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  1. Forgive me, but the obvious question is, "Could one of those girls have won the 1860 British Open?"
  2. Not so fast. I think you're discounting the fact that the Olympics only had 60 competitors...a third of whom I would hazard to guess have never qualified for a PGA Tour event and never will. The JDC has 156. IMO, since anyone in the field is capable of catching lightening in a bottle over four rounds, by sheer number, the JDC would have a stronger field.
  3. This thread is what happens when the last major is in July. THANKS PGA OF AMERICA!!! You did this to us!
  4. I treat long par 4s as short par 5s. So if I have a 200-yard second shot, I assess the risk/reward. If the risk is too high, then I lay-up to my wedge distance and play my third shot from there. I would expect to have a reasonable putt for par and at least an easy 2-putt. With this strategy, the long par 4s become an easy 5 with an option to make 4. Playing this way may not be sexy, but it takes 6, 7, and 8+ out of the picture. Plus, a 5 won't wreak my scorecard, like an 8 will. Note: This strategy is most effective if the lay-up is in the fairway and my wedge game is depend
  5. I do think that I am being realistic, but if you want to think it's a fool's errand, go ahead and think that. Doesn't really matter to me if you improve or not. The easiest thing to do is nothing. But if you think improving is possible... I will say this. Most of us aren't playing courses stimping at 12+, like the pros. With slower greens, getting within a gimme putt from anywhere is easier relative to Tour conditions. And even if we are playing fast greens, there are techniques that simplify chipping and allow for more margin of error. For example, Ray Floyd's idea of put
  6. In Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible, he devotes a chapter on how he thought he knew golf until he realized that he didn't. His epiphany came when he followed a young pro who was paired with Gay Brewer in a tournament. Throughout the round, he thought that the young pro was beating the daylights out of GB. The young pro had a beautifully fluid swing. GB's swing was not. The young pro was outdriving GB by 50 yards at times. The young pro had a beautiful putting stroke. Basically, everything about him was perfect to the naked eye. After the round, GB had shot 69 and the young pro had a 73. T
  7. Looks like the OP is no longer a forum member, but I was wondering if anyone agrees with the thinking that having the weight on the balls of the feet at address inappropriately encourages a more toe-biased address position instead? And that the sensation of weight more on the heels is a way to counter-balance that fault. I've experimented with getting a more centered feeling at address, not necessarily on the heels, but trying to feel like my weight is more on my ankles at address. Once I did this, I noticed two things: The sensation of feeling planted to the ground was v
  8. If I were offered membership, my reasons to join a golf club in order of importance: The membership must be overwhelmingly a good group of guys who also love and respect the game. The staff must be professional, courteous, and friendly. I must love the course. If 1 and 2 aren't there, no matter how good 3 is, I would not join. Life is too short.
  9. The US has never sent its best golfers to the Olympics. Not in 2016. Not this year. Of course, this goes without saying.
  10. Perhaps that would entice Gary Nicklaus to declare himself an amateur again.
  11. Obviously, the modern era started when Tiger switched to the Nike 3-piece ball in 2000. /s...I think.
  12. What about this instead: Slow Play: Not keeping up with the group in front of you and not allowing the group waiting behind you to play through.
  13. Watching this would drive me crazy. But the bigger issue is how in the world did she get on the course as a single on July 4?
  14. Robert Goulet - Impossible Dream - YouTube When I got married, a friend told me, "Just remember, your relationship with X has a full account balance now. Every time you do something she doesn't like, you withdraw from that account. There is no way to add back to the account." Twenty-three years later, still married, but I have definitely made a lot of small withdrawals.
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