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  1. Played the Gen2 previously and tried the 0211 this year, but found a Proto 3w from PXG Express on eBay for a great deal and have sold the Gen2 and 0211 3 woods as a result of how good the Proto 3w is. The Gen2 is very solid feeling, like hitting a wood bat. The 0211 more springy feeling like a double-wall softball bat but didn't produce the extra distance that seems to be in the Proto. The Proto is a combination of both but slightly more hollow feeling, but the ball really flies off of the Proto face. Nice high launch for me and seems to be directionally very good. Distance see
  2. Older set of Pings with Regular flex steel CFS shafts worked well for my son when he was in the 12-14 age range. Ping irons typically swingweight lighter than most at standard length. Now 14, he is in a set of Ping iE1 with Ping CFS stiff as the CFS plays soft to flex. Driver, fairway woods, hybrid are all swing dependent and for most early teens standard length will be too long.
  3. Right behind me and all of the Cameron and Bettinardi collectors....
  4. Modus 120 is a different profile than the 105/125 series. 120 has a stiffer tip and much softer mid so it may be more like the Blueboard type wood shafts. Tried the Ventus in Black, Red and Blue and did not care for any of them. I did play the TP 6 in my driver and TP 8 in my 3w for most of last year but moved to a HD 6 in my driver and Tensei Pro Blue in my 3w. Played Nippon 105 for several years before switching to Nippon 1050GH last year to get a touch more spin and launch as the 1050GH is a very similar profile to the 105 just a bit softer ov
  5. I don’t care whose putter it is, I just want a 2Ball Ten with the White Hot insert for less than $1K that the Tour versions are going for on eBay.
  6. I think my bag is set (famous last words)... ***SOLD*** $235 - Odyssey 2Ball Ten Tour Lined - Custom Ordered @ 33.5" and 1* FLAT with SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 - excellent used condition - No real marks on it and it includes the new 2Ball Ten headcover in excellent condition ***SOLD*** $145 - Callaway Rogue Heavenwood (20*) with a Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7 STIFF - NO Headcover - Plays to 42" with an Orange Golf Pride MCC+ 4 grip - head has been touched up as there were chips in the paint and on the hosel but looks good at address - face and sole show wear from use
  7. Have to agree with a lot stated here. TP was my shaft for most of last season but I am now in the HD. It takes all of the good parts of the TP and feels better. Just a touch higher flight with similar spin but for my swing a much better feel. 105-108mph and both in 6s flex at 45” in my 10.5* Epic Max LS.
  8. I’m in if it’s a double bend 2Ball Ten with a White Hot insert.
  9. Radeon962

    2 ball ten

    Have to agree. I love everything about my 2Ball Ten Tour Lined except the insert. It’s close but just not the same as the White Hot insert. I really like how it sits square when you put it down behind the ball at address. My V-Line always takes a bit of rotating at address to square it up. I go back and forth between the Ten and my old Black V-Line and I just put a better roll on the ball with the White Hot insert. Got rid of my original black Ten recently as I was trying to make it a 2 horse race. I wish Odyssey would just do a custom option to allow you
  10. Sticking with a LS 10.5* and the HD shaft, so I am just looking to sell and no trades. I would consider selling the head and shaft separate, so feel free to make offers. $550 - Callaway Epic Max LS 9* with a Graphite Design Tour AD-XC 7X @ 45" with Callaway Branded Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align. Includes headcover and wrench. Overall in very good or better condition. Played a few rounds with it and some range time, but no dings or nicks that I could find. Top is clean. Price is Paypal'd and Shipped. Shipping in the US ONLY. Payment by Paypal ONLY.
  11. This. Remove the cogs using an old grip and then apply heat directly to the adapter while rotating the shaft in your hands. At 2:35 of this video Ryan shows what I am talking about using a grip to remove the cogs. At the end he shows how to put them back on.
  12. First round at the range with the Proto 3w (lead taped) was nice enough that the Gen 2 is now up on the Bay. Ordered some extra weights from PXG when I got home so that I can clean it up without lead tape for future rounds. Might be the inevitable honeymoon with a new club (to me at least) but hit some balls that had me shaking my head in a good way. Looking forward to getting it out on the course for a proper trial.
  13. What weight setup seems to be working well in the Proto 3w head? I play my Gen 2 at 215g and my Proto 3w just came in with 2.5/2.5/12.5g weights with an overall weight of 206g. Bought it used, so I was not able to order it to a spec weight. I would like to be in the 210-215g range, but curious what others have found bring the head to life. Hope to play it with my current Tensei Pro Blue 70s but have Diamana DF & BF 80s arriving this week that will most likely get a run in it. Need to swap the Callaway adapters to PXG, but hope to have it all set for
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