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  1. I roll a 365g head weight with a 54g grip. In my experience, heavier grips take all the stability away from the head.
  2. They literally listened to and answered to exactly what customers have been wanting for years. What's not to like about that?
  3. I tried the DTX on a couple clubs in the past, but I hated how rough they were on my non glove hand. I currently have the Pure wrap grips on all my swing clubs. Never tried their Pro grips. As you said, these could be a huge seller for Pure. Especially if they eventually offer them in midsize. I am definitely interested. Absolutely the most durable grips I have ever used. My Pure wraps have been on for 3 years and they still play and look like new.
  4. Anyone try these yet? DTX top hand and Pro style bottom hand. Seems like it would be a great grip, but only available in standard size so far.
  5. Try looking into the Winn Pro X grips. They are the exact same shape and profile as these Salty grips and the 1.18 only weighs fitty four grams.
  6. Winn Pro X 1.18 because it's perfect. The only thing that could beat it is if Lamkin made a midsize deep etched grip.
  7. The thing about the original 2-ball, IMO, it is so incredibly easy to focus only on the alignment of the 2 balls. There are really no other distractions with that head shape. Add an alignment line splitting the middle and it's almost like cheating. I absolutely love my new OG 2 ball. I've tried many other blades and mallets in the past 10 years and this is the one that has never frustrated me. Odyssey got it right with this head design.
  8. Steel shafted 2-ball is 5 grams. The OG putters would look perfect if the painted portion of the weights was red instead of black
  9. Would they allow people to tape 2 of the triangular tube boxes together?
  10. That can't be right. The driver I shipped was in the same size box you mentioned and went from PA to NJ via UPS Ground. My total was $72
  11. Was the Ping K15 SF Tec released less than 10 years ago? If so, that is still one of my favorite drivers ever.
  12. It all depends on the size of the box. I almost choked when she told me total price to ship the driver one state away.
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