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  1. Hello, Headed to Charleston on a last minute pivot from changing trips for this weekend. Alabama about to get rained out so moving from the RTJ Trail to Charleston. Outside of Kiawah and Wild Dunes (We are playing Wild Dunes courses). What are the best 2 other courses to play? Thanks!
  2. All great feedback. I currently game a Taylormade Ardmore 3 w/ the L Neck, really been contemplating the Spider X.
  3. Hey guys, Just looking at opinions of what makes the TM Spider X such a popular putter? Seems a ton of amateurs and tour players just keep picking it up. I feel like I see somebody new on tour every single week playing one. What are your thoughts on what makes it so popular?
  4. Hello! Group of buddies interested in a Golf Trip within 5 hours of ATL GA. Not Hilton Head we have been there. Currently looking at: •Southern Pines NC (Mid Pines, Pine Needles, Tobacco Road) •RTJ Capitol Hill (Judge, Legislator, Senator) •Crossville TN: Stonehenge, Bear Trace? Any suggestions?
  5. I absolutely love this and thanks for context. I can also 100% say that my short game is adequate and while sure I may can drop a handful of strokes its the GIR that kills me. Rarely am hitting a GIR and not getting a par unless the Green is just massive and I 3 putt but those arent super common. GIR is an every. single. round thing that is the core of my scoring. As said above, 3 GIR through 12 holes and made 3 pars.... All with the GIR. Could I have gotten up and down once or twice, probably - but chipping isnt far off at all, the Green is a consistent issue. Maybe I just need to sucker up financially and get a coach, while I pay for golf coaching is definitely expensive.
  6. This has been fantastic, just played 12 holes trying to focus on clubbing down and smooth swings. Was tough - tempo made me slow down which made my swing feel lazy and bad contact. Need to focus more on tempo rather than slow down. #1 Problem again, GIR; Made 3 pars which were my only GIR, but hit 8/10 Fairways.
  7. 140 I would pull a PW 8/10 times and the other 2 would be 9 iron just depending on the shot. I am going to try clubbing up in my round today and trying to play with a smoother tempo. I swear Im not chasing distance or anything but I love the feedback of maybe im just trying to hit too hard I dont know, It feels like im just going after it naturally but going to be conscious about it over the next fee range sessions and todays round.
  8. About 275-280, I can drive the ball decent & usually stay out of trouble. The next shot is the part that kills me, cant hit Greens well at all. Worked on tempo at the range yesterday so I dont get quick cause I have a tendency too get quick and it seemed to help but again thats a range session.
  9. Its not pride im just sharing, Id much rather shoot in the 70s, im just saying its not like im going out there struggling to get to the green because of distance I just am not playing well and hitting well. Thanks for making the assumption and appreciate your input.
  10. I am absolutely loving all of the feedback on this post. In my mind my biggest struggle is GIR and Chipping. I dont hit many greens and even tho I may not miss horribly, I can chip and 2 putt for bogey, maybe sometimes a mistake in there for double. What ive learned so far: 1. Find something for the range and continuously work on it. (Im not good at this today I try too many things) I just need to get a diagnosis on my swing and do one thing at a time. 2. Eliminate Ego and stupidity, I already hit the ball plenty far (174-179 7I) I just need to be smarter and more conservative.
  11. Hello, Looking for various opinions on the absolute best way to improve your score. Ranged from Lessons, Range sessions, playing more, swing, short game literally whatever. Ive been a stagnant 84-90 golfer for 3 years and I am really putting some time in to improve but I feel like im not receiving any results. Would love to hear what has worked best for you.
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