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  1. Good luck. I had a similar issue and iteach had me doing both the straight arms and stick drill. The straight arms got me to really turn my upper body for the first time and contributed a lot to a real distance pickup as well as being able to shallow the club in transition. To me it feels like I’m 90* turned with my sternum by p3 - probably not but that is my feel especially early on when I too didn’t rotate it much and relied on my arms and shoulders too much in the early backswing.
  2. I really align with this - so many moving parts and having moved them relatively poorly for decades getting them to work better takes years - I ve spent 6 years going on 7 and just now feel like I’ve a swing I own - took 2.5 to make a significant break thru and since then it has been small steps moving forward while dealing with regression. Been at least a dozen lessons. At one time or another I’ve focused on pretty much every body part and it’s motion - typically slowly and via some sort of drill. I’ve seen so many folks here that are doing things I used to do and still have to work t
  3. Maybe going to surprise you but trail arm supinate thru most of the downswing until just before impact - both arms supinate - crazy eh. And feel isn’t real. Of course folks that “chase” it with their trail arm pronate to early and typically have some kind of big curve ball. I could show you forearm wrist graphs but your eyes would just glaze over. here is an old monte video that does a nice job explaining the arms - think he just started moving out of the cargo shorts phase.
  4. It starts at takeaway so you e really have at least a full second. But yeah this doesn’t happen with a small bucket.
  5. What you feel will be individual to you. But the golf swing, at least good ones, are a dynamic motion versus just a centered turn. There is horizontal, rotational, and vertical motions which involve using the ground well These drills get at those motions and are to make the swing more dynamic. can see lots of variation from dr kwon Instagram feed. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNd5-yvLhKt/ dr kwon is a lot more about golf than just these drills but people can actually get into his “lab” outside Dallas and he works a lot with instructors but I don’t know of any rule th
  6. Yes last looks a bit better butt. Butt to far back. Line up center hips with center of ankles. club didn’t get inside on last swing versus earlier but you still get arms too across the body and that makes it too hard to shallow - arms need to stay in front. Issue is you don’t turn your upper body and arms in synch and late in the backswing when you turn the upper body the arms come too far inside. Need to do some of iteach straight arms drills to get upper body turning with arms -see bottom of post. you at p3 - little turn of sternum so when you do in
  7. everyone uses all three forces. Just a matter of how much and which are dominate for a given person. Can’t tell unless you get on a set of force plates so not something to chase with naked eye - even Scott Lynn who has seen hundreds admits he can’t really accurately guess what a player is using as dominate.
  8. Com will move - a little bit in backswing then say 5 inches in downswing - it just moves slower than pressure - com is red dot inside pelvis. Love kwon model. Can drag time and see how pressure move from p3 to p5 and creates that moment arm etc and how center of pelvis not only moves laterally but up toward impact. at range use alignment stick outside lead leg to give boundary for lateral movement. Inside find a corner wall for boundary and do arm swings Buy a Sheftic pressure board. throw a ball over our trail shoulder fr
  9. Consider the Visio putting template. Comes in different arcs which are more aligned with putters preference and not shaft angle. more than you may ever want to know but ...
  10. It has shortgame putting tones too. Ratio is 2 to 1 instead of 3 to 1 full swing.
  11. Maybe on the longer putter. But good to see someone that has sam puttlab etc. good fitters can be of help here too and really good ones will have some putter training. The guy I used is a wish in guy, retired from oak ridge labs - small world went to Carnegie tech when I was at Pitt (my first attempt) - all we did was counter balance - made a huge different In Taking the wiggle out of my stroke.
  12. Orange whip is great to loosen up, for path, and rhythm. Sucks for face control so have to be careful to not overuse without hitting real shots - like air swings without a ball so no consequence. Take to range, swing it a few times then hit a few balls, repeat.
  13. See a good putting instructor. That said, get closer and align the shaft with your forearms as a start. Makes it easier to control the stroke arc and gets wrists more in ulnar deviation which also add to stroke stability. Putters are typically pretty upright so setting up close gets the putter soled flat or a bit toward the toe a la stricter.
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