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  1. Pat Perez. All he needs is a wider audience...and 6 majors.
  2. Something tells me he's holed out from off the green before...and that he was expecting to do it again.
  3. Just because someone has Tiger-level or Jack-level natural ability doesn't necessarily mean he also has their mental fortitude or fire in the belly. IMO, finding the right coach or mentor can't fix that. It has to come from within. From afar, it always appeared to me that Tiger had coaches who augmented and helped him towards his own vision of what he was and could be. Conversely, Rory appears to be searching for coaches to give him the solution to a question only he can answer.
  4. Arrogant? Check. Over-confident in his match play ability in a RC environment? Check. Passive-aggressive hostility towards the according-to-the-experts obviously inferior Team Euro? Check. He'll fit in nicely in the US team room.
  5. My guess is that the over/under on Rahm is 3.0 points for the week. I'll take the over. Pairing him with Sergio is a no brainer, and if the crowd gets ugly, I think the two get fiery.
  6. I wonder if the same can be said if I drink a Yuengling in Mayfair?
  7. All-time snub. Albert Belle and the MLB HoF. The man was Mike Trout before Mike Trout was Mike Trout.
  8. Trust me. Whether you've seen it or not, the answer is the '86 Masters. BTW, it's debatable if the majority of folks old enough to remember watching it live can actually use the interwebs/internets/technology. So, the results of this informal poll are moot...unless the '86 Masters is the winner.
  9. IMO, this is faulty logic. If RC were stroke play, then you might be on to something. But you said it yourself, RC is match play. Two different beasts with two different approaches to winning. In one, you're playing against a field of hundreds. Managing risk is paramount. In the other, you're playing against one defined opponent. Managing momentum is more important. Stroke play is more objective/risk-off while match play is more emotional/risk-on. Match play prowess is a just a different skill set. If you buy that, then it's not too far of a stretch to appreciate how one's match play record can be held in high esteem independent of their stroke play record.
  10. Good point, but unfortunately, this is match play. Assuming the player can ball like a top 30 tour pro, I would say that heart, grit, and determination are the calling cards here. All unmeasurable unfortunately. But we have the eye test and our gut. Does anyone seriously claim that they would choose Scottie Scheffler (or Harris English or Tony Finau for that matter) over a healthy-enough Patrick Reed to win a singles match to decide the Ryder Cup? That's why PR should be on the team. He won't win that match for you, me, Stricker, or his teammates. He'll win it for himself and America.
  11. I'm frankly surprised that the fiery Oh-by-the-way-now-I'm-Slovakian and Olympic medalist, Rory Sabbatini, wasn't considered for Team Euro.
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