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  1. I don’t know how the adapters from fairway to driver work with Cally right off the top of my head. I can look into it!
  2. Just one shiny thing today! Brand new LEFTY Custom Callaway Epic Max LS Driver head. 9° of loft and comes with Callaway Customs cover and wrench. If got a few shafts we could work into a deal if you’d like. Asking $425 OBO Shipped for the head!
  3. Just one to let go of today… Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Detour Conversion. Beautiful putter. Squeaky clean, displayed only since being redone. 35” with Lamkin cord grip. No cover but will be packaged safely for shipping. Asking $OLD!!!
  4. A few goodies today… First up, a nice sent of the copper finish Cobra King Forged Tec irons in 5-Gap w/adjustable Cobra King Black 4-Utility iron. Shafts are UST Recoil ES 780 F3 (Reg Flex) shafts, Urility 4-iron has same shaft but Stiff Flex. Nice condition overall, 9-iron showing the most wear to the finish Standard L/L/L specs throughout. Very solid irons that are a nice option for a lot of players! Would entertain swap offers for Titleist gear like a TSi fairway wood or 818 hybrid, or higher end putters. Asking $850 OBO Shipped! Second, selling my other Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor unit. Remains in like new condition. Never set it in the ground directly, always on the case or a towel so everything stayed as clean as possible. Have enjoyed this throughout the summer a lot. Numbers and real time videos are great, and the weekly contests to win free membership credits are a good time, too. Only selling because my Garmin R10 showed up and I know I’ll use that a lot more with the simulator part of it. Original charging cable and box all included. Retail at $499, asking $OLD!!! Last up, a new in the bag PXG Fairway Camo Players Towel. Haven’t opened this one at all but have another just like it. Nice big towel and looks cool with the black Camo on one side and white Camo on the other. I’ve included a picture from their website for a look at it outside the plastic. Retail and sold out at $40, asking $OLD!!!
  5. Some awesome irons and electronics looking for a new home today! First up, selling my Srixon ZX7 irons. Set makeup is 4-PW w/ Tour Issue Dynamic Gold 120g S400 shafts and midsize grips, standard L/L/L. You’ll see in the pics the 4-iron has a ND MCC Plus4 midsize and the rest are a Lamkin set I got from a cobra rep. Nice custom setup with the 120g S400s that you don’t see around too often. Played them for about a dozen or so rounds. Show some light chatter on a few from riding in the bag and normal signs of use on the faces and soles. Overall, pretty clean. Asking $OLD! Next, selling my Garmin G80 laser rangefinder with integrated GPS inside the viewfinder. Used this one for about ten rounds this summer and only had to charge it a couple times. Super cool technology and only selling because I picked up the newer model from my club with some credit. They’re still selling for $599 on the website but seeing them for $450-500 used or refurbished elsewhere. Asking $400 OBO shipped! Next up, a new in plastic Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor. Ordered this one forever ago through their website and ended picking one up elsewhere during the wait, so selling this one off at a bit of a discount. Awesome device that is super easy to set up and use indoors or out on the range. Uses your iPhone or iPad camera to create an overlay of your numbers onto a video of your swing. Rated top personal launch monitor setup by Not allowed because of spam, if you follow them at all. $OLD! Last up, a New in Plastic Theragun Mini. Perfect size for travel or to drop in the golf bag to have handy for warmup, or if your swing resembles a deck chair tumbling in the wind, like mine, and something gets a little locked up out on the course. $OLD!
  6. Just a couple things today… First up, selling my very lightly used Callaway Epic Speed Triple Black Diamond LS driver head alone or paired with with the shafts listed for a bit more if you like something. Head was used for just a couple testing sessions at the range. Very clean all around. TA (Tour Authentic) serial, head weight is 198g and actual measured loft is 9.1°. Shaft options from top to bottom: -Mitsubishi Tensei 1k, their newest shaft out, 60g Stiff, plays 45” -Diamana Tour Blue, the new Blueboard, 60g Stiff, plays 44.5” -Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6x, tipped 1.5” SOLD -Project X Evenflow T100, 65g 6.5 (X-Stiff) flex, plays 45.25” -Fujikura Speeder Evolution V 661, 65g Stiff, plays 45.5” All $OLD!!! Second, selling five dozen new Taylormade TP5 Pix balls. I picked these up over the winter and actually came from the planned range options at a canceled PGA event, so have “PRACTICE” on the side of them. They are identical to the normal TP5 and are all brand new and unhit, just have that labeling on them. Switched to a different ball and am willing to cut these loose for $OLD!!!
  7. Just one thing today! Selling my like new Cobra King Nova mallet putter. Picked it up with some store credit since they are sold out in most stores and online to see how they performed. After rolling it for a bit on my indoor putting mat, really like it but need a bit more toe hang. Very clean looking putter with nice feel off the face, and the tech of the SIK face to help with a more consistent role. Plays 35” with KBS putter shaft, stock Cobra Superstroke style grip and tag still on the Arccos sensor, stock lie angle and loft isn’t adjusted on these putters because of the variable loft face. Rolled only indoors and looks like new still. Asking $225 shipped or would consider swaps for wide blades or mallets with a flow or slant neck setup. Willing to add cash if needed!
  8. Just one thing today… Selling my Autoflex 505XX shaft with Callaway Tour Flat adapter. Used for one fitting session indoors against a 505X and the X was a better fit for me. Built to play right on 46” in my Callaway Epic Speed head. Has “Tour Flat” adapter with the red mark, indicating that it plays .75° flatter than retail adapter setup. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grip installed. Asking $OLD!!!
  9. A couple cool items today… First up, selling my like new SIK DW (Double Wide) putter w/ Stability Shaft. Putter plays at 35" and has a Superstroke Tour 2.0 grip installed. Used for some testing against my LAB Blād and one round and couldn’t kick the old faithful out of the bag. Very nice putter with incredible roll off the face. SIK has some legit tech going on with how their putters are designed. Asking $OLD!!! Next up, selling my like new Jones Utility Trooper 2.0 Carry Bag. Very nice bag, just ended up liking how my Ping bag stores all my unnecessary junk a little better. Full length dividers, separate putter space, large cooler pocket for those that like to smuggle beverages to the course, and easily removable second strap if you’re not planning to carry. Asking $225 shipped!
  10. Selling a set of squeaky clean Ping G425 irons! Specs are 5-U (Gap) wedge, AWT 2.0 stiff shafts, black dot bent 1⁰ flat, standard loft and length, Arccos grip sensors still have tags on them. Played maybe two rounds before going back to my other setup. Asking $OLD!!!
  11. Shoot me a DM, we can maybe figure something out!
  12. Selling a few goodies now that the bag is set (for today, anyways)! First up, a squeaky clean Gen4 PXG 0811x Driver. 9° head w/ Aldila NV Green 70g Stiff shaft. Includes head cover and wrench. I’ve got a few aftermarket shafts as well and can negotiate price on those vs the Aldila if you’d like. Two indoor range sessions and one round on the course, perfectly clean all around. Amazing driver, just going with the Gen4 TX head instead! Asking $OLD!!! Next up, a set of PXG 0311T Milled Wedges. 50°/55°/60° setup w/ Tour Issue DG S400 shafts throughout. 50° is the Sugar Daddy model. 55° is a Darkness model that is also the Sugar Daddy head shape, just not on there because of the Darkness symbol. 60° is the Zulu model with an additional custom grind on the trailing edge for a bit more relief on those real tight lies. The 60° has the most use and normal wear for a season and a half but no browning anywhere and plenty of life left in the grooves. The 50° also shows normal light wear on the face but not used near as much as the 60° The 55° darkness is the newest and has the least use, none of the black fading anywhere and grooves are really nice yet. Asking $OLD!!! Last item is a Taylormade Sim Ti Rocket 3-wood head. Used one MN golf season and shows normal signs of use. Leading edge and crown all clean. Asking $OLD!!!
  13. Just one item today... Letting go of a set of custom built Mizuno MP-20 MMC irons. Set makeup is 4-PW w/ KBS Tour V 120g X-stiff shafts and White/Black GP MCC grips. Shafts for this build were actually hand selected at KBS to be exact weight and frequency at their raw lengths to add consistency to the final product. Irons also have a mix of custom ferrules from BB&F Co installed. Any of you comic book buffs out there will recognize the color patters being those of various characters. If you're not a comic book follower, just something that makes the set more unique! you will also see the paint fill in the pictures as well. That is easily removed with some acetone and a q-tip if not your cup of tea. Standard L/L/L throughout. Well taken care of over a short MN golf season being in an out of the back with a different set of irons. No browning or excessive face wear anywhere. Now Asking $OLD!!!
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