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  1. Possibly. Overall static weight of a club (grip, shaft, head) plays into feel for many. Swingweight can be right on a specified # but if the overall weight is too light or too heavy for a golfers swing things can still not “feel” right and affect your swing, timing, tempo, impact, etc. Again, just another reason why a good fitting pays for itself as you should be hitting various heads, various shafts, different swing weights, etc. to find what works best for your specific swing.
  2. If you can feel a 0.5 SW difference you have more feel than most. A dime weighs just a bit over 2g so it is approximately equal to 1 SW. Have someone tape a dime to a few random clubs in your bag and swing all of them to see if you can feel the difference not knowing which one has a dime and which one does not. The feel difference with the Steelfiber shafted set is most likely not due to a difference of 0.5 SW points but rather the shaft themselves. Steelfibers are a different beast from most other shafts and just do feel different. Some love them while others don’t.
  3. Correct. I have found that different shafts sometimes perform better for me at different swingweights. I typically play D2 also in the 95-105g shaft weight, but with lighter graphite I tend to prefer closer to D0 and heavier steel closer to D4. Go in to your fitting with an open mind and you may be surprised by what works and feels best for your swing. If you already know what you want and/or what fits you don’t bother with a fitting as preconceived notions have a way of getting in the way of reality.
  4. This post explains the issue well with the little weights in Gen2 and the same issue with Gen3 weights. Attempting to swap them out for hitting a specific swing weight is a challenge due to the variable weights and depths used:
  5. I am Orange Dot in my last set of Ping i210’s. 2* flat in PXG 2019 0211, PXG 2021 0211 and PXG Gen3 0311P. Played them all off a 37.75” or 38” 5 iron. Specs match up very closely to Ping. 2021 0211 heads are lighter by about 7g-8g per head to account for the stock 1/2”+ over normal length. I would assume the XP are as well as they also are +1/2” over. Gen3 is easier for PXG to hit a specified swingweight as I don’t believe they even really try with the 0211. Stock swingweight seems to be right around D0 (much like Ping) for PXG irons. I would imagine you can request D2 in the XP and PXG can hit it. Most of the tiny weights in the head weigh very little but there are 1 or 2 that are longer than the others in deeper holes that weigh more. I just use tip weights when I reshaft as the weights are ridiculously expensive and swapping them out is a PIA to try and get the right combination to work. Gen4 with the big weight makes much more sense and would be 1000x easier to swing weight a set.
  6. How is the sole width compared to the P irons?
  7. That’s good to hear. What I have read in other places is that they don’t look too much different at address, which is good as I love how the P head looks
  8. Can anyone give their experience playing Gen3 0311P vs 0311XP? I played OG 0211 for a season then 2021 0211DC and now am in 0311P this past season. I had tried a split set of 0311P in 5-7 and 0311T in 8-GW but did not care for the T’s and picked up the 8-GW in the P’s with Elevate 95’s. I had played Nippon 1050GH in the OG 0211 and MMT 80 and Elevate 95 in the 2021 0211’s and now Elevate 95 in the P’s, all in Stiff flex. I have bought all of the sets from PXG Express so somewhat cheap experiments. Now I have a Jones for trying 0311XP in the 5-7 slot as I have KBS TGI 80’s coming and since I’m going to reshaft a set I wondered how the XP’s might work in the long irons. Loft differences are what they are and I can adjust as necessary. I play off a 37.75” 5 iron and just tip weight to get to my desired swing weight of D2 in the longer irons and D4 by the time I get to my GW. I had been a long time Ping iron player and played i Series and G series somewhat interchangeably over the years so the marginally more offset and blade length does not scare me away from the XP. My biggest questions are the XP that much more forgiving than the P? I don’t work the ball in most cases and like to just point and shoot. I was fit several years ago into Ping irons and that fitting still works well for my current set of irons. Input would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  9. Pictures are up on Reddit. NVM… see that the same pictures are in this thread 2 pages back.
  10. Original Callaway Steelhead 9w with DGX100 Lite steel shaft has been in the bag for over 20 years. The run May have come to an end this year as I was losing distance with it and have been using a TM SIM Max 9w with a Diamana D+ 80s with great results.
  11. $100 - Used TaylorMade M4 Tour 5 wood (18*) HEAD ONLY. Overall in nice shape with normal wear and marks from use. Sole and face show marks and wear from use. Some of the red banding on the sole near the back of the head is worn off. Top is clean other than some normal light marks from use. Head looks just fine at address. NO Headcover. Price is Paypal'd and Shipped. Shipping in the US ONLY. Payment by Paypal ONLY. Shipping by Priority Mail with Tracking. Thanks, Bill
  12. I keep an assortment of cut grips from previous clubs to use to dry fit swingweight and length, especially on irons as I can add tip weights to hit a specific swingweight.
  13. I would guess Wood Brothers. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/gw20080321johnson/amp
  14. Brother-in-law texted me a picture of his latest Cameron he picked up. I have never seen or would never imagine someone would even attempt to ship a Scotty Cameron or any putter like this. What is the worst pack job you have ever received? I blacked out the label but it was shipped UPS Ground . I can’t believe they even accepted the “package”. I asked my brother-in-law what it was and he said he would let me know after he got all of the tape off.
  15. Cleaned up one of my workshop boxes of miscellaneous stuff and have some items that have been around for awhile and I don't see that I will have a use for in the future. I would just throw them out, but it's a PIA when you only need one or two ferrules and end up having to order additional items to hit a shipping minimum. Thought someone might have a use for one, two or more items. ***SOLD*** Take it all for $10. Best as I can tell, this is what will be included: TM SIM Utility ferrules, Callaway Iron ferrules, TM M1/M2 ferrules, Ping i20/Anser ferrules, TM Rescue ferrule, TM P790 ferrules, TM Adapters that have some flaking of the finish but will still work, Unknown ferrule but I believe it is an old school Ping or Callaway driver ferrule and finally a lot of miscellaneous adapter screws for TM, Ping, Callaway and Titleist heads. Again, I just don't like throwing golf related supplies out, but these have been in my stockpile for quite some time and I got tired of rooting around in my box to find what I needed. I am not splitting the lot up. Take it all even if you only want one or two items and then you can add the stuff to your random pile in your workshop. I make no guarantees that these fit whatever they are supposed to be for as I may have used some in the past but don't have any equipment to check these against. What you see is what you get. Shipping will be by 1st Class Mail with Tracking. Shipping in the US ONLY. Thanks, Bill
  16. Sounds like my late season this year. I have played the original Callaway Steelhead 4+ (15.25*) , 7w (20*) and 9w (24*) with DGX100 Lite steel shafts for about 20 years. This season I had lost some more distance with them and started looking to replace them as my driver (Callaway Epic Max LS) and irons (PXG Gen3 0311P) were going further and creating gaps that I had previously been able to cover with the Steelheads. Enter the TM SIM Ti 5w turned down to 17* at 42.5” with a Diamana FW75 shaft. I have hit many 3/4 woods over the past 20 years that were longer than the Steelhead 4+ but just was not as consistent with them until the SIM Ti. Let the rabbit hole begin… Found a good deal on a TM SIM Max 7w and another great deal on a Velocore Red 7, which has been a match made in golf heaven. The 7w worked so well I picked up a TM SIM Max 9w and paired it with a Diamana D+ 80 and has been a nice pairing. Ended up switching to a SIM2 Ti 5w head recently and have a SiM2 Max 16.5* waiting in the basement for another Diamana FW75 that is en route to go head-to-head with the SIM2 Ti to see if the Max is a better fit in the 3/4 wood slot. I play my 3/4 wood at 42.5”, 7w at 41.5” and 9w at 40.75”.
  17. Distance sells for a lot of golfers and the stock length and stock lofts hit the ball further. Distance sells when your buddy hits a 6 iron and you can say you hit a 7 iron or even 8 iron.
  18. If you play the 0211DC at stock length and stock lofts each iron is pretty much one iron stronger than most sets. I typically play 5-GW and when I had the PXG 0211DC I just played 6-GW and covered the same distances as my regular set (Gen3 0311P).
  19. Callaway Jaws Full Toe in Black 54 & 58 are in my bag.
  20. 0211DC and 0311XP are 1/2” longer but the 0311P and 0311T are more standard length. 0211DC heads are about 7g - 8g lighter than the corresponding Gen3 0311P heads when I was putting my set together recently. If you buy the ferrules made for the PXG irons from Golfworks or BillyBobsGolf you can add tip weights and assemble them like any other iron. I have done several PXG sets over the past year and typically play my irons off a 37.75” 5 iron at D2 and have had to add tip weights to most builds to get to D2 at a slightly shorter build length. 0211DC’s were the hardest to hit my preferred SW as the 3/4” short and lighter heads meant I had to add 8g to 10g +/- to most of the heads.
  21. SIM, SIM Ti and SIM2 are great heads and easily beat out the PXG fairway woods heads I had played. PXG woods look great but I just don’t hit them as far or as consistently straight as the TaylorMade’s. PXG 0311P irons on the other hand have been awesome and I don’t see them leaving the bag anytime soon unless I can find a set of Gen4. Only problem now is whether to stick with the SIM2 Ti 5w turned 2* flat to 17*, SIM Max 15* or SIM2 Max 16.5*. All great heads in their own right but it was 28* here in Michigan today so can only hit off the mats at the heated tees at Carl’s Golfland. Winter is just starting and I can’t wait until spring is here.
  22. Actually it is because PXG mandates that the 0211 series is Direct to Consumer only from PXG. DD cannot sell them as I called them a while back about a set of 0211DC.
  23. XP are roughly the same headsize in the longer irons to the 0211DC and P are more similar in size to the shorter DC irons. The 0211DC are like a split set. 0311 XP’s are longer, larger heads with more offset and stronger lofts than 0311P. 0211DC is a good mix of both.
  24. 3 iron or 4 iron and the reason I have not carried them for the past 20 years. I just use higher lofted fairway woods to replace the gaps created.
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