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  1. This is exactly why I knew I was coming to the right place. I sincerely appreciate all the posts and thoughts. It makes me feel slightly better knowing I'm not alone in all this. I just love golf and the equipment stuff is part of the fun of it. I know I'm not going to make massive distance gains and I know I'm not going to find some magic club that helps me hit it to 3 feet either. A little more backstory. I bought the P790s back in October 2019 without a fitting. I hit them vs the MP-20 HMBs in a Golf Galaxy and found I liked the Nippon NS Pro 950GH Neo shaft in stiff. Definitely
  2. Thanks Larry! I don't disagree. I'm leaning towards sticking with T200. Again, my heart says Srixon, because I feel like I can play them and I think I deserve to play more of a players iron because of the hard work I've put in, but my brain and everything else says T200. Thanks sir!
  3. Hey all. First post here, so I hope this is the right place for it. I need some unbiased advice. I know what I think I should do, but my golf buddies are pulling me in different directions and I thought this would be a better way to help decide. I'm currently a 7.4 handicap and went from a 13 to the 7.4 last year, but that was generally off the strength of a putter and wedge fitting and switching my putting grip to crosshanded. I've got two sets of irons I'm deciding between. I got a set of Titleist T200s back in October and I really, really like them. Coming off playin
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