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  1. If they used the far back tee box on 17, The one behind 16 green, they could make it a Par 5. Change 18 to Par 4. Could move the 18 tees up just a little.
  2. The tall stuff is pretty thin right now. Pictures make it look worse than it is. Shorts v pants in our group out of 32 rounds played, I’d bet 18 shorts and 14 pants. I just personally prefer shorts. If it is 55° or above, I’m wearing shorts. Caddies talked a lot about the misconception that it rains all the time. It isn’t like Ireland.
  3. And change your socks between every round.
  4. See my picture in post above. I wore shorts, a thin long sleeve shirt (poly kind of thing), golf shirt, and put a vest on top when necessary. I did wear pants one day, and I was totally fine in a short sleeve golf shirt. The pants were pretty thin - again, all poly sort of pants. I never wore a long sleeve pullover while playing golf. Make sure you have golf shoes with a soft bottom as opposed to molded plastic. We walked 36 a day and went over 16 miles every day. You do not need cleats. I wear Footjoy M Project and they were great. Other people in my group bought new fancy shoes for the trip and paid the price with a few blisters. I guess soft spikes are fine, but again, make sure they are good and broken in and do not have a hard plastic bottom. You may not get as lucky with the weather. I had a misconception that it would rain every day. I’ve been to Ireland and experienced four seasons in one day. The caddies told us that Bandon just isn’t like that. Many people think it is, but it isn’t. Said that even when it rains, it is really more of a mist. July, for example, averages one day of rainfall. Even when the marine layer rolled in/came through, it wasn’t there long and I didn’t get wet. My trip was mid July and the weather was beautiful. If you call the resort the day before you leave, they will give you the local forecast for the next several days. I realize that sounds a little silly, but it is hard to get a good coastal forecast from the weather channel. Have fun!
  5. I played 7, 18 hole rounds, and 22 holes at Bandon Preserve last Saturday through Tuesday. BD and BT on Saturday. SR Sunday morning. Started Sunday afternoon on BD and were behind a very slow group. Caddies asked if we wanted to skip to Pacific on the 8th hole (the tee boxes are next to each other). We did and got no hassle from the Marshall when he came to ask where we came from. Finished PD at sunset. Played Pacific again on Monday morning, followed by an absolute boozefest at Bandon Trails. Finished on Tuesday with Old Mac in the morning and Sheep Ranch late afternoon. I made an eagle on 18 at SR to finish the trip. That place is absolutely incredible. If you go, plan enough time to play all of the courses and try to play 36/day - especially if coming from the east coast. the caddies we had put the trip over the top. They were fantastic. Happy to give out names via private message if looking to book one ahead of time. picture is of approach shot on 17 at Sheep Ranch.
  6. Shipping to the lower 48 only… trades listed with each item (there aren’t many). I have not posted or purchased in quite a while, but I have excellent feedback from the deals I have done. All prices are OBO. Piretti Potenza II - this is a great putter that I played for a little while. There is some very light patina that I have tried to capture in the pictures. 34”. White Iomic grip (grip has black streaks from going in and out of bag) and original head cover. $SOLD (Trades: I’m on a quest for a new driver, so if you’ve got something and want to trade, PM me) Mizuno Rainsuit. Black. Pants are a large and jacket is XL. I bought this from a member here and I don’t think he wore it. It made one trip to Ireland with me 2 years ago. I haven’t worn it since. I’m down 20 lbs since the pandemic started and the pants are too big. There are some scuff marks on the back heel area that happen when you play golf in the rain. Did my best to get pics. There is a small red smudge on the zipper of the jacket. No idea how it got there. Great shape otherwise. See pics. Not really sure how to price this. Let’s say $SOLD. Trades - I need some medium rain pants. Headed to Bandon in a month!
  7. Can you please let us know what the indoor dining restrictions are like right now?
  8. Anyone got a good coupon code? I think there used to be someone from their site that lurked here and would put them in these threads
  9. Where do I go find the on course cameras?
  10. I’m headed out there in a month with my Dad and my two brothers for our family golf trip. Absolutely cannot wait. Thanks for posting all of this information! We will not be taking your advice on the booze though…
  11. Headed to Bandon on July 16th and can’t wait. Question: What are these fairway nets people are talking about?
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