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  1. Hi all, I've got a stroke lab putter, and also (sometimes) use a superstroke grip. What solutions has everyone used for attaching your shot scope tags? I see arccos and superstroke partnered for an attachment, but I don't think that would fit shot scope. Right now I've got some duct tape holding on the shot scope tag, and I cut off most of the screw thread, but I don't love this solution. I also don't want to have to glue the tag on, because I changed out grips at least every season (or whenever I three putt too much!) thanks
  2. I was fit for the Paderson Kinetixx shaft for my M6. That shaft gives me great height. Of course, everyone's swing and launch conditions are different. I agree the Atmos red and orange give nice height.
  3. I've got a tour issued m4 tour 5 wood. Compared with the off the rack m4 fairway, it has an obvious fade bias, and is noticeably smaller. It should be spinning less, but I have not tested on a launch monitor to confirm. Ball flight is excellent when struck well, but it was not forgiving enough for me, so I moved on.
  4. All the reviews I'm reading and seeing make these new Apex Pro's seem pretty special. Good luck!
  5. Odyssey also publishes their toe hang in degrees now on their site. If you have an older model, you can often find the newer version, which should have close to the same toe hang, depending on hosel, etc. To my eye, that 2 dash is likely in the 30-40 degree range.
  6. So is the 2 ball ten the exact footprint as the ten, but replaces the white bar with the two balls?
  7. Pull a Fleetwood and mix it up. You'll be more intimidating. I say older generation long irons from Srixon (4-5?), 770's 5 or 6-P. Get a non set gap wedge, and make sure it does not match your sand and lob. No one will want to play you for money.
  8. I give it’s good tap on a carpeted floor and that usually works
  9. I've been really happy with US Kids golf. We've gone through 4 sets between my kids and nephews. One time I ordered a set to large for them to grow into, and it was obviously a bad choice. Clubs that are too long and heavy are bad news. US Kids golf lets you dial in the size much better than other brands that only offer two sizes. I've also read great things about Golphin, but haven't tried their stuff yet.
  10. I was drawn to my callaway md 4's last year because they looked much bigger to me than the vokeys. I read the new md5's are smaller, but if so, md4's can still be found. Forged wedges might be slightly harder to find. Vokeys and Callaways are not forged. My hunch is Clevelands are not either, but I'm not certain.
  11. 21 degree hybrid might go longer than the same loft four iron, because of longer shaft length and higher ball flight, but not necessarily 15 yards (but maybe...). My experience has usually been to have my hybrid be about 2 degrees stronger than my longest iron for good gaping. Then moving to your fairway woods, I've found that an equivalent lofted fairway wood will go 10-15 yards farther than that same lofted hybrid.
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