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  1. Can't have a good discussion anymore without a few graphs One really good simple thing said in here was to keep the putter head low. Simple but helps get you doing a few solid fundamentals.
  2. I'm feeling 2022 is your guys' year! Personal Bests for both of you and lot of good days on the course. Hope you guys have hit em well over the weekend. And at least your not shoveling snow
  3. I guess it depends on what you consider "wristy" as well. I wouldn't consider the above as "wristy". Seems like OP has trouble with an open face. Allowing the clubhead to get ahead of his hands is closing the face for him. Seems like a band-aid more than a fundamental stroke.
  4. Haha sorry man. Hope I didn't throw any bad thoughts in prior to your round. Highly recommend trying to figure that out during your practice sessions though. I had to re-do my grip when I started to rebuild my swing. It made me realize how many things I "tried" in the past that weren't successful, that had a lot to do with my grip. It's a good place to start and one of the easier things that we can do the same as the pros.
  5. @betarhoalphadelta - if you look at all your slow-mo FO videos......you'll see that you have a move right before you move the club head - you kind of re-grip your left hand and turn your left hand / forearm over. Watch the glove logo and your watch. That little move - is going to make it very hard to be consistent. Your changing the face angle right away. Also your trail hand grip is very strong compared to your lead hand. I'd take a look at your grip and try to figure out how to eliminate that starting move. We spend a ton of time looking at the swing and body movements. But the grip and how you hold the club - is the foundation of everything. You should be able to hit 3 balls in a row without regripping the club and the club should still be in the same spot as you started. I'd imagine after you swing - if you try to setup to the ball again, you'll notice the face isn't square anymore. Good luck at Riverview.
  6. I think this is huge in putting. Your posture and setup can have a lot of influence on arc.
  7. Sometimes I'm just not mentally engaged and I'll walk away. I used to stay out there and grind, but seems like it didn't really translate to anything positive. I usually go to the chipping green with an agenda. Could be flops, bump n run, sand, bad lies, tucked lies. It gets boring quick to me to just do standard chips for too long. I recommend it for any skill level to try different shots to spice it up. And different lies is something I rarely see people do. A few minutes here and there with different clubs and different styles, you'll be surprised how quick you'll get comfortable.
  8. 20 yards off at my home course and your in the trees. I see a lot of 2-5 handicaps play smart and prioritize the fairway percentage. The 0 to +s all play driver on every hole. They just have good recovery games. Something I didn't think I could ever do. I only brought it up because I played course management. I got to a 2. I shot a few under to 3-4 over consistently. But I wanted to go lower. Thus my post on staying aggressive. I think I would of got there quicker doing that, than hitting irons and hybrids off the tees a lot. But to each to their own. Every golfer is on their own journey.
  9. You can play conservative and score well. You can play aggressive and potentially score lower. I know that the best golfers I play with all hit drivers on normal golf courses that us amateurs play regularly. I know personally I get more birdies hitting the more aggressive tee shot than I do laying up to 100-130 yards. The key is to limit the misdrives to pars not bogeys. Thus the need to improve your recovery game. I got stuck at a 2 handicap playing course management golf. If you want to go beyond that, you need more birdies.
  10. This sounds like my home course. Very tight with solid trees on both sides, every hole. I think it depends on what your wanting to accomplish. Scratch to plus handicap - keep hitting driver. Your recovery shots will improve. My ability to get on the green or just off the green has greatly improved. Basically these drives don't turn into bogeys as often. Play your current game - if your trying to score for your handicap, then layup of your giving up too many strokes from missed fairways. If you have desire to regularly shoot under par, need to learn to be aggressive and be able to recover. It took me awhile to learn to hit low cuts, low draws, high cuts, high draws, but after a season of doing it, I improved a ton. But nothing wrong with playing within your means and trying to shoot the best score for the arsenal of shots you currently have.
  11. I was told that up front. It's not a permanent fix. I do get up to 2 corrective operations within 12 years of surgery for $500 each. My vision was near the max correction allowed, so I'm pretty prepared to have to do this at least once in that 12 year window.
  12. I'm the same. I got Lasik at 37. One of the best moves I've made. 20+ years of contacts was enough. With that being said - what you see with prescription glasses or contacts, is what you will see with Lasik surgery. They get you to 20/20 vision. In terms of depth perception, etc. I didn't notice anything different than when I had my contacts in. The only negative of Lasik is Halos at night with the lights. That definitely got a little worse than it previously was with my Astigmatism. But Lasik has been great for me. It had no effect on my golf game, as I was wearing contacts and already seeing 20/20.
  13. Some of the best ball strikers I play with are former hockey players. Definitely some correlation between the two. I'll shoot you a DM for some options to elaborate.
  14. You are a 5.6 HCP and been playing for 2 years? I would say nothing you are doing, is pointless at all. That's a really big improvement jump in 2 years. If you ever get a chance to be at PGA event during a damp or wet day, go look at the driving range. You'll see a bunch of foot imprints in the ground at every stall. I don't think using the ground will fix your flip. I'm in the minority on this one, but I don't think a flip is only because of what you do in the backswing. I see people flip when trying to chip. I believe it's a misunderstanding of what the hands / wrists doing through impact zone and what the lower body must do to allow this to happen. I was pointing out the lack of ground interaction - in an effort to help show you that there's more to just feeling pressure on one side or the other. It's not just shifting pressure, it's creating pressure and shifting it. The creating part is something I think most amateurs are lacking or misunderstand. I think the below pics are fixable by intent and not just backswing positions. But everyone must struggle and improve in their own way
  15. Swing looks pretty. But positions are only positions without intent. You talk about pressure and GFR a lot, but you still aren't using the ground.
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