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  1. I know there's plenty of stuff on here about Maltby. I've seen the DBM irons always get great reviews but most of these positive comments are a few years old. So, are the DBM irons still good to buy and try? Is the design out-dated? I ask as finally I've found a fitter who supplies the UK trade. I did try the STi2 Irons before and hated them! Thoughts please.
  2. Thanks to all. Having had Covid the smelling check is not an option, as the nose hasn't returned to normal yet. All things considered I'm confident these are copies especially based on price. Having said that, I played with them yesterday and they played well. Normally I'd get my pro to change them but as his stocks are so very low I thought I'd give it a go again.
  3. They have the same lofts as one another so jacked lofts are not the reason.
  4. Only the 2nd time I've regripped my own clubs. Bought 6 grips off ebay from a seller with excellent reviews. Bought Golf Pride Cp2 wrap grips. All looks OK. Did the first couple of installs using WHITE SPIRIT and tbh, I was very sloppy and Liberal with the Spirit. Is I'm straightening the grip, using a tea towel, I've noticed some of the blue paint and white paint of "golf pride' has gone onto the tea towel I've no idea if this is normal for a genuine grip, or have I inadvertently bought some cheeky copies?
  5. One glove but 2 gloves when the winter temps drop. However, now I'm really liking wearing 2 gloves all the time.
  6. Have used and thoroughly enjoyed Jack's Multi Layer drivers. I have the ML3 which is as good as most BUT I've all but given up looking for his last driver the ML-4. Certainly here in the UK they are as rare as Hen's teeth! Anyone got one hanging around the garage, shed, car boot etc that they would consider selling? PS, right handed with regular shaft.
  7. I'm IN Just bought Cleveland UHX irons - these wedges will top the bag off beautifully.
  8. I've Frontline 4.0. Without question, best putter ever. Ebayed my Ping and Odyssey Lab.
  9. I remember reading some time ago the classic Aldila nv had a regular swingspeed of 85-95mph. I cannot find any true reference to the Aldila nv2k regarding flex and swingspeed. Can anyone help with Recommendations for Senior and Regular flex data?
  10. Found one on UK ebay that's brand new, 11 deg with a suitable Soft shaft. It faired very well in MGS slow swing driver 2018. Came in 4th or 5 th but interestingly out performed the Ping 400 Snagged it for £110, which seems a bargain of bargains.
  11. Anyone have any views on this driver? I have searched on here but there's only minimal info. 2018 it was included in the MGS Wanted Driver test with 'ok' results.
  12. I'm actually thinking of an iron that maybe in the description says something along the shallow angle of attack. Offset, wide sole, 921 hots. Thanks
  13. I've tried to steepen my iron swing and compress that darn ball and take a divot. No can do! And at 65yo I'm too old to change. So, any recommendations for an iron that can help a 'picker'. I've heard Maltby have different designs but no idea what Any help please?
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