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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMYSkXMFGdh/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B_SXD4MFBJ7/
  2. I’m not answering the question on why the trail foot can slip - I’m making observations on your motion. Show a swing with your trail foot slipping and then can see if videos reveals a cause. Otherwise speculation. But you definitely do not get pressure forward enough via a lateral shift in transition so your hips don’t extend well through release and your upper and lower body stay behind - I would imagine this works pretty well with driver. you have a lot of nice parts which would be nicer with better transition ( shift, rotate,shift, rotate pattern)and arms staying a bit more in front in backswing.
  3. Nope. Except short game where you don’t want a lot of shaft lean or the leading edge involved since purpose is to use the bounce. Not uncommon for people to have issues on one end of the club spectrum. Swings can be biased toward iron or driver. Low hooks with driver but decent iron play can be due to lack of needed upper body axis tilt - can work for irons but not good for driver. the question is how do you really know what you are doing? Video, 3D, ? particularly difficult to tell how much is being done unless on a 3D system - feel isn’t real. So cause might be something different.
  4. To really understand what is going on you’d need to get of force/pressure plates. But an observation on your swing is that you have a rotate,rotate pattern and not a shift,rotate,shift,rotate. You load the right side then our swing arm down while trying to shift pressure left - so you never really get your pressure left enough - thus the folding chair look where you don’t extend the hips through release and your pelvis etc hangs back. the thing is your arms trail and in the release your use your right shoulder to square the club versus forearm supination. An issue that a better transition pattern would help resolve (that and arms get a bit inside early that supports arms trailing) Your hang back Versus
  5. Need to check video. Ball flight means little when making motion change
  6. Feeling different typically is a sign that the motion is different. And some motion can feel weak such as using the forearm supinate during release versus the right shoulder. One feel I had when I finally started to have my arms and pivot in synch was that my arms were going slower - fwp confirmed this can be typical - I was used to body stall with arms slinging past so when arms now move in coordinate with the pivot the sense of arm speed is lost to some degree. Again feel versus real - ball was going much further. Iteach always says learn good mechanics and what it feels like that is what it feels Iike at that time. Chasing feels is a bad way to attempt to improve the swing - feels change constantly and feel versus real leads to thinking one is doing something they aren’t. See it on the forum everyday all the time. That and lack of focus on setup and takeaway - damage is done for most swings here by p2. I include myself in in that list in the past.
  7. Once the general swing pattern of upright to flat is achieved the issues fall to all the same details to refine the movement. Better setup, takeaway, transition all involve improvements in tilts and bends, etc. why I spend at least half my practice on setup and takeaway to just past p2 - get that right and the rest of the motion is just more turn involving the pressure shift. So understanding the ranges of motion that need to happen, to me, is important in making these refinements. Some happen naturally for different folks, some must be trained. see amg guys have a good article on golf magazine on their 10 swing killers - a good starting checklist to evaluate your swing against. https://golf.com/instruction/state-of-the-art-technology-reveals-the-10-biggest-golf-swing-killers/?amp=1
  8. No upper body movement? https://www.instagram.com/p/CIYJGbZjtrx/ rahm doesn’t recenter? https://www.instagram.com/p/CC3rE-VlbWD/ sorry , you misunderstand.
  9. Everything is moving back toward the target in about .04 sec https://www.instagram.com/p/BtwTn1oleaA/ hogan pmoved everything laterally back to the target not just his hips and so do pretty much all good golf swings - not just hogan, this is a signature move - amg coined the term recentering for it. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_SXD4MFBJ7/ hip speed has no correlation to club head speed. If it did then the lpga players would be the longest, hitting off the knees would significant.y reduce distance (it does t) https://rebelliongolf.com/hip-speed-does-not-equal-club-head-speed/l and sequence graphs show that everything starts back pretty much at the same time too.
  10. Nope these issues have been there . Nothing new or caused by other thing I have noted them in the past just your pivot was a priority.
  11. You are getting the club steep in transition so you have to ee which leads to the cramped look. No shallowing going on, sorry. Don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm but I think you are stuck. Ignore this or see monte again and ask him. I think you are looking at the wrong places - your arms and wrists are not working well starting right after p2. right after p2 you roll the club head inside - right palm should face more down to the ground at p2 - you face it at the target line - leads to the club head inside and flat (at p3 butt of shaft points out past ball instead of at or inside ball) and arms behind. you have a typical reaction of pulling the shaft steep and left wrist doesn’t flex - about p6 the left wrist is pointing to the sky when it should point to the target line - so you use your right shoulder (it goes internal versus external, ie you win at arm wrestling versus lose) to square the club versus left forearm supination. Leads to the scoopy look at impact where you have lost all right wrist extension too early - going to be low point issues and explains all the offline shots you hit - your path is decent but how you move arms and wrists makes managing the face difficult. Look at your still from the current swing - right wrist is already flat - this is a p8 not p7 position. your general pivot was the initial big issue but now it is in the details of how your arms and wrist work. Do all the NTC and broom you want and things won’t get better until you address them. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKWc9zVlzg5/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CJBiS3plrJs/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CAMNS8Hl9rZ/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CAOOW7eFqkJ/
  12. Have to shift off the ball to the right first to start the shift to the left at p3. Your sequence has a stall with arms trailing and a steep shaft. So arms swing past body and not rotating thru impact. take an online live lesson with monte. He can get you to do it then once you have done it a few times under a trained eye you’ve know what your working on and toward.
  13. 71 and longer than I ever was. 260+. I had a pretty poor motion that I played to a 5 with but distance was always and issue. Lessons starting in 2014 via monte etc and took three years to make noticeable improvements but . . .
  14. Looks better than last video. More in front so if right arm works well and left elbow continues to point down at that point, it is just finish wrist set and right arm fold getting club up more upright then at the top hands just a little bit outside shoulders or there abouts. Right palm facing more down like dribbling ball there and then facing away at p3? ive posted this in a couple of other threads , I watch it enough that I have it bookmarked. The down the line where Dana gets his hands and arms more out is a constant reminder for me to not let those arms get inside. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGqCDO0ixqL/
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