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  1. The real number between the two is 5-7 yards. If you play MB's & CB's for any extended length of time, that's the number. Crosfield came up with same number in a comparison 3 years ago. He started playing MB's after that. This "15 yard difference" stuff is garbage. Might be 15 if one is DG X100 & the other is some 60g graphite noodle, but it's certainly not the head.
  2. There's a simple solution to this. Add a 1/2 club to every approach shot where miss short hurts. Go pure your 15-20 feet past, slight miss dead on, bad miss front of green. Every week, play a 190 yard Par 3, water everywhere around it, play it to back 1/3 of green, never wet.
  3. I'm starting to think it's more a result than a cause, that the intent to fire hands the right way in the right direction enables this. It's like Chinese finger cuffs, force it and it won't release. The lead arm has the yeoman's work from the top but the trail is trying to straighten too. The trail pushes away and causes the flex. When I worry about everything other than flexion, and get those better, the flexion happens. If i go "flex now" and there's too much navel gazing about it, bad things start to happen, bad things get covered over. Guys seem like they are consciously doing it (MM) but maybe it's just muscles getting lined up to fire. I've been there & done a bit of rabbit hole diving on it. I'm working on more consequential things now. Ps: @Zitlow, hope you come through and fully mend.
  4. No I got it, I was just elaborating, as I'm prone to do, lol.
  5. It's different technique to knock down. Different goal too. It's a low bullet with plenty of spin to hedge tight or windy conditions. Knockdowns deliberately take off spin with flattish, smoother back of ball hitting and a lot less loft on hand. A lot more feel involved too. Harder to do, imo. I don't practice stingers, no need but have to practice knockdowns.
  6. OP, you have a swing issue not a shaft choice issue but a better low dollar bet is DG S400. I am always working the steep & cheap thing, cannot get on with X100's but absolutely love S400.
  7. I'm using a commercial grade unit that follows. So you need to walk like your towing a trailer. Sharp abrupt turns will confuse the unit ot it will cut the corner a bit too much. For a 90 degree turn you make a radial move. At first this is a bit of an issue, after a few rounds it's 2nd nature. There's a toggle switch you hit to engage and disengage the following.
  8. I tried them out, never got on with them. Found them too high launching. Still have a like new #2i. The Maruman's are in use and I'm loving them. S400U is a great shaft for me and I've hit some choice shots in past month. The accuracy is next level. The swing feels good right now. Much of his year was a disappointment and in great part it's because from the hips down I was less than athletic. At the range this is not an issue for very long but on the course played many rounds where this destroyed any momentum. A higher sense of dynamic balance changes everything for me and I'm learning to stay tuned into that. Play has greatly improved since and hope the weather holds up for some late season rounds. Time to time been using a Tempo Walker, a motorized trolley that follows you around. For $20 it is a great way to get around the course. Don't think it makes a round all that much less fatiguing than carrying but it's very convenient and on a hot day, or just a long week worth every penny.
  9. My course offers a Tempo Walker for $20 rental. I usually carry but I've become very fond of this way to get around a course. Takes like 2 rounds for it all to be 2nd nature. My retirement gift will be a remote unit.
  10. OK if you have a PGA card and a long putter, your downward spiral cannot be suffering enough for me.
  11. If it was my call I would re-issue the T-stamp, contract Kyoei or Miura to make them, then set the price at $3.5K a set for #3i-pw and name myself golf executive of the year and ask for a raise.
  12. So AS is playing an "AS681" but it has the offset of a 680? Why don't they just call it a 680? Because that's the main difference of those vintage sets, no?
  13. Yeah, don't disagree. AMG points out that shoulder sockets can add or detract 20 degrees to swing rotation, so i thought shoulder arc is more determinant but it might be wrong or misleading. Legs & feet move pretty much in a more linear way to support all and anchor everything. Greg Norman on GC promoted a drill where you go 1/2 swing with zero arm fold and then use pure lead side to pull it through hard. Hip clearance becomes a more linear, hinging move. Great drill to isolate & distill action. The hips are not rotating, upper body, core fools one into thinking it does.
  14. I think it's a mistake to frame the pivot strictly as a rotational move. Hips gain depth by a lateral, levered action. they don't rotate, they hinge. It might be semantic but to say to yourself "I'm going to rotate open" is a fallacy and a mistake. The swing arc and shoulders' turn, those rotations are supported by hip hinging. Better hinge = better rotations.
  15. I like Malaska. There's a practicality to his teaching. I use an exercise where I match body angles of setup with impact. Where angles are compressed a bit and I hit through that "gate". Start half speed , half swing and go to as fast hands can fire. So it's somewhat the same but I don't precisely define impact position. Same concept though, really straightens out tendency to over swing, lose leverage & stand up. Good way to stop stalling with the body too. Body transition starts to naturally commence a lot earlier than I'm conditioned to and hands are more free to fire harder. Edit: Went to pre-planned range outing, the takeaway I tried in the video is to get hands closer to thighs, don't throw them out or away. Hold angles, hands nearer to thighs yielded one of the best practices of the year.
  16. So a cow pasture should be poster child for pace of play across USA. Sure. It was common a few years ago to have several rangers telling groups they were "4 minutes behind" on courses in my area. They would do this even if there was a back up seen not more than a tee box away. No one enjoyed this. The fix was to add a minute to tee off sheet and raise rates. 10 instead of 9. Then add software to cart GPS that tracked groups in front and pace of play. They then fired the rangers and let people enjoy their day. Pace of play actually improved. Fastest part of my course is the 5 holes that's wide open. 5 holes of "prairie". The rest is tree lined and dog legged. Rated at 133 and has greens that roll at 10 in early am. Pace is 4:20 for a reason.
  17. It's against city ordinance but there's a huge soccer field in my town and i can go whack short irons (#7i tops, keep it at #9i or less) without any danger of hitting anything So on an off time, I'll do that, go dig in that turf, with a ball collector in tow. I have to be careful though, there's a lot of Karen's where I live, lol.
  18. Hah, okay, excuse the grammar . It's not a simple thing for me to hit off grass. Closest grass range is 20 miles, have to pay $35 too, all you can hit though. in traffic takes 40 minutes, so really not worth it. Do 15 minutes and $15 on mats instead.
  19. "Recent" might be VR Pro II. They are Tiger approved. Pretty nice club. The high groove count looks fantastic at address. The weighting is smack solid, not light, not super heavy. The tungsten moves sweet spot dead center, they really are the whole package. I hate the stock grips and that's it. Reading between lines of internet chatter, TM P7TW is the same deal but maybe slightly lighter.
  20. Clue me in. Message is clear, mats may not be ideal but bulk of elbow injuries come from poor mechanics.
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