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  1. "His swing is beautiful, has he been working a lot with a pro?" "No," she replied. "His grandfather is a pro in South Korea, and he got a lesson from him awhile back." ha,ha, heard that type of line before...
  2. My daughter is 11 and carries her driver 150 yards. Which I am guessing is average.
  3. Did your child like them? They look Great. I just purchased Flynn irons for my daughter and so far so good. The quality is excellent and the look fantastic.
  4. Thinking about it for my 11 year old daughter.
  5. The New Pink Flynn irons look amazing. Anyone have experience with the old Velocity heads? My daughter is a lefty so don't have the new irons in Lefty that I see. The new shaft seems quality and an upgrade.
  6. Had a great driver fitting / track man session. Our fitter at Modern Golf was fantastic, he knew the Track Man numbers well and sure enough focussed on increasing angle of attack to maximize number and increased loft and moved to draw setting to max numbers. No need for new driver but we upgraded anyway and grabbed a demo F9 with Ladies Shaft. She is hitting it great, much more consistent with this setting and an inch longer and I can sleep well at night knowing it's been fitted. No more tinkering for a couple of weeks anyway!
  7. In The North, I have never seen 42 yards rolli n my life. Here is a pretty good swing. Close. Trying to get this consistently and tweek from here.
  8. Even better, great tests, looking forward to putting her through the paces!
  9. Thanks, I think, but that is a huge age comparison. Not playimg many 12 or 13 year olds.
  10. I guess this is a cheap way to see how my kids numbers compared to others. Hope you don't mind. It's cold in Canada so just putting in time indoors on the simulator. Working hard to sink up the driver. Swing is doing good but the driver needs to catch up with the rest of her clubs as far as consistency of contact so it's tinkering season -currently driver length and shafts! My daughter is 10 and soon to be 11 years in Feb. Best Driver Swing Speed 71 MPH, Best Ball Speed 104 MPH.
  11. Akshay is kind of the first of this young generation that is coming up that is basically been raised to play golf by his parents. Basically a junior living the life of a professional growing up home schooled and essentially golfing full time from a young age. Maybe I was naive until the US Kids Worlds and I notice there a many of these young kids are living the life of a professional golfers from a very young age. Home schooled or sports school and basically golf full time and year round. Their parents give them every opportunity to golf as much as they can at a very young age from 9 years
  12. I have have witnessed on 2 occasions in 9 and 10 year old girl's dad acting as human aiming targets. Walking up the fairway and say to aim at me or standing on the green for chip shots as the aiming point then moving when their daughter hits. I find the Human Aiming Point completely annoying.
  13. 9, going on 10 Year Old Girl - Lefty Cobra Fly Z 12-13.5* Driver, Stock W Flex Shaft Cobra F-6 5-7 Fwy stock shaft W Flex Cobra F-6 22* Hybrid stock shaft W Flex Cobra F-6 25* Hybrid stock shaft W flex Ping I25 6i - GW Purple Dot, TS59 Graphite Shafts Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB 56* SW, Ultra lite 50 Graphite Shaft Macgregor Bobby Grace V-Foil Putter M5k Wilson Duo Urethane Ball Under Armour Glove RH Kids Small
  14. From the age 5-8 years - Girl. We did lessons hap- hazardly on an approximately monthly bases. 1 hour lessons. Several lessons per year but with no structure due to lack of facilities in the winter and tournaments and soccer in the summer. Lessons were kind of on a need be basis. This winter she is 9 years old going to be ten in a couple of weeks. It's time believe it or not to get more serious. She has grown stronger and more co-ordinated and realizes the focus she needs to play well moving forward. I think she is more mature mentally and physically to start to benefit more from lesson
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