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  1. I understand all that. Played both enough to know Pro Vx1 is harder.
  2. Well I'm the latter. B XS is softer compression than Pro V x1 but it spins just as much. I'm at 110, so have no issues with either.
  3. "Why this Ladies ball has 100 compression"....said no one ever.
  4. Higher compression balls do not benefit slower swingers.
  5. Is your comprehension is lacking here or are you just conveniently taking the quote out of context. They are comparing the XS to the R variant in your "quotation".
  6. Ha, it inspired me and i found a set of Snake Eyes w/ #3i-PW plus a 52 & 56 wedge. S300, sensicore, descending weight. Original grips. Smith & Wesson forged. I'm silly stoked to have them. There will be a day my wife takes a club to my head when she sees all the iron sets i have, lol.
  7. TOUR B TW Edition (bridgestonegolf.com) From Bridgestone: From a performance perspective, the TOUR B XS-TW edition balls are identical to the standard TOUR B XS model. So B XS is Tiger ball or Tour B TW. I played both, exact same. Pro V from a performance standard is actually slightly less giving off the tee, slightly firmer feeling. So saying Pro V is rational choice and B XS is a reach is beyond ridiculous. If you said, "use NXT", get it. Also B XS is cheaper.
  8. The RF's are my favorite US offering this year. Good luck with those beauties.
  9. You rant about a typo, rant that no one not even Fred should play "Tiger Ball', then you recommend Pro V? Are you effing kidding? BXS is Tiger ball, but let'a "keep it real and go with Pro V".
  10. Think Titleist gets that. For some reason they always win putting contest with me. Find the new BXS ball from B stone to be excellent on short grass too.
  11. I'm placing 3 metals in top left then under it long irons on bottom mid irons, back up short irons till wedges and putter are top right. So a CCW rotation long to short. Played with this and done several practice sessions. Works well for me.
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