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  1. READY-TO-PLAY FLYNN GOLF VT MAX | Junior Golf Clubs Shafts Grips (flynn-golf.com) You can get the adaptors installed ready to play by flynn and pretty reasonable. I don't have experience with the newer Flynn Driver Shafts but UST Mamiya makes these shafts so I am guessing they can't be all that different than Recoils but just my opinion. My daughter uses Flynn VT Alto iron shafts and they are not all that soft, they play pretty stable but that is just my opinion.
  2. I think I am going to pull the trigger on a new Accra FX 2.0 M2 (senior) and the newer generation from what she has and is stiffer than the M1 (Ladies) she is currently playing. Its under 50g. Looks like around $80 on Ebay. I'm trying to change as little as possible and she doesn't like to change her clubs. (Quite the total opposite of me). Fingers crossed this is seamless but I doubt it. Also need to work on hitting up a bit again.
  3. I am definately on ebay looking for some experiments. There is a later version Accra senior flex I am looking at and also an oldie but a goodie White Tie X5 in Senior Flex (she hit this well in the stock cobra hybrids and 5 wood she uses). Thanks for verifying spin is high. I am guessing the senior should bring spin down but don't want to alter things too much as she hit it well last year but growing. Great suggestions. Thank you.
  4. Happy Holidays. My daughter is going on 12yrs and using An Accra F140 Ladies Shaft in a Cobra F9 Thinking of moving up to the Senior Flex. She is swinging around 80MPH, 160ish Carry. Her spin rate is a bit high IMO in the mid to high 3,000's What is everyone else using these days?
  5. "His swing is beautiful, has he been working a lot with a pro?" "No," she replied. "His grandfather is a pro in South Korea, and he got a lesson from him awhile back." ha,ha, heard that type of line before...
  6. My daughter is 11 and carries her driver 150 yards. Which I am guessing is average.
  7. Did your child like them? They look Great. I just purchased Flynn irons for my daughter and so far so good. The quality is excellent and the look fantastic.
  8. Thinking about it for my 11 year old daughter.
  9. The New Pink Flynn irons look amazing. Anyone have experience with the old Velocity heads? My daughter is a lefty so don't have the new irons in Lefty that I see. The new shaft seems quality and an upgrade.
  10. Had a great driver fitting / track man session. Our fitter at Modern Golf was fantastic, he knew the Track Man numbers well and sure enough focussed on increasing angle of attack to maximize number and increased loft and moved to draw setting to max numbers. No need for new driver but we upgraded anyway and grabbed a demo F9 with Ladies Shaft. She is hitting it great, much more consistent with this setting and an inch longer and I can sleep well at night knowing it's been fitted. No more tinkering for a couple of weeks anyway!
  11. In The North, I have never seen 42 yards rolli n my life. Here is a pretty good swing. Close. Trying to get this consistently and tweek from here.
  12. Even better, great tests, looking forward to putting her through the paces!
  13. Thanks, I think, but that is a huge age comparison. Not playimg many 12 or 13 year olds.
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