesting how many people on here want to see a roll back on equipment and want to see players playing like they did 30 years ago. That ship has sailed. Much like in football when in the NFL you had outstanding defenses or the "Bad Boy's" in the NBA. Both sports want to create spectacle. Because, THAT is what the average American sports fan wants. They don't want to watch NASCAR to see a boring race, although the racing purists would because they will talk about all the maneuvering and planning that is taking place...the average fan doesn't care about that. The average fan wants
  8. But keep in mind, others have different viewpoints. I'd bet that there are going to be many who tune in next week to see if Bryson can simply overpower Augusta. Many American sportsfans don't really care about skill or finesse. They want to see a spectacle. Which is why NFL teams have handcuffed defenses so much to increase scoring. It's why MMA is so popular. Just because you'd rather see something different does not mean that many others don't want to see a golfer drive the ball 400+ all over ANGR. Just to clarify. Also, I think this ship has sailed. Young golfers ar
  9. I think he thinks I'm lying...he's like...why did you shoot an 86? You should be shooting in the mid 70's...I laugh...yes, on the range. Bought a SkyTrak, hopefully practicing all winter will help to groove things. M
  10. Yes, and I sometimes have incredible range sessions. When my PGA coach is there, I can stripe everything, work the ball, etc. Then I step onto a course...and my game goes to s***. LOL... Golf.... M
  11. Yep...and it's not limited by age. The best player in my skins league is a legit scratch handicap. I think he's 70 or 71? Not sure, but he's been retired for awhile. He hits the s*** out of the ball. Easily the longest guy in our whole group. I was testing the new BB B21 on the range and he came over and wanted to hit it. The range has a fence at 270. He was hitting it 35-45 yards past the fence...CARRY...every time. We all sat there just amazed. Dude is on Medicare and SS and he's making all the young guys look short. Not surprisingly, he posts the lowest scores every week. Although, due to h
  12. Agreed, there's no reason they can't do both. Put a creek at 225-235 for the ams, and have another from 310-330..Have patchy fairways. I could have sworn the tournament this past weekend had several holes like that. M
  13. I think course design is where they need to focus. Not longer, but more challenging. There was a course here a while back that was challenging. Links style set up, the second hole was a perfect example. Par 5. Had a creek that was only maybe 10 yards wide, but the valley the creek ran through was 25 yards wide. They put it right at 225...so you had trouble all across the fairway from 225-250. Now, PGA pros will cover that distance, not even to mention the average WRXer, but most amateurs struggle. For me, if I am hitting driver well (which is another story) I can carry about 255-260. If I am n
  14. Kevin Kisner himself said he was a +5...not sure where +7 is coming from...jus saying... Mike
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