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  1. That other site is in tight with those guys. I’m surprised they haven’t already posted pics, etc.
  2. Wow. How p issed would you be if you just bought Gen2 at $400 a pop and now 6 weeks later you could have gotten them for half that!
  3. KBS Tour Graphite (TGI) puts the Recoils to shame. They are one of the only graphite irons shafts I've ever seen that feels and plays and has similar trajectory to its sister steel iron.
  4. $375 for my Evnroll putter. Everything else is PXG.
  5. Wood tees. When I first started playing golf, my grandfather took me to the golf course. When he saw me pull a plastic tee out of my bag and start to put it in the ground, he grabbed it from my hands, threw it in the pond beside the first tee, grabbed me with both hands and said "son, real golfers don't use godda*mn plastic tees." And I never have since.
  6. Why don't more people like the Dryjoys Tour LTS jacket or the FJ Hydroknit?
  7. Original PXG 7 wood. Game changer when paired with the correct shaft.
  8. I've found the RLX hybrid to be very good for cool, but not cold rounds. By "cool," I mean 45+ degrees, relatively calm conditions and sun out. It was not very effective at 40 degrees, cloudy and north winds. It was stretchy enough for me to wear over a polo and thin enough to serve as a mid layer on those extra cold days less than 40 degrees, 25 mph winds and cloudy. I have 3 and found all 3 on half price after winter sales over the past couple of years. But, everyone's body and cold factor are different so some may be able to wear them effectively in 30 degree temps and some may say
  9. A lot of the ones you saw on the Champions Tour this weekend were Lululemon ABC pants. Old men are attracted to Lululemon stuff like flies to honey.
  10. Apparently, Phil is proud of his bag! :)
  11. Of all the fittings I see with older guys who have moderate clubhead speed (and I see a lot), the Epic Flash and the G410 seem to be two clubheads that perform really well when mixed with the right shaft for that "senior" player.
  12. All the articles and online advice always told me that at my swingspeed (100 mph), I didn't generate enough speed to ever effectively use a 17 degree hybrid. I went to Scottsdale this summer and got fitted by the guys at PXG and suddenly I have a club in my bag that I hit as high and straighter than any 5 or 7 wood or even 19 or 21 degree hybrid I've ever owned. It was amazing to see how quickly they were able to give me the ball flight and club I was always seeking. It has become the most reliable club in my bag. I feel like I can pull off any shot from the tee or off the deck with this
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