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  1. @"Cool Runnings" Just want it made known that not only did Tiger prove you wrong, Molinari did also. You told us he was a machine, had Tiger’s number, and would not come back to the field today. He folded like a lawn chair on the back nine. If I wanted to know what was going to happen during this Masters I could have looked at your posts and assumed that the exact opposite would take place. It’s not a crime to be wrong, and I certainly don’t want you off the forum, but if you post hot takes that are untethered to reality, sometimes you take it on the chin.
  2. Tiger Woods is two holes away from making the greatest comeback in the history of golf and maybe in the history of sports.
  3. The mystique of Tiger Woods took town the mAcHinE and CR need to reboot...
  4. I love it when CR ghosts us. All that talk about the mAcHinE got him hiding when Moli chokes
  5. mOliNarI iS a mAcHinE Time to reprogram the driving part of the software.
  6. Masters (End R3): Molinari(-13) 47%, Woods(-11) 14%, Finau(-11) 14%, Koepka(-10) 10%, Simpson(-9) 3%, Poulter(-9) 3%, D Johnson(-8) 2%, Schauffele(-8) 2%, Kuchar(-8) 1%, Oosthuizen(-8) 1%, Harding(-8) 1%, Fowler(-7) 1%, Others 1% Only pressure is on Molinari. He is the overwhelming favorite to win. Molinari vs. the field is basically a fair bet. I’ll take the field.
  7. Molinari is human like everyone else. He isn’t a machine. He will be feeling it with Tiger and Tony breathing down his back. If you think he will go bogey-free tomorrow you’re out of your mind.
  8. Tiger hasn’t hit his driver this well in over 15 years don’t @ me.
  9. I just looked through the pin sheet for today. I’m not exaggerating when I say it could be the hardest pin sheet I’ve ever seen at the Masters. Doesn’t mean it will play like a US Open because they are probably expecting the greens to be soft but they couldn’t have set the cups in much tougher spots.
  10. Tiger is the greatest golfer under pressure the world has even witnessed. And it isn’t even close. He clearly misread that one on 17.
  11. > @poizster said: > When he was in his prime no way he fist pumps like that on Friday. You’re out of your mind. First hole Saturday of 2006 PGA. Threw a haymaker after a par at the first. I’m sure there are countless other examples.
  12. Could Taylormade be any happier right now? Roll out these irons during Masters week and then Tiger is flagging his irons and chasing the leaders down at Augusta. Well played.
  13. I’m a little bummed out about this release. I wanted to be able to go in and select Tiger’s specs and get his irons. Looks like they aren’t offering that. I’m still playing the 2004 TW Ltd. Edition Nike blades. They came with X100 Shafts, Tour Velvet Cord grip (logo down, 1+1 on the tape), and Tiger’s actual lengths and lofts. I don’t believe they have the tungsten insert, but they are still the best irons I’ve ever hit. And with the set being based off of a 49° PW I don’t need a gap wedge. If I had to use a 47° PW I would need a gap wedge and then I’d have to take the 3-iron out to stay under
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