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  1. Can do this with a buddy or just by yourself while staying closed. Just slow. Question would be do you have a lateral/ recentering move in transition cause that is the time when the arms start down. Didn’t granato have you doing this rose drill?
  2. Monte NTC has a freezer where you get to top, extend elbow a bit and ud/flex wrist then go fromthere. As monte says want to rotate more then delay rotation.
  3. Justin rose. Got to get the hands below the shoulder before you really apply the rotation.
  4. Looks to me like you rotate too early and get stuck. Head has nothing to do with it. Gotta keep closed longer to get arms down and in synch.
  5. Yep, vertical ground force. want as much as possible when shaft is vertical in downswing, around p5ish. Reed is not keeping pressure on the trail foot - he has alot of it in his lead foot and the reaction causes his foot dance. Do you need it that much to hit it long - not necessarily. DJ is one example of a long hitter that doesn't have his left foot dancing around - not that he doesn't create good vertical forces just that he doesn't create so much that he has lift off. Rory too. Matt Wolff at one time had the highest measured vertical force at something like 2.8 times his
  6. Bryson strokes gained in open. Tee 3rd 5.38 Approach 3rd 6.98 Around Green 2nd 5.42 Putt 18th 4.59 For his career (4 full seasons) averages Tee 18th Approach 75th AG 103 Putt 54 last 3 seasons T 12th A 62nd AG 105 Putt 23 last 2 seasons T 13th A 87th AG 113 Ptt 19 Improved off Tee and Putting - not so much short game and approach shots. The guy put it all together in the Open and he could have finished 50th in putting and still won. He won this Open with his long game (beat all but 3 players in the field in
  7. You lose your angles for a multiple reasons. Main reason is that you create very poor angles in your backswing and your sequence is poor. Don't know if what you posted is how you swing or a drill - assume it is your swing. Too bent over at setup then stand up during backswing with too little depth. Backswing pivot is really poor and arm structure is too. With your elbows too bent at top of backswing and poor sequencing leads to your casting - your lower body gets too far in front of your upper body. You need to find a good instructor and take les
  8. Better turn and depth. Your hand path in downswing is the issue - hands work down and out, yours work down and back. Result is you over tilt and slid hips and end up hitting the ball with closed shoulders. here is downswing hands path - more down than out with the out coming from turn
  9. Forever. Lol. Two of them since an hour was not enough.
  10. Idea is Good If you are going to do short swings then should do as a stop drill too. What you are doing runs the risk of ingraining a flat shaft backswing - better to take it back to arm parallel, stop, then do cast or make it a real swing motion but slower etc - wiggling the club around is a good way to train the brain to wiggly the club around, so to speak. Monte has an Instagram on this where he says thumbs up the thumbs back - Can be done as in video or as freezer and focus on the unhinge/flex in the thumbs back - stands the club up first before shallowing like your oldPM.
  11. Point of knee flex is to turn hips on angle supporting the side bend that gets shouders on similar angle. Hard to side bend with a flatish hip turn and hard on back too. left knee flex lowers left side making it easier to get a 90* angle turn. Driver swings do tend to be flater than irons swings but still have good angles. Raising the heel looks like it is raising the hip so it is kinda defeating the purpose. Me, I'd do the best I could and work on ankle mobility. having the hips on an angle enables a good "downhill" pressure move in transition and helps to k
  12. Hips need to be steep too. Get that left knee working out toward the toes. Really out to the toes. Side bend becomes much easier as a result among other benefits. Work the right butt cheek back toward the target and allow the right knee to lose a little flex. Like this guy
  13. So you got nothing. Speculation - isn't this what this thread is all about and you've been doing all along - the 300 yard driving 4, . . . Priceless
  14. so lpga measures only downhill. lol. again their data may be correct but who they sampled most likely isn't representative of the lpga tour - and certainly isn't for 2020. and this guy was finding any rationalization to explain away the carry versus total distance - and as I showed it doesn't wash - if he was from trackman he should have been able to pull up the numbers for carry and distance not make up some story. Sorry not buying it. and this is your response to my twice the bounce and roll - talk about moving the goal posts.
  15. Why? btw the 2020 pga tour distance (measured drivers) median was 297 - so really only 15 yards bounce (297-282) and roll (5% of total distance) (and back in 2015 the pga tour median drive was 289 and a 14 yard different so pretty consistent) - makes more sense to say the lpga bounce and roll 13 yards which is a bit more than 5% total distance - so est a carry of 242 median. I don't think 1* less landing angle accounts for 18 more yards bounce and roll (33 lpga but 15 pga). I don't see how a person hitting the ball some 50 yards less carry and 27 mph less ball speed at 1* less la
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