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  1. Agreed. Very cool US Open. IMO, the final pairing at the 96 US Open was possibly the best one for Mr. Jones. As I recall the story, both he and Lehman were devout Christians and shared their favorite inspirational Bible verses/stories with one another as they played the final round. Steve Jones overcoming a career-threatening injury and winning the US Open could have been made into a good movie with Kevin Costner playing the lead.
  2. While the number of factors in the model could dramatically increase, as jvin and JDC have indicated, common sense would indicate that the OP's examples would comprise the "most important" objective factors in the model. There are statistical methodologies that would objectively identify those "most important" factors, and thus the number of factors could be reduced to those deemed most important. That is, the 2.0 model, while more complicated than the 1.0 model, would probably be manageable. On another note, I wouldn't worry too much about lack of data. Over the course of a season, the nu
  3. Uhm, isn't this the way in...everything?
  4. Golf crossed the Rubicon (for good) when Mr. Nicklaus started putting his golden bear logo on everything. I imagine a lot of pros/sponsors/organizers thought, "If Jack does it, it must be a classy move." There was a time when the classy move would be to not wear logos at all. Does anyone remember when Tom Watson famously wore a logo-less visor in protest of the crass commercialization of our foreheads?
  5. Perhaps Hideki could sing "La Bamba" or "Frere Jacques".
  6. Don't know about the OP's 11/13 idea. I like 13 as is. But, I've always wondered about holes 17 and 18 myself. They are kind of a let down after the rollercoaster ride from holes 10-16. For all of TPTB's willingness to modify the course over time at any cost, why haven't they made radical changes to 17 and 18? Ideas? Perhaps a stream that runs down the left side of the 18 and 17 fairways from 18 green to 16 pond. Or perhaps, plant a new Eisenhower tree 100 yards further down the fairway from its original location on 17.
  7. Agreed. For the longest time, his full wedges (and to a lesser extent his putter) have been frustratingly mediocre. I say frustrating because his ball-striking off the tee was phenomenally good, and he just seemed to be wasting his gifted talent with his bad approach shots. Even when he eventually regains his prowess off the tee, IMO, he still needs to address his wedge play from 80-140 yards in. Come to think of it, like most of us do.
  8. That, and the slightly-edgy-yet-purposefully-trying-to-intimidate haircut/glasses combo. I think the photographer asked him to pose naturally for this photo. Not what I would have chosen, but to each his own.
  9. Nice try, but equating what Na does and what DJ did is a stretch. I've never seen a made putt bounce out of a pre-Covid hole. So Na's "violation" is almost moot. Kinda like going 66 mph down a 65 mph stretch of road. On the other hand, I've seen pros miss 6-inch putts. So DJ's taking an assumed concession was a much more serious breach of the rules. Na was right. DJ was wrong. Luckily for DJ, Na is a bigger man than Kuchar.
  10. I don't have a problem with Bryson bulking up, but I hope that BAD's other passion, analytics, doesn't eventually ruin the sport, like it has with MLB, NASCAR, and the NBA. To me, that is the bigger danger. Perhaps the sport of golf is too richly complex to be reduced in any meaningful way by analytics, but I thought the same of baseball back in the day when analytics was just getting started there. Unfortunately, today, analytics has made MLB unwatchable.
  11. I've been a big fan of Patrick Reed since Day 1. It's pretty obvious that Messrs. Nance, Lerner, Chamblee, Schauflele, et. al. are not. No need to explain why. To each his own. On another note, when CBS got all of their talking heads on air to reminisce about "back in the day" and how they handled rules issues, I didn't know if the conversation said more about the changing culture on tour or their out-of-touch-ness with today's player. Probably a little of both. There definitely appears to be a more permissive attitude about touching the ball first and asking questions later
  12. Yes, "fire in the belly" can't be bought with a black Amex. Or at least, not yet.
  13. No matter how much the USGA attempts to degrade its flagship tournament, the Barbisol Championship is not (and will never be) the the same as the US Open. I think BK has had a better career than DJ for one old-fashioned reason. The major championships are supposed to be tests of character, guts, and grace under tremendous pressure. BK has passed those tests more often than DJ. And that reflects well on BK. Put another way, if you were in a foxhole with one other person waiting for an enemy attack, would you rather have BK or DJ with you? Whether it is fair or not, I'd rather have BK
  14. ....not in prestige, but in the way that they have set up their championship courses to be a tough but fair test of golf? Very impressed with the way that the PGA of America over the last 5 or 6 years have allowed their championship courses to shine without feeling any need for tricks. BTW, even if the answer is no, could anyone ever have imagined even asking this question 30 years ago, 20, 10?
  15. I don't have an opinion one way or the other about KT vs DLIII, but I do think the CBS team has a nice vibe going on right now. When they're actually talking to one another about golf, the course, the players, and swing mechanics, it is an enjoyable listen. Somehow, IMO, Nick's goofiness tempers Trevor's seriousness and IBF's earnestness.
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