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  1. Like new g410 3 wood with CK Orange shaft in stiff flex. Stock length. Tour Velvet standard grip. $225 shipping included to lower 48.
  2. First it was the Glide 2.0 Stealth. Currently, Ping Glide Forged.
  3. So I had been playing the '19 1x and it was a great ball. Spin, flight, feel was excellent. It was definitely longer than the '19 Pro V for me. Naturally, I grabbed some '21 Pro V1X and I hated them! Way to much spin in my opinion. Shorter on every club.. So I went to the '21 Pro V and I got that feel and launch I remembered. On whim I tried the AVX and I love everything about it. The one thing for me is it does offer low launch off the driver. For comparison, I'm normally an 8-9* driver and now I'm 10.5-11*. But the launch angle is exactly what I want to see. Normally I don't see enough differences between premium balls to say that this or that one is the best. I think they all bring something to the table and it really comes down to personal preference and confidence. After trying almost all the premium balls I settled in Titleist only because they seem to offer the "best" all around performance for ME! But I can say without hesitation, for me, that the AVX is consistently longer off the tee than the Pro V/1X. One more thing I will add to this already long post. I'm not a simulator/numbers guy. I do all my club/ball testing outdoors on the course or range. So my experiences are from what I'm seeing during play and practice. On paper or in the simulator everything might point to the ProV/1x as the superior ball to the AVX, but not for me!!
  4. 3.6. I'm usually right at 105 with the driver. Mostly played a Pro V or 1x but recently tried the AVX and absolutely love it. Definitely lower flight and loonnnngggg! I find they spin and hold greens just as well as the Pro V. And they are durable. I just played 18 and a 9 with the same ball. No scuffs just not as white when they were new.
  5. I was lucky that I never cracked one my first go around with them. I did notice they would loosen and of course my OCD would kick in and I would check them after just about every shot.
  6. I would suggest the ZX7, Apex line, and don't over look the Cobra Tour MIM.
  7. Man, an LTD rerun would be awesome! Definitely one of the clubs I regret selling, twice. Just found a 3 and 5 wood LTD brand new, so a driver would be perfect.
  8. Like new without tags. Each pair wore once. Black and gray. Straight to slight taper leg. 36x34. Price includes shipping. $40 each. SOLD!
  9. I have the zx7 also and I play the Glide forged which are great wedges. They are hard to come by right now due to the fact they have a new model coming. The Mizuno wedges look nice also.
  10. Like new Max LS 9* with MMT 60x shaft. Shaft has been trimmed to 45" playing length or -3/4 from stock. Has GP tour Velvet midsized grip. $450 includes shipping to lower 48. SOLD
  11. Hey everyone, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has any experience with the Mizore 7 shaft in either stiff or extra stiff flex. I understand their flex code system but feel that it's all relative to their shaft lineup. Can anyone compare stiffness and bend profile to any more common shafts? This shaft would be for a ZX 3 wood. For reference I'm 97-100mph with the 3 wood. Smooth transition.
  12. Epic Speed 3 wood with MMT 70x shaft in stock Callaway specs. Epic Speed Max 7 wood with MMT 80x shaft stock specs. Both clubs only a month old. Both clubs have GP Tour Velvet midsize grips and come with headcovers. Price is $230/each and includes shipping to lower 48. SOLD
  13. Apologize if already mentioned in the thread, but which model PXG is that?
  14. Epic Max LS MMT 60x Epic Speed 3W MMT 70x Epic Max 7W MMT 80x
  15. You're delusional if you think all balls are the same. And yes, pros do play balls because they are paid to whether they are better or not I guess is up to them to decide for their games. But almost always, when a players contract is up, the ball is the first thing they abandon and go to a Pro V or X. That's not marketing or availability or even coincidence because they have access to any equipment they want.
  16. OMG, that's my point, no pro is playing DTC balls and the only ones playing Callaway, TM or Srixon are doing so because they are paid to. As soon as those contracts run out, which ball do they run to? That's right, ProV. If those other balls were so great why don't they keep playing them?
  17. Right, but my original point was to look at the players that aren't being paid and can play whatever they want. 99.9% of them play Pro V/1x. That was my point.
  18. So if those balls were simply superior to Titleist, you don't think players would play them due to not being paid? Even if it helped them to win more? Which would lead to more money? And to think they don't sponsor tour pros simply to save the average Joe money is foolish IMHO. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  19. I don't disagree, now name the pros who are playing Vice or Snell?
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