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  1. I give it’s good tap on a carpeted floor and that usually works
  2. I've been really happy with US Kids golf. We've gone through 4 sets between my kids and nephews. One time I ordered a set to large for them to grow into, and it was obviously a bad choice. Clubs that are too long and heavy are bad news. US Kids golf lets you dial in the size much better than other brands that only offer two sizes. I've also read great things about Golphin, but haven't tried their stuff yet.
  3. I was drawn to my callaway md 4's last year because they looked much bigger to me than the vokeys. I read the new md5's are smaller, but if so, md4's can still be found. Forged wedges might be slightly harder to find. Vokeys and Callaways are not forged. My hunch is Clevelands are not either, but I'm not certain.
  4. 21 degree hybrid might go longer than the same loft four iron, because of longer shaft length and higher ball flight, but not necessarily 15 yards (but maybe...). My experience has usually been to have my hybrid be about 2 degrees stronger than my longest iron for good gaping. Then moving to your fairway woods, I've found that an equivalent lofted fairway wood will go 10-15 yards farther than that same lofted hybrid.
  5. Frank Thomas thinks it’s all BS. He’s written that we all putt on an arc, whether we know it or not. If you think someone is sbst, it’s simply the angle you are viewing it from. But like I mentioned, so much has been written on fitting the putter to your stroke, it’s hard to ignore it.
  6. I have the same question. I've been fit into a 30-45 degree toe hang putter by SAM, and don't necessarily putt poorly with those putters. But a face balanced putter just feels so much more stable to me, and often I put better with it, especially on lags and 4 footers. I've also been watching Luke Donald and Ian Poulter's putting strokes, and to my eye, they are putting on an arc with a face balanced putter. I recognize, however, that there are what seems like thousands of articles saying you've got to match your putter to your arc, and this is where my dilemma and doubt occurs.
  7. I always thought I wanted a heavier head weight. Got the weight kit for my toulon, and realized my stroke was better with the lightest weight. But now I know!
  8. Those irons are nice. Great setup! How do you like that hazardous smoke?
  9. New toy in the bag. Picked up a 21 degree Apex UT with a mamiya recoil shaft. Best little club so far. Good height and accuracy. Matches the Apex irons nicely.
  10. I need an explanation on that putter hosel
  11. Has anyone put these clubs on a scale to actually see which is lighter? Neither brand list their club weights online. I've got a 4 year old, and the 39 inch height US Kids clubs we've got are just too heavy for him. I cannot tell if Golphin will be any lighter though. thanks, and happy to hear about any other brands anyone has any experience with too while we're at it.
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