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  1. Would August be release date for new models? At this point, I might as well wait it out.
  2. I just didn’t want a blade in the 5 or 6 but I guess I may have no choice
  3. Really want a set of MP-20’s but being a lefties, options are limited. I would like the HMB to MMC in the 5,6 irons to help with launch. Anyone have any insight to what Mizuno will likely do with the next MPline for lefties?
  4. Need to regroup my clubs and I’m going to try the Winn dri tac style. I’ve used Champkey grips off Amazon that were similar to a golf pride model and they worked great and they were way cheaper. Anyone know which ones are basically the Winn dri tac style?
  5. I was going to go back to the same guy that I saw last year. But I decided to try someone new. I liked the new guys plan even though I can’t see him since he’s across the country. I can get a lesson via FaceTime and send a video in in between lessons for feedback. Felt it was a good deal. I have positive thoughts.
  6. I need to strike the ball better so I can get into single digits and I simply want to hit more greens instead of scrambling so often. i want to send my swing into a pro for drills and advice. Then work on the drills and send in another video. Currently use 18 Birdies and it says “ too much head movement” and “ not enough hip turn” Any feedback on Adam Young golf?
  7. If I wasn’t left handed, I would have asked this very question. You’ll have to try both out several times and post the results. Both would be sweet but I wonder which one offers you the best results.
  8. Playing a TM M6 with S flex Atmos orange shaft, SS around 100 MPH. Like the feel, like the ball flight longer than previous driver, dispersion is fine when I swing well but sometimes I'm all over the map. So I go Friday to get a fitting and see what they say. Been watching you tube, especially TXG channel on the effects of a shorter shaft. Seems to be positive. Anybody else have experience with this and what were your results?
  9. I wanted to get an inexpensive portable launch monitor for my garage so I can see what my ball flight looks like. The one from Rapsodo looked like the best bang for your buck (if you have an Apple product) I wanted to see some sort of side spin otherwise it was useless to me and it wasn't clear if it showed that with indoor use. I had a chat with a representative there this am and she said it will show a positive or negative for left and right dispersion. the one thing I did not ask was will it tell you how far left or right your ball went. I 'll go ask that now. Also as of this morning i
  10. I think RI_Redneck is right but we know that's not possible. I guess I'll have to hit them and see. I'm also going to try the TM 770. One thing I don't think I understand is workability. I an iron has more offset will that not make it easier to draw the ball? ( but harder to fade)
  11. Upon reading this Maltby chart I find it interesting. My current JPX 900 forged are 438 points ( conventional) Yet the 919 tour is is 433 point and conventional as well. The 919 forged are 619 points (game improvement) This is quite shocking to me to see no difference between the 900 forged and 919 tour but a big difference between the 919 forged and the 900 forged. Wish the 921's were listed.
  12. That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  13. Looking at the Mizuno MP-20 and JPX921 sel irons. I wonder what the difference is in forgiveness and how do you measure it? Any ideas?
  14. I’ve hit the Mizuno sel and quite liked them. I’m curious about the P770 from TM. I’m not sure new less forgiving irons will be improve my game but maybe with the extra feel. as far as forgiveness goes, I wonder how much difference there would be between the JPX 900 and the sel or 770?
  15. I've decided I want to venture into a blade style iron instead of always thinking I can't hit them. I'm a 10 handicap and thanks to 18 birdies I can finally see what I've been doing wrong. I have the Mizuno JPX 900 now and they are fine but not much for the "feel" aspect. I'd really like to get the MP-20 SEL but not sure about the blade version 5-pw and the MMC by Mizuno doesn't come in left hand. What are some suggestions you have from other manufacturers?
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