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  1. Should have Included. Net was bought separate. Im thinking its 2.0 then. Also how do you like your 2.0?
  2. Hello all, Interested to hear if anyone knows what model Clic Gear this is. Edit: Net Purchased Separately! Thanks.
  3. Great Condition & motivated to sell! Titleist 917D2 Driver 9.5 Adjustable - w/ Aldila Rogue Silver Stiff Shaft Asking $155 (Pending!) Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway Wood 16.5 Stiff Flex Shaft Asking $80 Shipped: Now $70! Message me! Feel free to make an offer, worse I can say is no. Head to PO on Wednesday.
  4. In search of a good recommendation on someone to take lessons from around Atlanta GA. Thanks
  5. Thank you. I was fitted as it states in the original post, I did a shaft fitting with lie angle and length. The only thing that I put on myself was finding the right clubhead. I would say thats not a bad place to be and only asked opinions best on clubhead everyone using.
  6. Thank you everyone for contributing to this thread. It is awesome to see everybody's opinions and engage in the dialogue. While I have not purchased yet, I am leaning toward getting a Srixon Combo set. 4/5 Iron will be z585 while the 6-PW will be Z785. Fingers crossed that they work well for me once I pull the trigger!
  7. How demanding do you feel like ZX7 are? Im worried they may be too demanding for me.
  8. I like the turf interaction on my currently irons Ping Ie1, not concerned with distance. Something around the same forgiveness with good turf interaction would be ideal. I also really like the Srixon 7 series but worried about the demands of them.
  9. Hey Guys, I was just fitted for shafts for the first time ever into a Nippon 120X and now looking to buy some clubs. Have looked at: Srixon 5 and 7 Series Mizuno JPX Forged 919/921 Callaway Apex Forged Sub 70 699 Pro Bridgestone CB TM P790 I am leaning toward the Mizuno JPX Forged as I enjoyed hitting them and always wanted a set of Mizunos. Another on this list I really want to play is the Srixon 7 series, however, Iron Play is inconsistent and worried about the 7 series being too demanding. Currently playing Ping I
  10. This sounds familiar. I dont mind the “stout” 105 feeling my only problem is the weight which I guess would just take some getting used too. I want the 105X to be heavier by a few grams! Ha. Interesting how the 105x is more stout than the 120 though.
  11. Do you think the Heavier Swing-weight will help with feeling on the lighter weight shafts? Also, how is the 105X and 120X different in terms of profile/feel/characteristics to you?
  12. This is exactly what I needed. Long story shorted I fitted into the X100 and I just did NOT like the feel I was like no I need to try something else. Hit the Nippon 105X and 120X both did fine. I have a 93-95 SS with 7 Iron as well, somewhat harsh transition so thats where the X100 came from but loved feel of Nippons. I did hit the 105X slightly better than 120X but the lighter weight wasn’t a Huge fan of (might could get past that by increasing swingweight). I was literally thinking man if the 105X just weighed more I’d probably love it! So thats what prompted this ques
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