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  1. In my opinion and experience the black and white do not get hard and slick as fast as the colored ones.
  2. Looking for one that is 100% certain to be untipped. Ideally Taylormade adapter or Ping adapter. Atleast 44" uninstalled.
  3. Automatic liek for the MP-52s my favorite iron of all time
  4. My guess is he's been searching for something equipment wise. If I remember right he was switching back and forth between M6 and SIM this last year. I would guess we see a new set of irons, wedges and either older TM woods or something different. Ball and putter stay the same, but you never know.
  5. If you are someone swinging negative how do you get launch up without increasing spin? Head, loft, shaft or combo of all 3? Question with infinite answers possibly.
  6. That 2016 Deep Face M2 is going to be a cannon. Especially in the lower loft. Those heads were so good. I regret selling the one I had.
  7. Did a few years ago and no one bought them. They were being discounted for sub $5 at one point.
  8. Love my milled anser 5 probably the best performing putter for me ever.
  9. These are beautiful. Would love to get my hands on a clean set. Something about them made them incredibly accurate for me. Plus the feel is unreal. Jealous
  10. Good article. I love watching and see LPGA for this reason they are closer to your average player and more relatable. Well, besides the fact that most of the could repeatedly hit a dime if you taped it to their club face.
  11. Price and lack of options is disappointing but could probably chalk that up to them just being imported as fully built. Would love a raw set.
  12. SM8s should be around for another year if their usual schedule holds true. Maybe just some specialty finishes.
  13. Yeah, I remember it being mentioned maybe by Greg in one of the LPGA threads. Also happy when we do get them though, nice to see some bags closer to the mortal swings of most people.
  14. I would love to see more, but I think its been mentioned before it doesn't drive the same number of clicks as the PGA tour ones do so it doesn't make tons of sense to send someone to do it.
  15. Really like the look of both of these from address. The matte crown especially.
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