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  1. 5 hours ago, golfarb1 said:

    The main causes of EE are either a poor distribution of weight towards your heels at setup or via an incorrect trail elbow position  at the top or in transition . A poor trail elbow position forces you to lose posture in order to hit the ball.

    There are two main issues with your swing.

    Number one, you roll your forearms at the beginning of your swing . This is shown by the increase in space between your hands and your thighs in the first two stills. Instead you should take your hands BACK STRAIGHT until they get past your trail thigh. Use the yellow line on the mat as a visual aid to do this .

    The third still shows your elbow position in mid transition Notice the angle of your right forearm  . It is angled away from the target line. That is a good indication that you have failed to start externally rotating your right shoulder in early transition . Now look at your same forearm angle at the end of transition -4th still. It is almost horizontal.  Compare your firearm angle at this point in the swing to that of Tigers at a similar point -5th still. His forearm is closer to vertical . The difference is right shoulder external rotation which will shallow the shaft and move your trail elbow closer to the target line 

    in order to improve your right shoulder external rotation , first study the YouTube video “ elbow move quiz “ ( silent) . Notice that the trail elbow is moving towards the target line faster than their hands in the first two golfers. 
    There are a number of ways of improving your right shoulder external rotation 

    .1. try to drive your trail elbow more towards the front of your right pocket in transition . This translates to your right elbow moving down, closer to your body AND TOWARDS the TARGET LINE . 

    2. Imagine LOSING  an arm wrestling contest with your trail arm

    3. Use an alignment rod in your belt buckles and get your right elbow in front of the alignment rod at impacts as  in the below video. 








    wow this is fantastic. Thanks so much for several things to focus on. I will be practising these tomorrow. 

    1. for the right arm I should almost feel a tension as it stays vertical and more tucked in right ? (As you mention as if I’m losing an arm wrestle and while my elbow is in place so there should be some tension as it’s going to almost feel like it’s bending backwards). Most importantly keeping this elbow vertical and not letting it flare up. 


    2. for the backswing initial takeaway can you elaborate this point a bit further? So right now I am almost bending it whereas I should be keeping both arms straight and just taking it more “around” while rotating my shoulders sooner so it’s almost like I’m turning around to see my back right (if someone tapped my shoulders and I’m looking back to see?)

  2. On 1/9/2022 at 8:55 AM, eric61 said:

    I’ve owned both and thought the P7MCs were softer.


    I also thought they were exceptional through the turf. Looking at the soles side by side, there’s not much that would make you think they’re very different … but in my experience, the P7MCs would glide easily and the JPX 921 Tours can sometimes dig.


    That said … the JPX 921 Tours are the ones I kept. (Well, the JPX 921 SEL set, which is 4/5 Forged and 6-GW Tour, the only option for lefties.) The difference for me is that the JPXs were a little more forgiving, and they also hit exactly the launch and spin numbers I’m looking for. P7MCs launched a little lower. 

    The P7MCs are a really, really good set of irons. And they look absolutely incredible. But the JPX 921 Tours are great too and are no slouch in the looks department.

    How would you rank out of 10 for each of those two sets in…






  3. How about comparing these two to the Zx7? For whatever reason Golftown in Canada has online (in stock) set of zx7 with modus 120x which is exactly the shaft I would get in other irons but with 10+ week wait. 

    I never thought about the zx7 but the reviews are so amazing in feel that I may pull the trigger on these (in stock with exact shaft I want as a stock shaft for zx7). 

  4. How about comparing these two to the Zx7? For whatever reason Golftown in Canada has online (in stock) set of zx7 with modus 120x which is exactly the shaft I would get in other irons but with 10+ week wait. 

    I never thought about the zx7 but the reviews are so amazing in feel that I may pull the trigger on these (in stock with exact shaft I want as a stock shaft for zx7). 

  5. On 8/3/2021 at 4:27 PM, eric61 said:

    I posted this thread a long time ago, and now own both the P7MCs and the JPX 921 SEL (the lefty set that's the Tours in 6-GW plus a 4 and 5 in the Forged). So I can answer some of the questions I'd raised, in case anybody else is making a similar comparison. Here are a few observations: 


    -- The JPX 921 Tours go higher. I'm using Project X LZ 6.0 shafts in them vs. KBS Tour 120 shafts in the P7MCs, so differences could also come down to shafts. It's not a dramatic difference, but it's without question visible on the course. I don't know that I'd say there's a perceptible difference in spin -- maaaaaaybe the 921s spin a little more. Either way, no problem stopping either of these on the green.


    -- The 921s are more forgiving, no question. I've actually been very surprised by how forgiving they are. I would also say the P7MCs are more forgiving than people give them credit for, but my miss tends to be slightly heel-side or a little thin, which is where I think the P7MCs are most helpful (and retain a lot of spin). I hardly ever miss on the toe, but when I do, they're very penalizing. Also very penalizing too high on the face. The 921s are surprisingly consistent.


    -- There's a difference in turf interaction. I feel like the P7MCs are a little easier in and out. I'm not entirely sure why -- they have slightly more leading edge relief, but we're talking very slightly. If anyone else can explain this a little more, I'd be grateful, but I definitely do notice a difference and give the advantage to the P7MCs.


    -- The 921s are a little longer for me. Not much though. A few yards. Again, could be at least partially due to the shafts, though, and they're in the same ballpark.


    -- I know nothing feels like a Mizuno, and I have no complaints about the feel from the 921s. But the P7MCs win in this category. Incredible when you hit one well, and easier to tell exactly what's gone wrong when you miss. 


    -- That said, the 921s sound awesome. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's very satisfying. 


    -- Looks-wise, I'd put these two right at the top of the list of everything that's out right now ... but P7MCs win. They're the best-looking irons on the market right now. That, of course, is completely subjective, but it's my opinion!


    Which set will I keep? Both, for now. 

    would you be able to elaborate the feel and sound of p7mc vs. 921T little more? 

    Also, which did you decided to keep in the bag?

  6. Can someone who has played with both of these irons share their feedback on most importantly their FEEL? 


    P7MC seems to use the same steel and forging process as Mizuno JPX 921 Tour - 1025E steel and Grain Forged. I asked a local pro to rank the feel of these irons and surprisingly P7MC was mentioned first. Is Mizuno feel really overrated and TM has caught up if not surpassed with their forging process? 


    On a side note, what is the steel/forging process of Titleist T100? Is 1025E and grain forging superior hence the "clicky" feeling some say about T100? I have been eyeing the P7MC, JPX 921T and T100 for sometime now looking to upgrade my Mizuno MP60 and feel would be the most important aspect for next purchase. 

  7. Would anyone be able to compare these two irons? I'm interested in their comparison in forgiveness and feel. I know that on paper, the JPX 921 Tour vs. 221 Pro and JPX 921 Forged vs. 223 Pro would make more sense but from watching videos on 223s, the pro seems to be more on players' side than 921 forged so if I don't want to go for the butter knife (221 Pro), the 921 Tour comparison might work. 


    I have been looking for new set of irons (currently use MP60s) since last year and was set on the 921 Tours but wanted to see what 223 Pro had to offer. I probably won't want to wait until JPX 923s come out (ETA: Q3/Q4 2022?). 



  8. Hello,


    While SwingU on Apple Watch have been relatively good it's definitely not as accurate and now looking for a rangefinder. Upon research, Precision Pro seems to have really good reviews and budget friendly. 


    Can anyone share what the main difference between Nx7 or Nx9 are? I'm looking for slope which both have but I can't seem to find much comparison. If it's relatively similar, Nx7 is a really good price. 

  9. I have a G425 LST 3W on order but upon arrival will have the option to try both LST and MAX before deciding. I recently got fitted into G425 LST due to high spin/high ball flight and enjoying the driver. 


    I do see that tour players and others don't typically go all LST Driver, 3W, 5W but rather a LST driver and Max for their fairways. Can anyone shed some light why would this be and what are the critical decision factors for LST vs. MAX on fairway woods? 

  10. Hello, 


    For those of you who play Mizuno irons and/or fittings for JPX, MP lines what are your thoughts on comparing both lines? I'm more interested in players clubs category so JPX 921 Tour vs. MP20. 


    According to Mark Crossfield of the JPX vs. MP video it seems like there's actually not much difference in terms of numbers or forgiveness but MP20 is clearly a smaller head and a real blade. 


    Regardless of looks, does MP line feel that much better than JPX? or is it more of a preference in looks and old vs. new product line preference? 

  11. Update - After fitting I decided to go with the JPX 921 Tour w/ MODUS 120X. I went in thinking i210 would win but where the feel was butter soft it felt overly muted whereas the JPX 921 Tour felt just as buttery but a much more solid feeling. The softer butt of MODUS really is a perfect match for these irons. 


    Now the 6 week waiting game begins

  12. I just recently got the G425 LST driver and absolutely loving it. I am waiting to be fitted for woods/hybrids. I'm going into the fitting open minded but might opt for the 3W MAX instead of LST as it's more forgiving off the grass. 


    Would you say automatically that if you are fitted to LST driver then wood should be LST as well? Would someone who got fitted/own all G425 woods share their lineup? 

  13. I currently play the T100s and miss the feeling of Mizuno forged so I was thinking of being fitted into JPX 921 Tour or ZX7 and just came back from a nearby store trying the i210. I will need to be properly fitted but I can say the i210 feels better than any other irons I've ever tried including Mizunos. 

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  14. I currently play the T100s where distance is great but miss the Mizuno-level feel (coming from MP-60) and I have an opportunity to let it go for pretty much same price I got it for. While I'm waiting for my fitting session next week, I just went to GolfTown to try some irons out. 


    What I am planning to try during fitting:

    • Mizuno JPX 921 Tour
    • Srixon ZX7
    • P7MC


    Because there have been so many people raving about i210 and despite being a 2+year old iron without a successor in sight (I'm not sure if i59 would be a direct successor) I gave them a try. I don't know what magic is being used but these irons were the purest/softest out of all irons. In addition to that it had the most consistent distance and dispersion. These were way more forgiving than my T100s and felt more like closer to T200. I really did not give i210 a try before and definitely not my cup of tea when it comes to looks (does not look anything close to JPX 921 Tour, ZX7 or T100s when it comes to size or looks). Having said that, I will definitely be including this as a top choice to be fitted into next week. 


    Can someone please enlighten me on how these irons despite it being cast (not even forged) can feel so buttery soft and feel so great? It was only a few shots but I'm comfortable saying these felt better than Mizuno and Srixon. 



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  15. Hello,


    Does anyone have a source or information on market share data on golf brand/manufacturers? Revenue, product line sales etc.? 


    For example in automotive industry we can see exactly by quarter for each brand and model lineup how many were sold. I know it's totally different industries but with some of the brands being public companies, do consumers have access to these types of data? 




  16. Hello,


    I know that only a proper fitting will result in making the best decision. For those who could have gone stiff or x-stiff in your irons what was your decision and why? 


    I play X-stiff driver but noticed that X-stiff driver users have an even split of either S or X stiff in their irons.


    PS - I'm not interested in S+ and committing to either S or X stiff. 

  17. Hello, 


    I bought a set of T100s a few months ago without getting fitted (I know). I'm coming from an old set of MP-60 that I've played for a long time. T100s are nice but the feeling is definitely not as nice as Mizuno's. I should have probably gone with T100 as now gapping is also an issue. 


    I am now looking at either JPX 921 Tour or Srixon ZX7. For those of you who have played these irons please provide feedback and what was the ultimate deciding factor? 



  18. I recently got fitted for a G425 LST Driver - AV Raw Orange 65g X-stiff. I love this thing and now looking to order a 3wood and either 3H or 5W. 


    I am waiting to be fitted but would the natural flow be the following specs given my driver fitting? 

    • 3 Wood (G425 LST) - AV Raw Orange 75g X-stiff
    • 3 Hybrid - (G425 one model for Hybrid) - AV Raw Orange 75? 85? X-stiff 
    • 5 Wood - (G425 LST) - AV Raw Orange 75? 85? X-stiff 




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