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  1. Wow. Was not expecting such a response to these. Sold!
  2. These were a gift earlier this year- wore once for a round at Streamsong Black. Just slightly too large for me. $60 shipped within US 48
  3. Hello friends, I recently did a woods fitting @ True Spec. After looking at the build sheet and doing some research I was surprised to find the TZ6 M3 is Accra's 'Regular' flex. Based on their chart and my swing speed- it seems like I would be closer to an M4. Trying to check my ego at the door here, but want to get what's best for me. Curious if anyone's compared the M3 and M4 TZ6? For reference, this is what I was fit into: [Driver] * Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5 * Mitsubishi C6 Blue Stiff * 101 mph club head [3 wood] * Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero * Accra TZ6 65 M3 * 9
  4. > @wagsgt said: > Testing out all the bags. Let me know if anyone has specific questions. > Which is the most comfortable / balanced to carry? Is the water bottle pocket on the Titleist as stupid as it looks? Does it render that side pocket useless?
  5. > @wagsgt said: > Testing out all the bags. Let me know if anyone has specific questions. > Nice- looking forward to your findings. I have last year's Flextech Lite and am considering replacing with a Hoofer Lite this year
  6. There are some Taylormade Flextech Lite's out there that have zip-off ball + apparel pockets. It's hard to tell from photos online, but they're out there. I believe the white UCLA men's bags have the zip off pocket this year. I've never used either of these sites, but I believe these would do the trick: * https://www.opentip.com/product.php?products_id=8525020&ats=product_landing * https://www.ideastage.com/TaylorMade-Custom-Flextech-Lite-Double-Strap-Stand-Bag-Navy-745348396
  7. Saw the new lineup today at the PGA Superstore. Very tempting- i just wish the water bottle pocket was better designed.
  8. Been playing Lamkin UTX for about 3 years now. Love them.
  9. $100 automatically added to Nov statement the club then distributes. Can opt out or choose to add more.
  10. $2500 / yr + $230 / mo for a junior (under 35) membership
  11. Absolutely love the Sharp Park headcover. Played there for the first time in September. What a special place. How are you finding the RTX 4 out of the sand?
  12. I hope the wind isn't nearly as wild for you as it was for me. I ejected big time.
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