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  1. Next weekend (11th-13th), a buddy and I will be in the Columbus area for the Barstool tournament that Sunday at Springfield CC. We would like to play the OSU Scarlet course on Friday afternoon, but we would also like to avoid paying the Buckeye club donations ($250/per) and increased rates. My sister is either a student, faculty member or both (not totally sure, she's been in college like 12 years), and we were assuming she could get us on the course, but they are requiring that she be present and play in our group. She doesn't play golf and can't be present, so that's not going to work.
  2. Thank you so much for this thread and all of your hard work. This has been a joy to follow and I can't wait to see what is next!
  3. Best pants I've ever owned. You're going to get a lot of support for Lulu from this forum... the "best pants" thread had some really good info and suggestions of other brands at varying prices, but if I recall Lulu was very popular in that thread Due to COVID my industry has relaxed some fashion norms, so I've found myself wearing Lulu pants at work 3-4 days a week. I usually like the look of a cotton-ish polo better for a work environment, but you can't wear cotton on the course in this part of the country due to humidity. The great thing is the pants go with both cotton or "perfo
  4. Would be curious to hear your insight on how you got through. I am similar in that I was a 2 a little over a year ago and I'm now a 7 and going the wrong direction. Early on I would have a couple of chunked chips or pitches per round, but my ball striking and putting was at a point that it wasn't uncommon for me to shoot 5-over with two doubles. Now it's leaked into the rest of my game to the point that if I miss a fairway or green I'm basically trying to make sure to bogey. That just puts too much pressure on every shot.... I've broken 80 just once in the last 12-15 rounds (79 with a triple a
  5. I went Medium in both brands. Sorry, that should've been more clear since it was the point of the post, lol. As for untucked, I haven't considered that option, but I didn't notice anything abnormal about either (too long or short). I'll check that out this week and follow up though.
  6. Thanks for this explanation. I have a couple of questions though because I'm not comprehending the last sentence: Isn't internal rotation going to close the face? When you say "trail elbow pointing down the line", are you saying at setup on a short wedge shot you would want the inside of your trail elbow pointing at the target?Thanks in advance, I appreciate the insight!
  7. I bought 3 William Murray polos and 2 Greyson polos over the Memorial Day sales and thought I would give you guys a quick review and sizing assessment to try and give back since I get so much good info on these threads. For reference, I'm 5'9", 170-180, 39.5 inch chest, 32 inch waste. The shirts that fit me best are probably traditional FootJoy in small and Travis Mathew medium. If I'm managing my beer gut okay I have lots of Nike medium for super hot days, but some of those can get a bit tight in chest and mid section depending on my diet. I have some Peter Millar mediums that fit decent, jus
  8. I love those shorts too, I bought a pair two summers ago, but since that time I've been unable to find another pair with a 9" inseam, it seems the only thing available in the last year or so have been 10"+. If you know of where they can be purchase with the shorter inseam it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. On this, can someone give me a rundown on the difference between the Highland golf, Highland Tour golf and Lightweight golf short? Both highlands say 100% poly and the lightweight is like 56/44 poly/nylon, just curious if there is a fit difference between the 3?
  10. I ordered the FlightDeck from Amazon and it will be here tomorrow so I'll have to follow up and let you know, but it looks like the same product on their website. I'm a little concerned because it is so much cheaper on Amazon, but they're usually pretty good about returns. I was a bit forced into trying a Fiberbuilt product though. I have the AllTurfMats 5x5 and have loved it, best feedback I've ever had from a mat, but since I got the Skytrak I am putting a ton more shots into it. The mat is holding up fine (other than the poofy issue I mentioned above), but yesterday I started feeling a rea
  11. Any idea how long or how many shots this would last? I bought the mat from All Turf Mats (the one that is very similar to the Real Feel CC Elite) a couple of years ago and it has been great for generally hitting into nets, backyard chipping, etc. But I got a Skytrak this winter and I'm getting really inconsistent readings; after playing with the lighting and other trouble shooting, I'm pretty convinced the fact that the mat gets poofy after a couple of shots in the same spot is causing deviations in where the monitor is reading the shot. Long story short, I could get this and set it at the sa
  12. So I kept going back to this comment trying to figure out why I bottom out so far behind the ball on chips/pitches, and I focused on the "rear shoulder dropping" for the last couple of weeks, and it has me with a bit of a flatter plane on the chip/pitch swing to avoid that "drop". But today I went back to read this and started thinking about the "chest not extending" comment... does extending the chest mean I want to keep my chest spread out, from armpit to armpit, throughout the swing? Almost feeling like the bottom of my sternum is closest to the ball, with my shoulder blades close together?
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