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  1. Good luck. I've had an eBay saved search for nearly 2 years on yes tour putters and have never seen one.
  2. Dawn would be the NP2/Anser 2 style with square putters.
  3. Very well could just be a design flaw, what turned me off the balls though was the how white they are. I prefer the duller urethane look that most other tour balls have. If you end up with the Bstone ball I might have to give them a look.
  4. I just checked a couple Z star XV I have and they all have that same consistent wear line were it looks like it is following the seam. Major problem.
  5. Quite the difference in weight. I'm very close to ordering a Rogue black not sure if ill go with 85 TS or 95 TS
  6. The thin stuff just breaks. I find normal double sided tape to be easier. All you have to do with the thicker stuff is heat it up alittle bit to loosen and you can pull it off in nearly one piece.
  7. I think its the blue. He has blued Tensei Blue in his 3 wood for a long time.
  8. I ordered my putter back in April and the response time was typically 24-48hrs for an email. Like others have said I think all these putter makers are busier than ever with the big demand of golf equipment due to covid. Overall happy with my experience. I did see that it looks like his website might be having issues the other day.
  9. Tried leather and went back to a full cord grip. To me nothing is better than full cord.
  10. From what I have seen and the little play time I have they are TP5x but firmer. Spin and launch pretty much the same.
  11. Prov1x is crazy high spin but firmer compression wise compared to V1 which I like. TP5x is sort of the best of both worlds in terms of spin and firm compression as it atleast feels firmer than V1. If you like TP5x and you can get your hands on them for a resonable price ProV1x Left Dash is worth a try.
  12. 2020 TP5X durability was not the same as the original for me and for that reason I switched to the Pro V1 plus I wanted a touch more spin in the irons. Interested to see what you think of the Pro V1 compared to TP5x.
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