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  1. Testors enamel is oil based and takes at least 48 hours to fully cure. After that, wipe the excess with thinner VERY VERY gently and you should get the results you want.
  2. And how my vicious average 3-4mph swing speed during any putt on any steel shaft could make even the SLIGHTEST difference. Do they make putter shafts out of wet noodles these days? Am I missing something? Brings to mind the KBS one step shaft. Wouldn't the bent step in that shaft create a weak point/fatigue in the steel, thus making it flex even MORE than a straight shaft? One of the biggest marketing gimmicks ever in golf.
  3. Has anyone had a BirdieBall and a VariSpeed mat at the same time to do a direct comparison?
  4. Shooting themselves in the foot with those prices. Yikes.
  5. I have to know more about the lined 2-ball blade pictured here. Will it actually be released?
  6. I have a VariSpeed mat, but I think it is very slow even when it's stimped at the fastest speed. What does everyone have? I want something very fast to use with my PuttOut trainer.
  7. Yikes, I really, REALLY like that. Simple, clean and classy. Time frame from placing the order and in your hands?
  8. https://usuckatgolf.com/collections/head-covers
  9. Has anyone ever rolled these 2 putters side by side? They look like they have a very similar footprint and toe hang. Trying to decide, or should I just buy both and start my Bettinardi collection sickness?
  10. New or used mint condition. No less than 33" length. Everything else standard.
  11. Does anyone know what kind of paint Bettinardi uses in the lettering on their putters? I want to paint fill some letters a different color but cannot find anything that works to strip the current color.
  12. New to me. Not sure how I feel about the powder blue letters.
  13. If we're talking performance only, VERY true
  14. I think putter grips are the most overlooked pieces of equipment in golf. Does anyone prefer a certain size and type of material in their putter grips? Skinny or fat? All rubber for ultimate feel and feedback? Or doesn't it matter as long as you're making putts with it?
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