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  1. Some late season changes for my bag and my sons: $125 - Callaway Rogue 4w with Graphite Design Tour AD-TP 7 Stiff flex with a Standard Red Golf Pride MCC+ 4 grip - includes Rogue headcover - plays to 42.5" - overall in fair condition - face shows significant wear from use - scratches where the paint wraps from the top and meets the face - rest of the paint is good with no real chips or dings that I could see - wear on the sole consistent with use $125 - Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide with a Black Superstroke Traxion Tour 2.0 grip and 50g backweight - includes Odyssey he
  2. I went from Mavrik Max to SZ to Standard version this year and have played the Standard version for most of the season. Excellent driver for my swing. Max gave me too much spin. SZ not enough. Standard head at 9*+1/N with a Graphite Design Tour AD-TP 6 has been awesome.
  3. I’m the opposite. Driver, fairways and irons. No hybrids as I can never get along with them with my sweeper swing. Fairways fit my swing better.
  4. For sure but when comparing Graphite Design to Graphite Design shafts it is pretty spot on. Never got along with the DI but am loving the TP 6 on my driver this year. Typically have had the most success with Whiteboard type profiles and even with the EvenFlow Riptide earlier this year but the TP 6 just has something extra in it and just wants to fly straight. So the firmer butt section may have something to do with it as it does feel different that a Tensei Pro White Or Diamana D+/White.
  5. I went the opposite way as I picked up the SW & LW to go with my 5-GW and they have been fantastic. Had them both bent 2* strong and 2* flat as my irons are 2* strong and the wedges have been fantastic. 2* weak would add some bounce but similar to Ping irons, bounce in a wedge tends to help many players. The Ping design is very evident in the 0211's and to my eye as a long-time Ping player previously, I love how they look behind the ball.
  6. Would like to see comparison pics with Cleveland CBX2 wedges which I believe these would compete with.
  7. TaylorMade is upping their iron game. Beautiful looking irons. P770's would be more my speed, but P790's previously and 0211's currently have me in a good place with my irons right now.
  8. Couple items for sale. Only trade I am looking for is a Graphite Design Tour AD-TP 5/6/7 in Stiff flex with a Callaway Adapter. Needs to be untipped and at least 43.75" from end of tip to end of grip. $350 - Limited Edition King Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme Pars & Stripes 10.5* Driver HEAD ONLY in Excellent lightly used condition. Some very light tee marks on the sole but no other real wear or marks. Face is excellent with no real marks. Top and paint overall is excellent with no chips or dings and looks excellent at address. Includes the matching Pars & Stripes HC also in excellent con
  9. Mavrik 9* (+1) Riptide 60 - 260 Rogue 4W Tour AD- TP 7 - 240 Steelhead 7w X100 Lite - 220 Steelhead 9W X100 Lite - 200 PXG 5-LW Nippon NS Pro 1050 - 185 - 80 V-Line WHP
  10. Prefer my Odyssey V-Line so this one can move on.$150 - Evnroll ER5 Black with a Gray SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 2.0 grip Plays to 33" Overall in good condition and looks fine at address, but up close it shows wear from use. I picked this up used and tried it out for a few rounds but just can't get used to the feel compared to the White Hot Pro insert that I have played for years. Black finish on the head shows some wear, primarily on the sole but there are some marks here and there on the head. Face is pretty clean and nothing that I noticed that would impact performance. Black finish on
  11. I didn’t worry about it as the SIM Ti was short lived in my bag. It was nothing that I was worried about as it just seemed to be on the surface and not damaging anything that I could see.
  12. I had the same thing on a SIM Ti fairway wood shaft. Bought it used from 3Balls and it was all original. When I removed the shaft it had the same residue on it. I cleaned it off with some acetone and a Q-tip and then used a rag on my fingernail to scrape off some of it.
  13. Play what works for your swing. I play Callaway Woods, PXG irons, Ping wedges and Odyssey putter. My bag changes frequently typically but this year has been pretty consistent and actually am trying out PXG 0211 GW, SW and LW that may replace Ping Glide Stealth wedges. PXG 0211’s have a really strong Ping influence in their design and made my switch from years of Ping irons pretty seamless.
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