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  1. 1. Houston, TX 2. 13.5 3. ZX7 3. Yes. Member of the course I live on. 4. In between sets. About to start some testing/fitting. Usually PX 6.5 in whatever I'm playing. Just always fits. 5. Similarity to z745 which I loved with a slimmer sole. 6. Yes. 100%
  2. Comes with stock headcover. Excellent condition. $300 obro shipped. No trade interests at this time.
  3. Anyone know or able to find this? Thanks.
  4. Not a thing. They are amazing. I have to have shoulder surgery. Not sure when/if I'll be playing again.
  5. Two rounds, couple of range sessions. Had them extended 1/2” and an additional two wraps added under the grips. Standard lofts except for the 9 (1.5 strong) and PW (1 strong). Set is 1* upright. Will ship via FedEx and require signature unless the buyer has another preference. $old shipped. PayPal only. pin 9/11
  6. They've been released. Can we move the actual discussion about the irons to the Equipment thread and leave the part about people waiting on theirs here?
  7. 1. Cypress Lakes Golf Club 2. Houston, TX 3. 12.4 4. TaylorMade SIM 9* w/ Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 5. No 6. TSi 3 would be my preference, but if being fit is involved, I'm open to whichever works better 7. Yes
  8. Measures 44” grip to tip and plays 45” in Sim. Was pulled from a Titleist adapter, so there is a small bit of prep area visible. Not noticeable at address and if you plan on installing a tip that has a ferrule, it will be covered easily. $old shipped. PayPal only. Not looking for any trades at the moment.
  9. If you like the MCs, don’t be afraid to go full set. I intended to get a blended set with the 770 at the top, but at my fitting was told that I wouldn’t have an issue going full MC. Pulled the trigger and am glad I did. Went 5-P. 5 is not hard to hit. For reference, I swing between 10-12 hdcp, but consider iron play the best part of my game.
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