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  1. There's only 2 options in my book for maximum moisture control. Leather grips which are ridiculously tacky, too much for me personally or full cord grips like Crossline Cord, Z Grip Cord or Tour Velvet Cord. Glove use whatever works, I like to rotate gloves through the round. Helps them last longer and stay dry. No clue how people can play a non corded grip, its a wet noodle to me.
  2. Limit loft to 9 degrees or more. The long bombers with 5-7 degrees of loft on a very forgiving head is part of the issue. Force players into a lower spinning less forgiving head or lose distance for forgiveness. Doesnt hurt or effect 95% of the golfing public and their ability to enjoy the game and take advantage of equipment.
  3. If I remember right the wear of black on the 2012-13 line was an issue for the consumers so they switched to silver. Granted they essentially ran with that model of selects for about 4 years so maybe youre on to something.
  4. So what were looking at is a new super hybrid? I've been toying around with replacing my 3 wood with a hybrid because the 3 wood does nothing but get me in trouble.
  5. I fully expect it to take a handful of weeks to get the work done. Price stinks no matter what, but still cheaper than hunting down a Circle T with the right neck.
  6. I'm looking to get a long slant neck put on my Scotty. My first choice was Bastian Milled but they are accepting orders for a couple months as they are moving. Anyone have a recommendation? I have have had Slighter do some work in the past and wasn't quite 100% happy with the results.
  7. Things I notice and make not of are conditions or situations that make me feel like its unfair. Whether that is a bare spot lie, clumpy rough, an untrimmed alley way of overhanging trees, slow bumpy greens or terrible bunkers. I want to feel like I have a fair shot and I'm not getting penalized just because I hit the ball in this one exact spot or the hole isn't playing as intended because a tree isn't trimmed. Expectations are always set to the price paid.
  8. Really liked the full split cavity VR II Pro Combos, but the square sole on the 54, 56 Engage wedges are the absolute best.
  9. Golfing is pretty much the only time for me where I can disconnect and just relax. Also, I am competitive with myself I am always thinking the next round will be the best.
  10. The long neck is pretty much the dream putter.
  11. As many as you want go 3. 4, 5 and 6. Whatever the person feels comfortable with. No one size fits all. Hybrids are great tools for new players to great players. I have my wife hit hybrid probably 75% of the time.
  12. For a new golfer hybrids are great. Id recommend any Ping hybrid that fits the budget. The things just want to fly high and straight.
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