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  1. Rickie Fowler wins a major. Thinking US Open
  2. Any interest in Mizuno MP5 with c taper 130 x flex shafts? 3-Pw
  3. Volunteering at Silverado was incredible last year with the exception of the weather. Recommend ShotLink
  4. I might get basted for saying this --- but I think his run was a fluke, and the law of averages explains why. he was on a putting high the entire year. he hits what most of us do for a round or two where we feel unconscious and the hole looks like a hoola-hoop. the law of averages says no golfer could ever maintain that...and now we're seeing it. he 4 putted this past tournament...yes, Jordan speith, kid putter wonder extraordinaire --- FOUR putted. we know that most people can hit it close to 300, most have decent iron or wedge games...but the guys at the top consistently are the guys bangin home birdies, eagles or par saves from all over. he got hot -- and he WILL be cold for awhile going forward. he's not long enough to overpower courses, his irons haven't been on point so far since his run, and his wedges are just...meh. Please note these are my observations -- I've watched him ever since the implosion at Augusta and have noticed it. Dumb
  5. I may disagree and go spieth. He has won majors hitting a myriad of loose shots. If his average putting day is most pros best his "A Game" with every club in the bag and he'd win any tournament
  6. I have a Scotty first of 500 Newport M2 if youd be interested in a trade
  7. Watched the video again after seeing it last year. Not as bad as I previously thought but he could cut out two walks to the ball and a couple of those extra swings and be fine. Nothing will change unless the players get penalized
  8. At the golf course I play number 9 is a dogleg right with houses backed up to the hole, a street runs in front of the houses, farther right, and then there is another row of houses on the opposite side of the street. Sliced one hard over the first row of houses and the street, hits the roof of the second row of houses (has to be 70 yards right of the fairway) and the ball bounces all the way back onto the fairway and I make birdie. A little luck never hurts
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