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  1. Agreed. Moved from t100 to these. So soft and about 1/2-3/4 club longer. Great irons.
  2. Great putter. Ended up parting with a Betti because I like this more. Great feel and shape.
  3. Pristine condition. Been on grass five times. It is originally 34”. I extended to 36”. Easily removed or adjusted. Based on research, think I’m pricing pretty generously, but if I’m way off, let me know. Looking for $375 shipped. PayPal only.
  4. 1. Houston, TX 2. outdoors 3. Yes. SC300 4. Primarily in dialing in distances with certain swings, however, I also like to tinker and test club components, so this would be awesome. 5. Definitely
  5. Have a set of t100 with Nippon Modus 130x shafts. Excellent condition. No scuffs, dings, chips, or browning. A couple of the shafts have some light wear to the screening, but it’s very minimal. These are factory installed shafts. Standard loft, length, lie. Will probably come without grips as I am slightly attached to them. Looking for $800 shipped. PayPal only.
  6. Wow! Can’t believe these are still available.
  7. Doubt it’s broken. Looks like the ferrule just slid down and/or the shaft isn’t fully set in the adapter. If you’ve hit it, you would know immediately if it was broken. Dead feeling.
  8. Callaway head is roughly 10 grams lighter than the Ping. Both good drivers. Seems like you liked the Callaway. If you hit the Ping again, try it with the Tensei Orange. Might come to life for you.
  9. I think most agreed the 400 max was a little fade biased. That was my experience and I feel like I watched a TXG video and read an MGS report that stated the same. Could be wrong. Regardless, the 425 is fantastic.
  10. Bought a 425 max today at PGA Superstore. Rogue 70s. Flirted with the Tensei which gave me my longest balls, but the Rogue was consistent flight and didn’t give up that much yardage. First driver I’ve ever paid retail for. It was that good. I’m in love. Set it to 8* on the flat setting, weight in the middle and I can absolutely let it fly. Nice and straight or a slight draw. Best ball speeds I’ve had on a GC4 in a long time. Feels amazing and I actually like the sound. Went straight to the range after hitting it at PGASS and saw the exact same thing. It doesn’t correct a horrible swing, but mishits with this thing are better than anything I’ve ever seen. Loss of some yardage, but playable and still out there. Played the 400 Max previously and I would say this is more neutral and maybe even a little draw bias, but the adjustability in the sleeve and with the weights knocks this thing out of the park. Some have said they can’t tell when they miss the middle with it. I would disagree. I can hear and feel the difference. Did I say I was in love???
  11. My experiment with lighter driver shafts is over. I can include an unused aftermarket 2* Taylormade adapter or Titleist adapter with purchase. First come, first served. 1. Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6s driver shaft Shaft is untipped. No grip. Measurement pictured. $old CONUS, PayPal only. 2. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60 stiff driver shaft Shaft is untipped. No grip. Measurement pictured. $old CONUS, PayPal only 3. HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.0 fairway shaft Came from a TS3 4 wood. Titleist adapter. $75 shipped CONUS, PayPal only 4. Fuji Ventus (non-Velocore) 6s Stock Taylormade removal. Measurement pictured. $old CONUS, PayPal only Happy to work a deal for the bunch if interested.
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