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  1. LIKE NEW. Played for only one round. You will not find a single scratch or scuff on it. Stroke Lab shaft WinnPro X 1.18 grip 33" length Comes with original head cover $210 shipped
  2. The only one I can tolerate to look down on is the EXO version. Perfect alignment lines just like a #7.
  3. Took it back tonight to see what they said and to no surprise, he told me it's just cosmetic and didn't want to fix his own F up. I understand they're busy, but take some pride in your work. I should have asked him what if it was your club?
  4. I understand that the combined grip and butt end weight for the Stroke Lab shafts should be 105 grams. But is that for a standard 35" length? So if I wanted to switch to a grip that weighs 85g, obviously I need to switch to a 20g shaft weight, in standard 35" length. I'm playing at 33". Does a shorter shaft need a bit less weight in the grip end?
  5. There are a few grips shaped identical to them. Obviously the original Lamkin deep etched is one of them. Also: Lamkin SinkFit Deep V Iomic AbsoluteX Winn 2020 VSN GP Tour Classic midsize. Not exactly the same profile but very close and feels great.
  6. Are you talking about the gray DFX grip that comes stock on the OG putters?
  7. When you get home all excited with your newly reshafted driver and see this.... Quality
  8. Is there a website that keeps tabs on this kind of stuff? Just curious. I would think Super Stroke or Golf Pride.
  9. The 3D series looks like spaceships and UFOs. But I definitely have my eyes on a Vintage Nova. Sharp looking putter for sure.
  10. Does anyone know if a EXO Seven Mini insert would be an exact fit in a White Hot OG #7 if swapped? These pics look like it would, but I'm not sure:
  11. I have bought and sold: Odyssey White Hot XG #9 Ping Scottsdale TR Anser 2 Ping Sigma G Kinloch Odyssey EXO Indianapolis Ping Sigma G Tyne H Currently have 2, soon to be 3 Original 2001 Odyssey White Hot 2 ball Current gamer: Odyssey White Hot OG 2 ball lined Pending: Odyssey EXO 7 mini
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