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  1. Cool beans. Love range time, love the digging in & down. Sounds like you have a good process going. Agree on the long game issue. It's everything. Good driving, You are not scrambling, you can play in to green in a more relaxed way, changes tone of round when it's clicking.
  2. I scrolled down to bottom of korean page. There is a 24* #4i and possible, they may offer #3i in 21*. Nice looking irons, the 921 is a beauty.
  3. Well for one thing force has a direction. Force = mass X acceleration. Put more mass directly in line, say, behind the ball it will go in the direction intended. Also, for same given loft, MB's in general launch the ball with 5%-10% more spin. On axis spin is good for targeting. They also launch the ball on lower trajectory, so keeping ball below tree line longer tends to be good for targeting too. All three are also good for consistency of distance. Week in and out, I watch floaty ball flights and drum brake green action and am thankful for my beat looking blades that punish me an extra 6 yards on misses. It's a square deal that still makes sense.
  4. Two things I adopted from those clubs. The dowels and the heavy grips. 67g on my OEM setup.
  5. Offset across the set is .080". OEM on those are with dowels in the shafts, about 2" of hickory. 681's and T's are great clubs. Good luck.
  6. Yet to be mentioned, he has a super solid, clean swing. Better than most all in the top ten. Simple, powerful, works out of the rough which is a prerequisite for strokes gained, modern golf. Owns the best 5 years of major performance since prime time Tiger, so it's a proven asset.
  7. I'm not but he's way better than anyone else at the moment. He's probably going to beat out any active player right now. He shows up for the big ones. He was hurt this year he still went T2, T4 & T6. To get more than 5 in the modern era is going to be hyper difficult. Winning 4 in two years with 8 top 10's surrounding them crazy good.
  8. I'm having a hard time figuring out which athlete gets more hate for winning than BK. By a mile, he's the best golfer in majors over last 5 years. It's not even close. Career below but last 5 years untouchable. Head and shoulders above everyone. Only guy Tiger worried about. What's that saying? Tournament Wins 2nd 3rd Top-5 Top-10 Top-25 Events Cuts made Masters Tournament 0 1 0 1 2 4 6 5 PGA Championship 2 1 0 5 5 7 9 9 U.S. Open 2 1 0 5 5 7 8 7 The Open Championship 0 0 0 1 4 4 7 6 Totals 4 3 0 12 16 22 30 27
  9. While the cool kids were high fiving their top ten win with weekends in the Caribbean, cupcake went on a major tear that rivaled Tiger's. The guy is okay with me. Good read.
  10. For me the best way to get to the feel of what JR is doing is firing the upper arms hard and early in the down swing. Steering the hands or applying the throw at the hands has not really worked. For me unfold by acceleration of upper arms down & closer together gets it done. Arm unfolds, hands are free to square because power is delegated. The tricky part is matching body to new found speed because it feels like "sequencing" is off when it's really not. Feels like you're going to stick the club into ground a foot behind ball. Having a trusty, reliable rotation is key. Stalling is not an option. So this cannot be done if you weld shoulder to head, or cannot get arm off chest, or if you are sloppy on hip pivot or don't get transition solid. If you hump the goat, you're toast. So this simple intent needs the blessing of many others. That's why it's so hard to ingratiate.
  11. Yeah, I hear you but I'm playing S400 U in Maruman's at this moment. I really like them.
  12. 48* PW & 28* #5i. 4* increments till that, then 3* for longer irons. Standard lofts for 90's era clubs. Standard shafts were parallel type S300 U.
  13. Haha i don't understand the logic either. They call black right side of line, white, left side which is stance side for typical right hander. It makes little real sense but there was another video on this that expanded this concept, it's on Golf Pass. But even with that, I got confused. The distilled wisdom though was you need to see the line from the lower or breaking side. For a L to R, step over "line" and read or pick break spot from there. Then go back to stance, setup to that spot, pull the trigger. Folks get comfortable looking at things only from stance side, it's a mistake to do this.
  14. I do it two ways, upper right is putter & wedges, then to left is pw,#9, mids in middle two, long & metals on bottom. Or metals top left, run from short to mids to long clock wise. I have no great tangle issue, none more than any other stand bag.
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