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  1. The FedEx fairy dropped these at my office this afternoon... Can't wait to hit them in the morning... Ordered them Monday night, and wasn't expecting them for 3-4 weeks!
  2. I too, have felt a big loss of distance off the tee with the 2016 Chrome Soft... absolutely love the feel, but had to go back to the V1x to get the driver distance that I was comfortable with... (105 Average driver SS) So here is what I did today... 65 degrees and sunny, empty course... I headed out with a sleeve of each of the following; Chrome Soft "X", 2017 ProV1 & ProV1x... Drivers: The ProV and the Chrome "X" felt very close off the face, the CS "X" was consistently 3-8 yards longer. The V1x felt much firmer that the previous model and for me was shorter than the other two...
  3. Just for fun, I'm curious as to how much Tiger effected our fellow Golf WRXers... Who has revisited or put the Bridgestone B330s in play this weekend?
  4. I've got MP-25's with C-Taper in the bag and was really excited to get a chance at the Tours... I wandered into Goldsmith yesterday, and they had the 6i demo with a Modus 105... At first, I couldn't believe how small the head looked. The satin finish and overall coolness factor are awesome. Performance wise, I couldn't get the numbers out of it that I get out of my 25's. The 6i Tour was consistently 5-7 yards shorter on the launch monitor. Personally I didn't think they feel as soft as my 25's, either. I'd like to get them outside, but not enough to spend the $1000.
  5. [list] [*][color="#282828"]Why do you want to review TM SpeedBlades for GolfWRX?:[/color][i][color=#0000CD]I would love a chance to test these irons and report on my findings... I have a set of RocketBladez Tours that I have never been able to work into the bag and would love a like a chance to do an in hand comparison of the two...[/color][/i] [*]City / State: [color=#0000cd][i]Las Vegas, NV[/i][/color] [*][url="http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?toolid=10029&campid=CAMPAIGNID&customid=CUSTOMID&catId=220&type=2&ext=221289900435&item=221289900435"]Ri
  6. Scotty Cameron GoLo S changed my life! Regular or mid, I've got them both and finally all other putters went the way of eBay...
  7. The Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy is a great choice. With the sole design on these clubs, if you struggle off the deck, this design will help. I'm a 2hdcp, and play these because they are so easy off the deck and typical Tour Edge long off the tee. Worth a look...you can also get great prices on them off eBay if you watch closely...I have the 3, 4, & 5w that I go back and forth with depending on the course.
  8. I've been looking at this putter on-line for a few weeks... I stopped by Golf Galaxy to actually look at the Nike Drone belly, since I'm a bit tired of looking at my Kombi...Didn't like the Drone, and then I found the Ping in the corner. Absolutely loved the way it set up at address, came off the face perfect and just felt great. I walked out with it and went straight to the closest practice green and it didn't let me down... Big thumbs up for me...
  9. It wasn't the cheapest way to go, but I bought CB1's & 2's with Project X Flighted and blended the set myself. I don't recommend doing it this way, but I just thought I'd let you know it's a great set-up!
  10. 5 Wood for me...I have found for the past three years, anytime I put a 3w in the bag, I never use it. The consistency off the deck isn't always there with the 3w. Off the tee, the 5w gets me out far enough on short par 4's. The 5w is money off the deck for about 245y. If I'm any further out than that on a par 5, my scoring is better if I play it to 85-100y instead of trying wait for the green to clear and flush a 3w. However, I did just build a Nike VR 4w & an Exotics CB3 4w that is getting me a consistent 255y off the deck and the CB3 is just about as long as the driver off the tee
  11. I played the R7 TP's for quite sometime, and they were my favorite irons for a couple years. I got to my i15's by way of Kwok'd AP2's that I loved even more. But the i's take the cake. I switched to KBS shafts at the sametime, which I think had alot to do with it, but these irons are the most consistant with the tightest shot pattern of anything I've ever played. As far as forgiveness, I don't think that is their strongest point, but distance loss on misses is minimal. To throw another into the mix...not anywhere near as forgiving, but just fantastic sticks, are the new Adams CB1's. I
  12. I hit a very low tee ball and tried a couple 13* heads with stiff flex(105ss), but like Badger said, I fought the extra spin and got no extra distance. After getting the right shaft in a 10.5* head, I was able to get the flight I wanted, wih the best combo of carry & roll.
  13. I used an R9 460 with a Matrix HD6 for the latter half of last season and didn't think it could get much better. I started hitting an i15 with Axiv indoors, since I really liked the look of the club. The numbers were consistantly better than my R9, so I pulled the trigger and got one. Taking it on course, the results were equally impressive. About 5-8 yards longer than my R9, with better feel, flight and spin. My vote clearly goes to the i15.
  14. I'm MORTOYZ and I too have a PING problem... -Started with trying an i15 driver on a launch monitor, the sales rep gave me an i15 7i to loosen up with. I bought the driver... -Liked the feel of the 7i so much, bought the i15 4-PW with KBS Tour shafts...Out go the AP2's after almost 2 years. -When I got the irons, I ordered then with matching Tour-W wedges...Out go the Vokeys, except the 60* -Since PING was dominating the set, I thought they should be held in a gray/yellow Freestyle carry bag... -The only Titleist things left are my 909f3's and my Cameron...The 909's are on shak
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