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  1. No matter how much the USGA attempts to degrade its flagship tournament, the Barbisol Championship is not (and will never be) the the same as the US Open. I think BK has had a better career than DJ for one old-fashioned reason. The major championships are supposed to be tests of character, guts, and grace under tremendous pressure. BK has passed those tests more often than DJ. And that reflects well on BK. Put another way, if you were in a foxhole with one other person waiting for an enemy attack, would you rather have BK or DJ with you? Whether it is fair or not, I'd rather have BK
  2. ....not in prestige, but in the way that they have set up their championship courses to be a tough but fair test of golf? Very impressed with the way that the PGA of America over the last 5 or 6 years have allowed their championship courses to shine without feeling any need for tricks. BTW, even if the answer is no, could anyone ever have imagined even asking this question 30 years ago, 20, 10?
  3. I don't have an opinion one way or the other about KT vs DLIII, but I do think the CBS team has a nice vibe going on right now. When they're actually talking to one another about golf, the course, the players, and swing mechanics, it is an enjoyable listen. Somehow, IMO, Nick's goofiness tempers Trevor's seriousness and IBF's earnestness.
  4. Next question: What is the dumbest purchase you made after winning the mega-millions jackpot?
  5. I agree with the "constant nervous babbling" assessment. I was thinking to myself that I would pay money to turn off his microphone. Then I realized that I had a mute button and a last channel button on my RC. Crisis averted. Now back to trying to figure out what the heck is going on in Portland.
  6. ...which brings us to the issue of Canadian geese. Lovable fowl or most foul?
  7. I thought the second rules official did a better job of explaining everything than the first guy. IMO, the first official appeared to be blind-sided by Bryson's (incorrect) interpretation that the fencing was the boundary and was unprepared for the ensuing rapid fire dialogue. BAD was in 5th gear and the official appeared to be stuck in 1st. Monday morning quarterbacking, but the issue would have been handled quickly if the 1st guy had said, "Bryson, I understand what you are saying. However, the fencing is not the OB boundary. The imaginary line connecting the inside of the posts (at gro
  8. Doesn't the caddy have to step in before the 3rd attempt? What would Bones have done if it were Phil? Or Squeaky with Daly at the PGA? I could see Phil and John wanting to do the same thing at 26. Would Bones or Squeaky have the guts to step in and stop the madness?
  9. +1 on Coach K. It's amazing how incurious the media and the NCAA are about Zion-gate.
  10. I agree. Grow the rough and make the greens lightening quick. Used to be a simple formula that served the US Open for years.
  11. Or shot tracer on TV. Or hybrids. Or soft spikes/spikeless shoes. Or range finders/GPS devices. Or metal woods. Or golf carts. Or sand wedges. Or wooden tees. Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis
  12. When I think of Nick Price, I think great ball-striker, but also really, really fast swing tempo. Who would be comparable in tempo among today's players? Tony Finau perhaps?
  13. You might be right, but it's a bit early. Sea changes don't happen with Quicken Loan victories. Let's see if it translates into a major and then multiple majors.
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