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  1. For my daughter's progression, I started with a discontinued flynn shaft in her M2, then went to cut down ladies ACCRA Fx140 shaft, and now cut down Accra FX140 senior shaft. Maybe Fx140 Reg this season...in the Cobra. I bought them used and further butt trimmed them. Good success with the Accras.
  2. My daughter has played Cobra for a while. I found the F7 to be way more stable than F9 and SZ and stuck with the F7 until last year, better results. LY, She played a Rad Speed draw biased version and hit it really well so I would skip to the Rad Speed as an upgrade from the other 2. She's just over 80mph currently SS. But overall at 67mph SS, I wouldn't grind so much worrying about OEM or hurry out of U.S. Kids. Patience. At lower SS, you aren't losing anything with U.S. Kids drivers and especially irons.
  3. The issueis it's no fun. You then have to be perfect to make par. Chip it close and make par or you will bogey or worse. After a while that is not fun. Also, the kid must have the discipline to lay up and this is also no fun doing that all day if the course is too long.
  4. Sometimes when 12 year old girls are out of position on a long hole, they don't have to physical strength to hit greens from the rough.
  5. I think from experience, 9 year old girl is too young to get into OEM irons / and wedges. Very hard to find the right balance and shaft softness to hit higher softer shots and chips. My daughter is 12 and uses a 60 degree Cleveland RTX Black pearl w OEM ladies flex shaft and PXG 56 Sand wedge with Accra 60i Senior shaft that matches her irons. I think she chips better with the Cleveland because honestly its a bit softer and lighter but I'm too far invested in the PXG Sand wedge to take it out of the bag. It's not terrible but if I had to do over again, I would have left the Cleveland 56 in there too. Live and learn and wait for next growth spurt. My advice is to err on the light, soft side for wedges.
  6. At 5400 yards, if not long enough you have to be perfect every shot. If you are out of position on any hole it is no fun. Experience watching 12 year old girls playing that yardage. Very few break 80, but some do so everyone thinks it's normal.
  7. I think at a young age, kids that are home schooled and playing and practicing golf more probably appear to excel younger and faster. However, I am guessing things will level out as the kids get older and mature mentally and physically (speaking more about girls). Their golf experience is accelerated at an early age but kids that play less will take longer to gain that experience but gain it eventually. I think physically and mentally too much golf at a young age is not good for most kids.
  8. My daughter is 12 and played several 15U events that were around 5400 yards. Some kids her age and younger shot in the mid high seventies so when my daughter shot in mid to high eighties it was very frustrating and put a lot pressure on her course management which she wasn't willing to learn. At her age, she has one speed to go for it and no interest in laying up and playing for the front of greens so that concept was very hard for her to accept. She had way more fun at U.S. Kids fall local tour from 4600 yards and shooting in the low seventies. In my opinion the year was a bit of a waste as there weren't a lot of options during the summer at her age appropriate yardage so I don't think 5400 yards did very much for her except cause a lot of heart ache for us both .
  9. My daughter has PXG Gen 3 P irons with Accra Tour 60i shafts. They are working great. She is 12.
  10. Stick with U.S. kids irons until she is 12 or has a massive strength spurt. I did OEM too soon and regretted it in the irons as she hit low bullets while everyone else hit nice soft ball irons into the greens. Light driver shaft and head maybe at 11.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a shame and hopefully Women's sports will grow with the need for more live sports content for media but the arm's race or money spent on 12 year old girls to play at levels above their age is ridiculous. Everytime a 13 year old plays in the US Open its costing someone a tonne of money for food, lodging, travel, clothes and probably equipment. Is Avery Zweig making money? It's costing someone a fortune to finance a junior golf career I am guessing or am I wrong?
  12. Further, not just countries, I would argue that many parents are financing the girls to play at the highest national levels year round. It seems many girls 13+ are specializing and golfing full time. The competition is crazy for the girls. Girls from around the world are competing year round at the top events AJGA, Hurricane, USGA, it's crazy. It's a massive arms race to achieve the miniscule opportunity of earning a living at golf one day. What is the hurry?
  13. My 12 year old daughter played in the same qualifier and shot 97 in Canada. Huang shot 78 in high winds. WTH I am I doing wrong with my kid.
  14. I think he will be ready to change very soon if not quite there yet. My daughter just turned 12 and is practicing with light steel adult (Old nsp 970 ) in a vokey and cleveland wedges and seems to be handling them pretty well. I think here kids clubs days have come to an abrubt end. Likely settle on graphite shafts with adult wedge head.
  15. I feel like I lost a season with her playing Ping I25's at 10 years old, great in the wind but the other girls were all hitting high softball iron shots landing like butter flies while she was hitting low balls. She did ok with them but went back to Flynn irons at 11 years old. She's 12 now, wanted to keep the Flynn's this year but inconsistent with them this spring (something doesn't look right) out side and pretty good growth spirt so custom adult irons are on the way...we'll see. I would say don't go into adult stuff too soon, especially girls. 11 years old min for woods, 12 years old min for irons.
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