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  1. Second year they have partnered with Big League Chew (A brand of gum) to make stuff. Some of my favorite headcovers to be honest.
  2. Looking for some of these wedges in solid condition only the listed lofts and the square sole.
  3. After alittle more digging it looks like I'm looking or something with a bit higher bounce around 9 or 10 and a leading edge bevel.
  4. Interesting about Artisan maybe ill give them a shout. The supply on ebay isn't what it used to be unfortunately
  5. Looking for something to replace a wedge I love. The claim is its square but it has some different grind than say a S grind Vokey. Looking for input from anyone that replaced their engage wedges or has a recommendation.
  6. Is there a range finder pocket on this bag? It look nearly perfect if it has that. I like the idea of having a bag that doesn't match a club brand.
  7. Where there is smoke there is fire, I find it hard to believe he's the only one with this thought in the PGA locker rooms each week.
  8. Flex is just label on the shaft, for example a Tensei Blue TX is going to be way more manageable for slower speeds than its counter part Tensei White in TX. I agree that its about feel tour guys are just dialed in.
  9. Ideally with C taper lite X but will entertain any other shaft.
  10. From what I've heard and read shafts are the hardest thing for manufactures to get their hands on right now.
  11. Currently a lamkin deep etched cord. I like the speed control I get from a smaller grip compared to say a superstroke, but the larger deep etch compared to a normal pistol grip gives a bit of that stability as well. Also I'm a sucker for cord.
  12. TM now has less staffers I would think than Callaway who seem to have a zillion. Surprised this hasn't happened more with the need of so many different players.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if 622 are just a 620 with a new paintjob. If I remember right they were built off JTs wants and had immediate impact on tour.
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