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  1. I prefer heavy myself and I would recommend you dive deeper into Blue Prints. They can hook those up to be thumpers. Heavier toe & screw and more goo in the heel will do it and they are not crazy hard to hit. Heavy oldies? Titleist 681 and T model. They're plenty heavy.
  2. It's easy to see. Stand in front of a mirror with your trail side facing it. Take club to top or near it, then rotate shaft CCW or "flex" lead wrist. Observe what happens to shaft. It lays down. Most every Pro level swing lays down the shaft. Youtube proves that. Why it's good physics, I cannot fully explain but it really is.
  3. If you flex early in the down swing you flatten the shaft plane which is as important as any "squaring of the face". Most all high level swings have this going on (in different degrees of execution) & much more than average Joe. What I find hard about it is that it's a re-routing & different from what my hands and arms are ingrained to do. It's a sequence of intents and rotations that you have about .1 sec to set correctly against decades of bad habits. And oh yeah, be sure there's not too much tension going along with it because that will kill all the benefit.
  4. I care less about loft jacking than I do the trend of dropping shaft weight by 40 grams. I get folks are getting older and there certainly should be accommodations for that but healthy men going to 90 gram shafts does not always promote better golf. Easier maybe but not better. Dispersion will suffer. The down side to full weight (125/135 gram) shafts is golf muscles need more maintenance. Pulling them out of trunk on Sunday does not really cut it. If one hits 100 balls a week in practice, you can carry an AARP card and TI DG too. Not all guys can do that so, lighter shafts work for them. But
  5. Works better, right? Of course I have thoughts on this as to why. I'll spare that for now but I've done the shoulder to ball thing and it's not near as good.
  6. Interesting, I could be going there too. The hip thing has always been tricky for me. I was a big slider forever, then a restrictor, then a rotator but I fell into this thing where left dips into ball too much or right fires too much. So latest thing is to "step back" right on back swing, step back left on down. This is something taught by Mike Malaska and it works beautifully when done correct. The other issue is a tendency for me to turn hip too much, too early so how the the 1st quarter of takeaway happens matters. Btw, that fault is responsible for some awful wedge play. So I'm all thumbs
  7. 2020 golf? The best of times, the worst of times, lol. Never have I had so much and accomplished so much less. Last Sunday, shot 88. I four putted .....twice. I three putted.....twice. I airmailed the greens with pitch/chips, three times. I hit my metals better and with less apprehension than ever (talking 3 decades) and yet this season only had one eagle putt and rarely had a legit birdie putt on a par 5. My wedge & putters are in Yip Ville and my iron game which hovered at 10 GIR last year dropped to 7. Yet, I'm not miserable. Big hiccup in my game is I don't "cover the ball"
  8. Played with a guy 2 weeks in a row, he shoots in the 70's, is pretty good. On par 3 he always asked what I'm hitting. On a 175 hole for me it's a #6i, him an #8i. He's playing M6, I'm playing Titleist 681. But with Drivers in hand, we are near same. This video makes a decent attempt to break down difference. Bottom line on good passes, loft for loft a GI club launches 2* higher and spins 10% less than a MB. This rings true with what I've experienced. How that washes with folks vary but it's not a dramatic difference, no more than ball choice and probably less than shaft pick.
  9. Spieth used to do same thing as Faldo and I mimicked that. My tempo is more a waltz "uh-one" though. Faldo is more down beat count off 1-2-3-thwack, which might be better.
  10. The guy has a great swing. I always liked how he positioned his tailbone, how much & how early it indexed towards the target. There is a lot of big muscle action in his swing.
  11. I face these putts all the time, greens have slope and they are set fast. In this case I aim to die the ball 1-2 feet directly above hole. So I'm either tapping in from above or below with center cup poke. Bonus is the chance for it to drop.
  12. If Bryson was teeing up a Tour 100, he would have lost 6 balls instead 2-3. Talk is always about the gear, the course and the athlete. Fact is too, the ball is just much straighter and easier to deal with. Good for us, but it's taken some bite out of tournament play. They play a 3 yard fade/draw now, when oldster had to play a 10 yard one. Even in matching the benign condition of this past weekend, the bullseye would have to have been bigger, the approach putts been longer, the fairways and greens would be smaller. Minus 20 does not happen. Tiger's win at -18 done w/ steel on steel and 335 ya
  13. Tiger played next gen wound, was an early adopter to solid after that, the Professional is a much straighter ball than the Tour 100. So the disagreement in mutual.
  14. If the setup and players were the same and they all used 3 piece wound balata, the winning score at Augusta would have not been -20, just saying. If you don't get that, then you probably never played the ball with any regularity.
  15. I felt the lack of fans was an issue in terms of the drama and for that it was missed. But the upside was it put the course on a better display. The beauty of the layout and terrain showed through more. It's the game's Mona Lisa. The only thing that was lacking was firmer greens and if it rains, well what is there to do. As the years pass, the front nine gets better & better.
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