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  1. So do the weights mean you'll be able to specify an exact swing weight when ordering?
  2. So on a Mitchell club ruler how long would the stock TW wedges actually measure? I’m debating if I need to order them .25” short or not.
  3. For those that have these, do you find you have to be very precise? Or does the bounce allow for some forgiveness?
  4. Is that a good or bad thing?
  5. Debating trying these or Vokeys. Very interested to hear reviews.
  6. For sale is a Callaway Mavrik SZ 9* head only. Just pick this up (was used) and have played a round with it and hit a few balls. Just not the club for me. The top of the head is not perfect and does has a few small blemishes/scratches. Likewise, normal scratches on bottom from some use. I did my best to take pictures and can take more upon request. Will ship with non-matching head cover. Asking $SOLD.
  7. Was wondering how many people soft-step their wedge shafts? Specifically for the Sand and Lob wedge? For example, I play Project X 6.5 iron shafts - was wondering if there would be a benefit of soft-stepping wedge shafts for a bit more touch around the green. Considered 6.0 as well but don't want to have a lighter shaft in my wedges. Thanks!
  8. I know there were a few threads earlier in the year regarding these two drivers but now that the Mavrik has been out for a while does anyone have any thoughts on how these two heads compare? Is one more forgiving than the other or any other appreciable differences?
  9. Is it correct that these wedges are .25" longer than the normal MG2 wedges?
  10. Curious why you feel the S grind is much better for chipping? Also for people that have the 60* in D grind instead of M - do you feel you lose a lot of versatility - especially for flop shots?
  11. Thinking of trying a set of Vokey Wedges to compare to my current gamer. Looking for a 54* (bent to 55*) and a 60*. I play in Eastern, PA so conditions vary from hard, soft, to neutral depending on time of year, course, etc. For the 54* I tend to use my sand wedge for full shots, straight chips or longer bunker shots (opening the face a bit). Been considering the F, S or D grind for the 54*. Any thoughts? The 60* is my all around green side chipping club. Anything from straight face to opening the face for flop shots. I will also use it for 60 yard pitches and gree
  12. The big question is how will these wedges play for an average golfer versus someone of Tiger's skill.....
  13. Is the grind the same on 56 and 60 or is it different?
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