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  1. Looking at purchasing the x11, but might be persuaded on the x5. 34" only. New or used, but used needs to be in very good condition. Thanks.
  2. Up for sale is my 4-PW Miura combo set. 4-6 TC-201, while 7-PW are MB 101 all Nippon Modus3 120X. The irons specs will be listed below. The 6 iron sole has some rock damage that does not affect play however doesn’t look the best, see pictures as I have highlighted the issue. The 7 iron paint fill is missing, I have no clue why but it’s the only club this happened on. The PW was bought in Jan. to complete the set and have played less than 5 rounds since owning the wedge. All have brand new GP NDMC plus 4 standard grips. Clubs were built by Will People’s Golf in Spring of 2020. TC-2
  3. Yeah, not sure if I have ever seen a promotional code for carls.
  4. If interested in sticking with Miura, I play a combo set of the Miura TC-201 4-6i and MB-101 7i-PW. The TC has very minimal offset but forgiving enough, and blend perfectly with the MBs. Also, lofts match up almost perfectly, only had to bend the TCs 1 weak and have perfect gaps.
  5. Covers look nice, What company?
  6. Early Christmas gift, Pure has returned to the WITB. We all rejoice.
  7. I was just wondering about a scenario such as this. Yesterday one of the guys in my group busted his m4 right above the face on the carbon section. I told him to contact TM as they typically have a very good warranty policy, however I wasn't sure with the driver being several models old at this point.
  8. No thanks, I ended up grabbing a Linksmaster earlier this Summer.
  9. 1. The Club at Olde Stone, (KY) 2. Bowling Green, KY 5. 2.2 4. Ping G410 LST 9*, Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 60TX 5. Yes 6. TSI3 7. Absolutely
  10. Ordered a new driver shaft from Will Peoples. VA Nemesys 65x.
  11. Currently playing off a 2. Miura TC-201 (4-6) Miura MB 101 (7-9)Nippon Modus 120x.
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