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  1. What loft(s) do you have for your D grind(s)? I’m assuming this is your bunker club? Thanks.
  2. Thanks @markheardjr - I'm still confused how a shaft can be heavier but also softer. Those sound opposite to me.
  3. So the main recommendation appears to be that wedge shafts should be "heavier but softer" than irons. What aspect of the shaft gives a "softer" feel? The tip stiffness? Bend pt? For example, Project X 6.0 (120g) in irons would mean...Project X 6.5/Project X LZ 6.5 (both 125g) in wedges? Thanks
  4. Does anybody live here or have knowledge of the two courses there? Random but our company has multiple lots sitting there and we’d like to sell if possible.
  5. I just want to say that I appreciate the seller putting the loft and grind in the title instead of “Wedges” like other posts
  6. I like the T-20s but wondering if a price drop is coming ahead of any new Mizuno wedges. Any rumors?
  7. Does anyone have offset measurements for 2019/2020 wedges? Seems like Ping is the only one that posts it on their website. Thanks.
  8. Starting my 2020 wedge search in hopes of finding wedges with the least amount of offset. I had my Vokey V grind 58 degree bent to 60 and couldn't tell much of a difference.
  9. Curious if anyone has before & after pictures of bending wedges 2 degrees weak. Curious about the change in offset.
  10. 140yd shot 28ft downhill will play ?yds 100yd shot 24ft uphill will play ?yds Easy answer would be “but a rangefinder with slope” but let’s assume your rangefinder is out of batteries. What’s the formula?
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