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  1. Were you able to compare the H4 to the S-Three? Thoughts?
  2. They have been solid. I do wonder if I could have probably just played the X but I like the shaft. Have not seemed to balloon and stay relatively online. Shots that should have held the green have held for me.
  3. For those that have ZIT, does the tongue bunch up when you tighten the shoe? I bought wide, and think they feel fine (hesitant to go to regular) but the tongue definitely bunches up somewhat when I tighten them. Not sure if that is a sign they are too big or not.
  4. Thanks. Figured assuming well-fit the distance gains between M3 and something newer wouldn't be big. Was wondering however if some of the newer clubs offer better forgiveness due to continuing refinements in weight allocation, face tech, etc.
  5. Been gaming a Taylormade M3 driver for the past few years but have been thinking about upgrading. Wondering if anyone is still gaming it? How does it compare to the current offerings - particularly in terms of forgiveness? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone purchased the Hybrid adapter? If so, can you tell me what the insertion depth is (including the ferrule)? Trying to determine if it would cover the unfinished part of a shaft I have. Also, could anyone tell me the same for the driver adapter (not sure if it would be different). Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have a newer Callaway Hybrid Adapter - the one that fits the Super Hybrid. The problem is that it has a shorter depth then the adapter that was last on the shaft I was using so it doesn't fully cover the unfinished part of the shaft. Is there a ferrule I could use to extend the adapter/cover this? Any other tips on how to handle this? thanks.
  8. Debating between the Premieres or the Hyperflex (BOA?) - any suggestions?
  9. Does Billy Bobs have the hybrid adapters? I didn't see them but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing them.
  10. Will these adapters play the same length (and same trimming) as stock adapters? Particularly Callaway and Taylormade? Is it in any way less adjustable than the Callaway/TM adapters or any other cons to be aware of before ordering? Interested in both driver and hybrid model. Also, are the ones sold at Billy Bobs the same "Gen 3" ones on All-Fits site or an older generation?
  11. How did these ferrules end up working? Looking for ferrules for RTX3 to reshaft them and maybe a zipcore wedge too.
  12. Thanks. Interesting you are thinking of going back to the regular wedges.
  13. Would a hybrid shaft potentially work? For example, something like the Nippon GOST offerings?
  14. From a spin perspective, how much lower spin is the Left Dash compared to the 2021 Prov1 (which i understand to spin less than 2021 Prov1X)?
  15. Do the TW grinds have a tendency to dig or are they somewhat forgiving?
  16. Played my first round with the 120TX coming from PX 6.5. Swing was off today so it was not a good test. Definitely a different feel but feels stout at same time. Still think there is more spin than PX 6.5 but need to test this further. Overall, inconclusive after one round.
  17. Last year I decided trying to play a shorter and heavier shaft in my driver - a 95g Hzrdus T1100 6.5 - in an effort to get more control. So far I am liking the setup so would like to try something similar with my 3 wood. Any heavier shaft recommendations?
  18. Is the LD really noticeably straighter off the driver than the regular Prov1?
  19. I just re-shafted a set with Modus 120TX. Haven't played yet but we'll see how it goes. Coming from PX 6.5. Decided to try the 120TX (versus the 120x) primarily for the increased weight.
  20. Just curious, do most people epoxy/install the shafts in the heads first and then grip after? Or vice versa? Any pros/cons to one or the other? Also, for those that do the epoxy/head first using a split grip, do you account for the tape/epoxy in terms of swing weight? If so, how much or do they offset? Thanks!
  21. I definitely don't want something that feels too loose. I would swing the sand wedge of some full shots and the lob wedge is more green side/intermediate. I plan on either trying 120X or TX in irons (been reading up on the flex differences).
  22. Planning on reshafting my irons to Modus 120. Was thinking of reshafting my Sand/Lob wedge to match. Was wondering if Modus 120 players have tried the shaft in their wedges and what their experience was? Anyone compare to the Modus 125 wedge shaft which is another option? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Anyone know if these will be available in raw finish?
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