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  1. I grabbed these back in 2014. Haven't looked at them in a long, long time so have no idea if this is what you did. SliceFixer Encyclopedia Texarkana 2012.pdf slicefixerthoughts2.pdf
  2. Some others for your consideration https://www.instagram.com/p/B9uS-bflJJD/ can also do these as partial swings once you have the general motion. Imagine you have difficulty hitting partial swings with your current backswing. Ray Floyd is the all time flatten the shaft player who raises the arms vertical and rotates them to the left (think jb Holmes on steroids) to get to a great top but his pitching motion was pretty conventional. As noted if you can make it work then why change it but what those two do is far from the norm. The idea is to make it easy
  3. Just play. Allow yourself a swing thought or intent. Bring in what you find comfortable but don’t start practicing and having a different thought or intent every swing. Unless it is a round to practice the new motion - and this a good idea - where you aren’t keeping score but still want to test the new motion on the course - I would do these late in the day and for maybe just 9 holes and sometimes hit multiple shots if conditions permit.
  4. If you are lucky your local store may even have a few in stock. 20 is a bit much. I know my hd and Lowe’s both carry the standard 48 and a 60 or 72 inch. Never checked on the 24s.
  5. Most folks use driveway markers from hardware stores - typically they sell 48 inch but some carry shorter. See 24 inch in 20 packs online for about $20. https://www.homedepot.com/p/24-in-1-4-in-Dia-Driveway-Markers-Snow-Poles-Snow-Markers-Snow-Stakes-Orange-20-Pack-SM142O20/315958127
  6. As noted flatten shaft via forearm roll early in takeaway - leads to arms too across body, steep pull down, wipe across ball, etc Need to keep club head outside hands in takeaway and then stand the club up via completing wrist set. Arms work up, pivot provides around. Somethings to consider https://www.instagram.com/p/CArLoP8llFa/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CIqOn9ilTZD/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CIRY1WoliAE/
  7. Steep to shallow gives a mechanical advantage. Though they don’t call it steep to shallow in this video Sasho and Chris give a good explanation of the advantage you have a lot of good in your swing. But you do get your arms to across your body and steepen the club in transition - not extreme - the depth you get of your hands along with the steepening make it difficult to get arms and pivot in synch in transition. Arms work up not across the body - pivot provides the depth. Shallow to steep leads to wiping across the ball with irons and a rightward path wi
  8. To the op, yes just as bad. Imo best thing an average golfer can do with a lm is baseline their carry and dispersion. That information is important to playing. Chasing numbers is a similar rabbit hole to using YouTube video as the sole source of swing improvement. just like a fitter uses a lm to best match club to the golfer a good instructor uses it to help a golfer to improve their swing - numbers are the result not the goal to be chased. And frankly most lessons don’t require an lm.
  9. Ballpark hip turn. Not only is your pelvis turn restricted so is your torso and therefore your arms giving you too little time and space to shallow and rotate in synch.
  10. In the ball park. Ball is further up in stance for driver so makes sense to be a bit more open. Mid iron vs driver. on the other end of the rotation spectrum - Na is about 20* open
  11. Yes. Everything rotates starting In takeaway - as said right arm bending too early will shut down rotation. Arms and pivot need to be in synch right from the start. That butt of club in stomach works this as well as iteach’s straight arms with early wrist set drill. Both work when doing short swings and get body and arms working together. Nothing counter to NTC. Here is an example just doing drill without a club - arms stay straight body has to turn - with a club arm will fold
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