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  1. Pent08

    2020 US Open

    Reed winning the U.S. Open would be fitting for 2020
  2. I believe Rory's average SG putting rank is outside the top 100. No other player on Tour has a bigger discrepancy in talent between ball striking and putting.
  3. How many times does he make that putt out of 100? Incredible
  4. Terrible lie and angle with that pin.
  5. Yeah this forum never really got its stride back after that first website change. My attention has been on the NBA playoffs.
  6. Majors are more valuable than a non-major only insofar as they have the same/greater quantity of players with a higher SOF. Tiger and Jack had similar win percentages in majors and non-majors, correct?
  7. The length of this thread is a testament to the depth and duration of his slump. Woof
  8. Depends what you're measuring and how far out you go. This was Rory last year on the PGA TOUR Events: 19 Wins: 3 Top 10: 14 (74%) Top 25 : 16 (84%) Strokes Gained : 1st Scoring Average :1st Fedex Cup: 1st
  9. 117th SG off the tee after round 1. Yep, that's YJS.
  10. Moving a chess piece and swinging a golf club may both be physical activities, but one is a game and the other is a sport.
  11. Greatness the likes of Tiger, Jack, Federer, Phelps, Jordan, Lebron, Brady etc. won't trade performance for money. The type of person who would make this consideration, by definition, would never be an all time-great.
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