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  1. This is a long shot, but I'm looking for a metal ball marker from the now closed Delaware National G.C. in Wilmington, Delaware. I collect markers from each course that I play, although I didn't do so when I played DN in 2006. Are there any former members with spares? Please DM me if so. I'm leaving the U.S. for my native Scotland in September and would like to add this item to my collection. I've had an Ebay alert for a while but nothing has ever come up. Sincerely, JJ Shanley
  2. Do they serve Evian water? Cheese sandwiches? What's the lodging like? Airport transfers?
  3. WRT Angel's Crossing: I wish you could walk it, but I'd place it in among my favorite courses that I've played since moving to the Midwest. I agree with some of the criticisms, particularly about the visuals 4th tee to assist in pace of play, but I've found the architecture consistently challenges me to choose from one or more options. A great Redan hole as well. I walk off 18 wanting to go around again. I judge courses that way.
  4. Someone may have already answered this, but did at least one country not bother providing golf bags for their athletes? I saw at least one bag that looked like a Callaway bag with tape over the sponsor. Possibly Mattesaro of Italy.
  5. Knollwood. I don't hear much about it locally. I haven't played it.
  6. In the immediate vicinity: I'd suggest playing Warren and Blackthorn. Warren's a little closer to Granger, for you. Blackthorn has a few dull holes by the airport, but I've enjoyed my rounds there. You can walk Warren easily, but Blackthorn almost certainly requires a cart. I played Elbel (owned by South Bend) a couple of years back, and enjoyed the layout, but it's a longer drive than Blackthorn. I can live without conditioning if the course has interest, which it does. Skip Juday Creek. Little in the way of interest there, alas. Further afield: I've enjoyed Angel's Crossing, perhaps
  7. Going by your location, I'd look a little closer to home for the origins of the Out of Bounds rule... Wait....what? Is Chicago somehow the birthplace of Out of Bounds? I'm lost. The layout at Chicago Golf Club had a role in the USGA writing this rule. So Wheaton, Illinois.
  8. Going by your location, I'd look a little closer to home for the origins of the Out of Bounds rule...
  9. If you go to Grand Rapids, consider stopping off in South Bend, Ind. to play Warren at Notre Dame.
  10. [quote name='ogc' timestamp='1439923188' post='12163062'] I always assumed Duke was not open to the public, probably because they're not on golfnow. Lonnie Poole is an ok course, but the greens are always beat up and it's too expensive in my opinion. UNC Finley on the other hand is great, a little more but worth it for the course. I'm not originally from this area and didn't go to school down here so I'm not biased by any of that haha. [/quote] I've heard Finley's pretty dull, all in, and that Duke was overrated. I'll have a 40 minuted drive to LP from my hotel, but the more I research, I
  11. Thanks! I'm tending towards Loonie Poole.
  12. With a bit of luck I'll have a trip to the research triangle in mid-October. I've allotted a day off on a Thursday for golf. Would you recommend Loonie Poole or Duke? What's the dormancy situation around this time? Thanks in anticipation!
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I'll think we'll go with the tube cutter (and new grip obviously.)
  14. My father has a first generation Odyssey White Hot that he received from his colleagues as a retirement present in 2002. The shaft measures 35 inches, but I've noticed that the butt gets caught in his sweater when he putts. Can you trim a putter shaft? Would he require a new, shorter shaft? He liked the 34 inch shafts on newer Odyssey WHs, but wants to keep his current putter for sentimental reasons. I'd appreciate any advice that the community can offer. JJS
  15. I play Warren regularly and love it. Blackthorn also a good track. Played Lake Michigan Hills last year and enjoyed it as well. Try Studebagels for breakfast while you're here. It's the friend that won't let you down!
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