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  1. wow looks cool. Excited to follow along
  2. Mine is today, so always like when it actually falls on Thursday. Persimmon with the sea level carry on that course must have been so tough. Bucket list goal to play there. My step-cousin got married there (her grandfather lived in the neighborhood off the 1st).. wedding was fine, view from the clubhouse looking down at the course as the sun set was perfect. and a Happy Birthday to you!!
  3. he didn't say and then i kept watch all his other instagram stories and he never went into any more depth than that... it was almost as if he had maybe seen ppl talking about it from his build order post and made an offhand comment. I agree, DG has always been a spinnier shaft for me. Maybe the new 2021 TP5x balls are even lower spinning, so he needs more in the shaft to keep his numbers in the range he wants?
  4. the tournament is typically a little birthday treat for myself... I go out on Thursday, walk with small crowds and see amazing golf. Love Riv and can't wait to go again after things normalize. Oh, and my pick for the week... going with Max Homa.
  5. Trottie did a live Q&A with Wade Liles on the truck a few hrs ago.. they were building some wedges for Matthew Wolff, but Trottie mentioned Rory's shaft change was to get his spin "right with his new golf ball, new TP5x"
  6. Love the RMT club. What workouts are you doing with it? I've found a couple on Youtube that focus on golf & the RMT but curious what you may be onto?
  7. Did I see a post about someone doing custom headcovers for the 2.1? I tried looking back through this thread but any search is too generic, and 38 pages is too many to go through. Am I crazy?
  8. wow, so True Pendulum Motion is part of Perfect Practice now.. I used to have one back when they were their own thing (and before someone stole my backup bag with it inside from my garage) a few yrs ago. Thing worked really well keeping your arms in close to body and making you use your shoulders/big muscles.
  9. 1. Pasadena, CA 2. 10.2 3. ZX7 4. Yes, straight to the course upon receipt! 5. Srixon z765 4-PW, Modus3 Tour 120s 6. The sole notches on the same VT sole that I love about my 765's 7. Yes
  10. Yeah, I got mine at the beginning of the month. White headcover looks fresh. Yeah, here's mine in blue. I went back and forth about going full blackout and blue on silver/white.. Glad I went this way. The putter draws a lot of attention as is, so I like that it's wholly unique. Plus, I love looking at Dodgers colors (sorry picture's aren't great... the overhead lighting in my house casts shadows and is a very warm color. I can get something outside in daylight tomorrow)
  11. In a post below, answer the following questions. 1. City, State? Pasadena, CA 2. Handicap? 10.2 3. Current driver setup? 2017 M1 w/ Speeder VII 4. What KBS TD wood shaft do you want to win? 60g Category 3 5. Why do you want to win a KBS TD shaft? Always liked KBS iron shafts, and interested what the driver/wood shafts feel like 6. Would you be open and honest about your swing with an expert from KBS? Yes
  12. signing up for the newsletter and always looking to increase distance to leave shorter second shots into the green!
  13. Great write up @mtex22. Excited to read the other reviews, and see how they play after a few rounds.
  14. how's that pinned rangefinder, any good? Price is nice, but any idea how it compares to others in terms of accuracy?
  15. Indian Wells was in some of the best shape of a course I’ve seen in years. If anything, I would say the greens were a bit slower than I was expecting. They weren’t long, but a little soft in the early AM but since I hadn’t played there before, I don’t know if that’s the normal speed Stadium was in good shape, not as lush as IW but as good as I’ve seen Stadium in a few years. Greens were running quick and the elevation changes are still brutal. both tracks were in fantastic shape. Playing LQ Mountain tomorrow
  16. Nice!! Going out Saturday for a week. Have rounds booked at Indian Wells Celebrity, PGA Stadium, La Quinta Mountain. I love Stadium, it just fits my eye. Haven't played other 2. I'll try to report back on conditions after we play
  17. Wolf Creek is a decent drive from the strip but highly recommend it. So much fun and was in prime condition when i was there last year
  18. 1. Pasadena, CA 2. 10 3. Yes 4. Srixon z765 4-PW w/Modus 120 stiff (-1/4") 5. Feel, thin top line, no/low offset 6. Yes
  19. damn i'm getting jealous of you all... still waiting on my DF2.1
  20. Yeah, all of the LAB grips are built with forward press.
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