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  1. MB's launch lower and spin higher than CB's. Loft for loft & same shaft the CB launch is 2* higher and maybe 5%-7% less spin. When the numbers are matched up, loft loft, shaft for shaft, both types are within a yard or two on final distance. What took me a real, real long time to appreciate is how much those differences in the getting there affect on course play decisions. It's nuanced but it took me like a 100 rounds to fully appreciate it. Once I did, I've never questioned carrying old traditional gear again.
  2. It is. A bit hilly though. I think a better value is year pass at Oak Hills.
  3. 303 is the "360 brass" of St St's. In harsh environments and where issues of wear & tear are critical it is not the choice. For forming not the choice. For a complex, critically dimensioned machined products that are durable in a medium duty sense, ideal. I make stuff that requires multi axis CNC's to one off. 303 is so much more desirable to work with especially at volume.
  4. For machining, for anything other than extruding, 303 is way better.
  5. I have one in 55", bought it on close out, crazy good TV.
  6. This is one of my favorite solos Jimmy has recorded.
  7. Hoping to start swinging next week. weather is breaking and snow is melting. Normal February here. Have an eye for new driver and want to get some semblance of a swing for a fitting. Tsi4 has got my attention and want to move on it.
  8. Jealous, lol. I'm aching to just swing. We have had snow coverage for a month straight here.
  9. A bit obscure, I love this song. One of my 80's favorites. robbie robertson broken arrow - YouTube
  10. DJ is 6 foot 4" and he plays 45.75......................I'm 5'9", I'm good at 44.75 which what I've been playing for 3 years. Btw, perhaps you need more inches to get more distance, I do not.
  11. Btw, Ping is #5 in driver usage in 2021. That's not exactly a great sampling.
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