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  1. Shipped prices below! Local pickup in Dallas available. PM me with questions. $250 2 Vokey Wedgeworks V-Grinds 54 and 58 54 @ 55, tiny ding on the sole. UTX cord grip. 58 @ 60, stamped "JR". Tour Velvet BCT cord grip, could use a new one. 2 degrees flat Std length - KBS Tour 120 S. The 58 doesn't have a shaft sticker. See first 7 pictures (I'll regret this but I bought a 50/54/58 Zipcore set. Another V grind set as listed for $250 a couple weeks ago I believe) $200 Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5 driver head only Professionally hot melt
  2. Yeah only one answer here. I drive from Dallas in rush hour to see MM.
  3. What loft(s) do you have for your D grind(s)? I’m assuming this is your bunker club? Thanks.
  4. Thanks @markheardjr - I'm still confused how a shaft can be heavier but also softer. Those sound opposite to me.
  5. So the main recommendation appears to be that wedge shafts should be "heavier but softer" than irons. What aspect of the shaft gives a "softer" feel? The tip stiffness? Bend pt? For example, Project X 6.0 (120g) in irons would mean...Project X 6.5/Project X LZ 6.5 (both 125g) in wedges? Thanks
  6. Does anybody live here or have knowledge of the two courses there? Random but our company has multiple lots sitting there and we’d like to sell if possible.
  7. I just want to say that I appreciate the seller putting the loft and grind in the title instead of “Wedges” like other posts
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