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  1. I added some white lines to mine as my gamer for the past few seasons has been the Black V-Line WHP, which has the triple line. Used white automotive pin striping. I also did fill in the center white line with black paint as I did not care for the line extending all the way to the face. Shortened mine to 33" and put the 40g weight back in, added Black SS Traxion Tour 2.0 grip and swapped out the 15 g weights for 5g weights and love the look, feel and performance so far. The insert on this one is pretty close to the White Hot Pro insert I prefer and much b
  2. Tried the Glide 3 but prefer the Stealth 2.0. Something special about them and I go back and forth between the 54/58 Stealth 2.0 and 0211 SW/LW. Both very similar, other than the finish, as I play SS in the Stealth.
  3. I would need to order them 1” short to match up with my 1/4” short length on my current 0211’s. Wonder if they could get the swingweight at D2 at 1” short. I do really like the look of these and like the idea of a more forgiving 0211. Kind of like a blend of Ping G410 & i210.
  4. Looks like the 12 more yards claim from PXG for the new 0211 irons are because they essentially made each iron 1 club stronger in loft and length. 2021 are +1/2", 3* stronger loft, 1/2* flatter lie and just a touch more offset in each iron. If I ordered them 1" short and could get them at D2 swingweight at that length I would give them a go. Probably just stick with my current 0211's which I really enjoyed this past season.
  5. New Year clean out continues... 1. $40 - ECCO Men's Golf BIOM HYBRID 2 Black Red Size 43 9-9.5 - Shoes are used and show wear and marks commensurate with a used pair of shoes but still have plenty of life left in them - Nubs on the sole show some wear but still provide decent grip while golfing.***SOLD*** 2. $40 - ECCO Men's Golf BIOM HYBRID 2 White Neon Size 43 9-9.5 - Shoes are used and show wear and marks commensurate with a used pair of shoes but still have plenty of life left in them - Nubs on the sole show some wear but still provide decent grip while golfing.***S
  6. Cleaning up the golf room for the New Year: BUY BOTH SHAFTS for $125 $75 - Fujikura Six Tour Spec X-stiff with a Callaway Mavrik RH adapter - 45 3/8" tip to end - NO grip - played to approximately 46.5" in my Mavrik when gripped and installed - INCLUDES a 2g GolfWorks weight so you can get to a more normal swingweight with an overlength setup - wanted to try a long driver but not for me $60 - Fujikura Speeder Evolution Tour Spec 757 Stiff flex - 41.5" tip to end - NO grip - Approximately 1.25" tip prep with some excess epoxy above $70 - LEFT HAND
  7. Black Stroke Lab has the closest feel to the White Hot Pro. WHP is a touch softer but the new insert is the first that has me even considering a switch.
  8. All black would be awesome. PXG and TaylorMade versions are close but have all the extra markings in addition to the Superstroke markings.
  9. Hopefully then I’ll pick up some SM8’s on the cheap.
  10. Thanks for posting the pics. He has a great looking swing and a nice set of sticks to back it up.
  11. I liked the 0211’s from 5-PW that I picked up the GW. Liked that so much I picked up the SW and LW. Came from Ping i200’s and Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges (both SS). Only thing I miss is the black finish of the Glide Stealth. No issues with 5-LW in 0211’s for my game. Ping wedges fit well with the 0211’s as they are very, very similar at address. Spec wise they are very similar as well. At the current price ($89/each or less if you pick up a set from PXG Express on eBay) they are a poor mans Ping irons.
  12. I don’t know. Just what I have found in various places on line and what I have found in the SL putters I have had and worked with. Weights in the sole can be changed as well. Standard head weights in the SL putters I have had have been the 15g weights.
  13. SCEX11446-5DKWP Must not have been used yet as I just got an email yesterday with the same code I posted above.
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