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  1. Yeah, know it. Google "Getting stuck, golf swing". You're leaving hands and arms too far behind. Issue is resolved by getting arms & hands more in front of torso and done earlier. Sounds simple but it's not always because root cause is probably elsewhere. May be in back swing motion, at top position, loss of body angles, bad sequencing, bad hip motion or bad legs. Might be simple as re-direct hands going down. Pro's eyes work here & are worth the coin. Basic intent of throwing arms more in front of chest earlier on, post transition, while keeping back to the target longer is not a terrible rabbit hole to jump in.
  2. 99 Apex used FM shafts that were Brunswick. Mind that Hogan Apex always had custom steps, so even FM5.5's won't be exact.
  3. Been through process 3X. #1 got denied big name school, went to small 1200 on campus school that recruited better than big name. She's bank in medical field now. #2 went to top 25 in science, expensive too, she's lucky to do as well as #1. #3 is athlete. Loves ball, somewhat ''meh'' on academics. He's D2, school is okay, not great but mojo to hold grades is there. He does well, he can transfer and/or earn masters. He can find his passion. Without recruit, he's JC all day. He loves his life right now. So do we. Point is true jocks can use motivation of sports to bolster academics and ''dream schools'' are just that. Literally, how a recruiter wakes up in the am can determine if you get an accept or reject. It's a crap shoot. For every kid getting accepted to high profile school, there's a thousand or more who could too. Kids who earn a degree while playing sports ought to list that on resume, forever, the commitment is huge, if geeks don't get it, screw em.
  4. "Frequency match" or Apex FM's are derived from Precision FM's. So the 5.5's are best choice.
  5. Um, yeah, not hard but I buy, not even sure why, passed on some really nice vintage Wilson's and Mac's recently, so there's hope, lol.
  6. I'm in the same boat with @Bigmean with the driver. In general, the tee shot with metals is where I piss a lot of strokes or just take birdie off the table. Been this way forever, when it's behaving I do real well, but that's sporadic. My "fix" is go all new on metals #1,#3,& #5 and pay for a shaft fitting. Have a near new Mizuno ST-G-220 head coming and keen on their new fairways. But it's the shaft or lack of confidence in the hop scotch way I choose one. I play 3 metals and have 3 different configurations shaft wise. Cannot be all that good in long run. Been a cheap skate on that end of bag, try paying for better now & see what happens, lol.
  7. Blueprint has a CG beyond center towards toe. The VR Pro II & P7TW are dead center. The VR's are stupid easy and are really nice clubs. I own those, they keep looking better. I just picked up Callaway Razr's that are maybe 8 years old. Real nice clubs. New Wilson & Titleist get a lot of good comments. The new Mizuno 221 looks really good. Surprised they don't get more attention here. Every OEM has a decent offering. The RF from Cobra is righteous.
  8. Whad up! Hope you're feeling well & healthy enough to lace up them spikes and get playing. -B
  9. Just bought a ST-G off BST. Looking forward to taking her for a whirl. Will be my 3rd Mizuno driver, all this Stealth talk got me horny for a Mizuno, lol. Shafts, have a few but a Velocore or an AV White might be the ticket, here.
  10. My son has two friends, one has a D3, the other has D1 offer on football. Been playing since 7. Even won a "National Championship" at 13. Real long haul. I can see programs taking chances on speed, size & wing span. That happens in basketball too but if a kid has little AAU youth behind them, crazy odds even to make high school varsity. The interesting part is how they develop. A kid needs enough immersion and challenge to fail. The kid who wins or always does well can end up at a disadvantage to the kid that was over looked or bypassed too often. There's an ebb & flow to development. A taste of fail and the resilience to rise past it is gold. Seen it first hand, on several occasions.
  11. I'll bite. Dowels should be about 2" long plus or minus a 1/4". Use 3/8" stock. Not advisable to jam down assembled club. Force fit into tip via butt end then assemble to head. Spend a few dollars on a vernier caliper to get depth and diameters. Sand down via lathe or mount on drill. If tapered sand it tapered and leave about .005" bigger. Important that there's an air channel via thru hole or flute. Fluted dowels at Home Depot work and are easiest but they are not hickory. Hickory is by far densest of woods. Google it. If no flute, thru hole and then run hack saw longitudinally with thru hole is best option. Or grind two flats. Remember to leave room for any weights too. Access to a lathe is great for all this.
  12. Pre-puberty athletics results mean absolutely nothing. It's a tough call, to determine how much, how rigorous and how soon you ramp up. Keep it fun but keep it developmental too. If a kid decides at 13 he's gunning for varsity high school position with little prior experience, it's wishful thinking. Does not work in football or basketball at all.
  13. Fan of heavy. There's virtue to making a heavy club swing light. Rocco is old school, so an old school setup fits him. Besides Rifle X is not crazy stout.
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