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  1. Last and final price drop. If not sold, then I'll put them away until the spring. Get them now or wait until prices go back up in the spring. Thanks, Bill
  2. Well, I decided it's back to Cleveland for me. Picked up a couple of Tour CG10's (588 style heads) recently and think I found what I was looking for in a wedge so the following Tour wedges are now For sale or trade: 1. NEW Tour Taylor Made RAC Satin "Y-Cutter" 50.06 HEAD ONLY - SOLD 2. NEW Tour Cleveland CG10 (588 style head) Black Pearl 48º DGS400 - SOLD Thanks, Bill
  3. Thought it was sold for $150 but the buyer did not make payment, so I have reduced the price to the same amount that he offered to buy it at for all. Thanks, Bill
  4. For sale or trade: Mizuno F-50 3w (15º loft) with an Accra T60 "M4" *** SOLD *** Thanks, Bill
  5. Tony, your PM box is full as I tried to reply to your PM. In any case, Paypal has been sent. You should get the notice shortly. My mailing info should be in the PP notice, but email me if you don't get it. Email: [email protected] Please let me know when it goes out and forward any tracking info. Thanks, Bill
  6. I'll take it for $60 PP'd and shipped. PM sent also. Email me at: [email protected] and I'll get PP out to you. Thanks, Bill
  7. For Sale or Trade1. NIKE SQ (non-Tour) 10.5º GRAPHITE DESIGN YS-6+ “S” Very lightly used Nike SQ (non-Tour) 10.5º reshafted with a Graphite Design YS-6+ "Stiff" flex at 44" (2005/06 model with the new graphics) with a Golf Pride Velvet lite grip. Swingweight around D4. Velvet Lite grip adds about 2 sw points, so with a standard GP Tour Velvet it should be around D2. Heavy head with minimal marks as I have only used it at the range on the mats twice. Top and paint is perfect with no marks at all. Face hardly shows any marks. Sole has some light scratches in the high chrome finish from the mats. Sorry, no Headcover. Looking for $220/OBO Paypal'd and shipped. 2. TAYLOR MADE R7 TP 10.5º HEAD ONLY Looking to sell or trade a used Taylor Made R7 Tour Preferred TP 10.5º HEAD ONLY. Weights included are (toe-to-heel): 2g-8g-8g-2g. No additional weights, wrench or headcover. 0.335" hosel. Top is nice with no nicks, dings or skymarks just the normal light scratches/swirl marks in the clear coat common in a used Taylor Made head. Slight mark by the hosel that was touched up with paint by the previous owner. One other small chip out on the toe below the crown that was touched up with paint. Neither mark is visible at address and I did not notice them until I was taking some pictures. Face shows minimal marks from use. Sole has scratches in the high chrome finish. Paintfill removed from the face and sole. Serial # 46T1G0. Overall in very nice condition. Looking for $240/OBO Paypal'd and shipped. 3. TAYLOR MADE RESCUE DUAL #4 (22º) DGX100 Very lightly used, Taylor Made Rescue Dual #4 hybrid (22º loft) with a Dynamic Gold X100 steel shaft at 39.5" with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Following weights are in the head: 6g weight in the toe and 4g weight in the heel. Right around D3. Top is perfect. With just minimal marks if any on the face while there are some lights scratches on the sole from the mats at the driving range. The DGX100 was a pull from another hybrid so there is about 1/8" of prep showing above the top of the ferrule, but if you notice that at address you should not be looking so hard. DGX100 was tipped 1" per TT guidelines for the hybrid. Sorry no additional weights, wrench or headcover, but I will include a Hogan CFT headcover in excellent condition. $90/OBO Paypal’d and shipped Email is best at: [email protected] I do have additional pictures of all of them. Trades are considered, especially looking for a TM R5 TP 10.5º head. eBay ID for references is: DCI86 Thanks, Bill
  8. Very lightly used Tour Nike Ignite 460 13º with a Grafalloy Blue "Stiff" at 45" and a swingweight right around D6 with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Graphics on shaft and grip are down. I don't have the headweight but with the Blue at 60 some grams and 45" the head is on the heavy side and was probably set up to play at a shorter length. Overall in excellent condition. Paint is excellent with no dings, nicks or chips. Very light surface scratches that are only visible when you hold the head at close range and move it around in the light. At address it looks flawless. Face is very clean with just some light marking from use. Sole is clean also and also just some light marks from use. No serial number and no alignment mark on the top. Head sets up fairly square to my eye although the higher loft kind of plays illusions at address, but I did not have any problems with hooks or pulls or setting up at address. I had no problems with ball flight as I expected it to be much higher, but no ballooning and a nice high, majestic looking trajectory. I did not notice any loss of distance as I was probably getting more carry distance and less roll. The real nice thing was the control. Imagine a 460cc 3 wood but with the length of a driver and the ability to hit towering shots over the trees rather than trying to play a draw or a fade around the corner. Truly a Tour issued idiot stick. Nike Ignite headcover also in excellent condition included. I really like the club and was actually very surprised by its performance, but I still am loyal to my HipTi. Looking for $450 Paypal'd and shipped or would trade for a set of Callaway X18 Pro Series with DGS300 shafts. I do have pictures that I can email, so drop me a line at: [email protected] with questions, offers or for pictures. Email is preferred over PM as I have the ability to check email more frequently than PM's. Thanks, Bill
  9. I'm interested in the 2Ball. Do you take Paypal and what would shipping be to me in Howell, MI 48843? Email me at [email protected] Thanks, Bill
  10. My 5 year old sees the UPS, FedEx or Post Office truck pull up to the house and yells to my wife "the golf club truck is here again"!! (True story by the way and one that made me space out my buying habits so that clubs do not arrive close together). Bill
  11. 975LFF with Fuji Six from 2nd Swing of all places back when they were still going for good money. Bought it at the same price as the retail for $299 and sold it for $850 before I went to bed that night and then Taylor Made and Callaway's when I was trying to figure out what shaft to play (I obviously was in the Laker phase back then). Bill
  12. I just stumbled across this site from a listing on eBay and like what I see. Some familiar names here, but just from my quick look today looks to be an awesome group with some non-biased opinions. I do have a question about the ZCOM line that I have yet to find the answer. The specs on Fuji's site list the CPM's at 240 and 250 (if I remember correctly) but I can't believe that they are this low. Are the low frequency readings due to the 4.5" parallel tip section or do the ZCOMS really play that soft? I hate to "experiment" with a shaft like the ZCOM and would like to have a little more info before I take the plunge. Thanks, Bill
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