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  1. [quote name='TB07' timestamp='1408711799' post='9985901'] Another thread that talks about how bad INSTRUCTION is, in the INSTRUCTION forum, to most likely tout their own INSTRUCTION, on how much better their INSTRUCTION is then everybody else's. Gets old after a while, but hey it's a business. [/quote] Thank you secondary tier guru TB07, But, I'm just trying to get people to realize that golf instruction is a huge sham. It's really not very complicated to learn what to do in a one second motion
  2. [quote name='bph7' timestamp='1408716007' post='9986491'] [quote name='juststeve' timestamp='1408714518' post='9986287'] Monte: If you direct your focus to what the club is doing during the swing, do you have a notion of how the golf club should move? Based on the teachings of another I have come to believe that the free swinging of the club on a consistent arc is nearly universal among good players. How the individual player moves the club the proper way is a matter of individual preference, but, so long as the club moves as it should nothing else matters. Steve [/quote] Sweet,
  3. [quote name='notsohard' timestamp='1408692538' post='9985271'] teaching teachers how to teach would be more beneficial for the golf industry....you mentioned charlatans?? [/quote] I couldn't agree more. We must put a stop to this : [attachment=2387251:image.jpg]
  4. [quote name='king_biscuit' timestamp='1408691867' post='9985253'] I wonder how much better Hogan, Jack, Trevino, and Tiger could have been with trackman... [/quote] Me too. Maybe it wouldn't have taken Hogan and Trevino until they were in their 30's to get hold of it ???
  5. [quote name='king_biscuit' timestamp='1408691535' post='9985247'] All track man shows in the clubface and the ball flight, not whether a student is following an instructors advice. I'm not sure how trackman is going to really expose anything -- you don't need trackman to tell you if you have hit a bad shot! [/quote] Of course you don't need Trackman to tell you that you've hit a bad shot. You need it to tell you WHY you've hit a bad shot. Or a good shot for that matter. If the radar is used properly, as a feedback machine, it can help cultivate your feel system and accelerate sustainab
  6. It is very en vogue in modern golf to claim that all golfers shouldn't attempt to swing the same. And that a "cookie cutter" approach is not advisable. "You have to teach each individual based on their capabilities." Even that dopey Arnold Palmer, you know the guy who was lionized for cheating on his "beloved" wife Winnie and the guy who gets credit for the quote about the eraser is the best way to save strokes, says you should "swing your swing" Wrx Guru Monte disagrees with Ben Hogan that you should swing the way he advised because "he had long arms" : Monte, I'm sorry but as s
  7. Yes Monte, but that's only because you don't know what you're doing. It's a feedback machine and some of the basic tiles that should be up are: ANGLE OF ATTACK PATH FACE LAUNCH DIRECTION SPIN AXIS DYNAMIC LOFT SPIN LOFT LAUNCH ANGLE SPIN RATE CARRY TOTAL SIDE SIDE TOTAL The answer is not to treat your students like they are dumb or they're a bunch of babies. People that have the money to hire you are well within capable of understanding what this stuff means. And they should know it al
  8. [quote name='PutterKilledTheDream' timestamp='1408684802' post='9985059'] No more so than trying to work on too many pieces of a swing change. I've found too many have preconceived notions about what are 'good' vs 'bad' numbers on Trackman have people trying to swing in a fashion that may not fit. Attack angle being a big one case in point. As a reference, I'm fairly tall, wide wingspan, play to scratch and am routinely -2 with driver/ -6 w/6-iron. Spin numbers a tad high and not optimal but I keep the ball in play and the only reason I'm not plus is (see avatar name). Any quality instructor
  9. Now that we can measure if the advice of "golf instructors" is actually improving you, will an industry long overdue for change finally be gutted ?
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