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  1. I had one of these years ago and sold it and recently bought another one to check my swing speed. When I swing with the radar in place half the time it doesn't read or reads a super low number like 40mph. I've tried several times and can never seem to get it to read correctly. Will not pick up a driver swing without a ball. Anyone have problems like this or know how to get this thing to read corrctly?
  2. Went back last night to use the simulator to practice. The launch monitor normally in there was dead so they put a different one in there for me to use. It's a GC2 not a quad. Right away spin numbers were double what I had seen before, around 5000RPM. Which made more sense plus I wasn't getting 20 yards roll out. So it seems the other launch monitor was off as even my 56 had way more spin. Side note my old 56 wedge spun around 2-3000RPM lower than a brand new one. Makes sense since it's about 10 years old. HAHA
  3. I’m not sure, I didn’t check swing speed. I’ll make a note for next time.
  4. I will be back at this place this week and I will confirm all these numbers again. I was using a range ball so I will try a good ball and see what happens. Contact was clean and pretty close to the center judging by feel. (I’ll use face tape to confirm) I carried the ball over 170 yards. Three weeks prior, my max distance in the same machine was about 165. I do hit the ball low most of the time and I’m not sure why. That will be topic for my next lesson. I’ll relay the details here by the weekend.
  5. Been playing for about 20 years and have taken many lessons before. Problem is, once I left the coach to practice on my own , my old habits came back and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Part of it was me but sometimes I just didn’t understand what the coach wanted. I feel it’s because I couldn’t see myself and have it compared to what I should look like. So I decided to try GOLFTEC and I’m happy I did! I love seeing my swing frame by frame with the swing plane lines etc and being compared to a pro. Having that showed me my club face was open going back and I had a slight OTT coming down. So a couple minor tweaks and my ball flight is much straighter, at least one or two clubs longer and much more confidence. Because I practice there I get to use that software to see myself as I swing. Now I feel if I start to leak, I have a fighting chance at fixing it. This is the most important to me as I could never understand why today I was awesome and tomorrow I suck. After my lessons are done I get a clubfitting package included which is perfect timing. Because of these lessons, I finally broke 80 with a 79. Next season will be good for sure. So if you’re looking to take lessons to get better, I highly recommend GOLFTEC. That feedback is so valuable!
  6. Right now I’m just looking at direction on the sim and roughly distance. I have 9 more lessons and then I’ll look at getting fit. the only other club I saw spin rates was my 56* which were under 6000 RPM. Mostly 4-5000RPM. Here’s a picture of the screen showing the data. I think it’s a GC Quad. Next time I’m in, I’ll ask what’s up with the spin rates.
  7. I asked a guy there last night and he said the simulators were fine. I don't usually have trouble stopping shots on the green. Having 20 yards roll out seemed odd as well. Last night I think it said I hit a couple that carried 180 and total distance was 200 yards. I am getting better but no way in hell I'm hitting a 200 yard 7 iron. I'll have to try a different machine.
  8. I've always struggled with what I thought was a low ball flight, I blamed it on my swing. I've been taking lessons at a Golftec ( which has been very informative!) and last night while I was practicing on the launch monitor and I noticed my 7 iron would roll out at least 20 yards once landing. Then I took my 56 wedge and hit a number of shots looking to see what the spin rates were. ( my wedges are 10 years old so I figured they would be low, probably 500RPm average) I wasn't sure what correct spin rates were until today when I looked them up. My 7 iron was spinning around 2300RPm average. I hit several shots with numbers similar to these. 110MPH ball speed, 19* launch, 2300 Rpm backspin, 172 carry and 192 total. So my question is, all this time I thought my ball flight was low and it was my fault, was I wrong? Will proper fit irons help raise that carry number?
  9. I have a Rapsodo and I think it's decent for accuracy. I'm actually going to try and compare it to a Foresight sim in a couple days, so that will be fun. I know not to use a range ball for fitting because of spin rates etc. but how would a beat up range ball ( I mean hardly any dimples left and doesn't fly correctly) affect a personal launch monitor like the Rapsodo since they don't measure spin anyway? I got some weird numbers last night and I wonder if it's the crap balls. Needless to say, I won't be going back to that range again. Anyone know if the short distances could be caused by the ball?
  10. I'm looking at getting a set of irons from a DTC brand but I'm not sure how to pick the shaft when I can't try out the head. The demo program isn't available since I'm Canadian. Those of you that bought, what did you use to determine which shaft at what flex etc you should use?
  11. That's pretty much what I think as well. Wish I could do the demo program, as it stands now the only way to try one is to buy an iron.
  12. Looking to get fit for irons before next season and there are some DTC brands that I'd love to try. Namely New Level. I really want to see how the PF-4 (Lefty) compares to say a ZX-7 or P770 etc. I cant use their Demo program as I'm Canadian so I was hoping someone here has tried some of these head to head. Curious about forgiveness and overall playability compared to OEM. Anyone have infor?
  13. I want to get a full bag of clubs fit and I know of two places in Calgary Alberta that can do it. Modern Golf was recommended to me by a teaching pro from Ontario as well as a guy I work with that has been there a few times. Golftec is the other. Anyone have any insight as to if these guys are good?
  14. Thanks, I didn't know it existed!
  15. I want to get a full bag of clubs fit and I know of two places in Calgary Alberta that can do it. Modern Golf was recommended to me by a teaching pro from Ontario as well as a guy I work with that has been there a few times. Golftec is the other. Anyone have any insight as to if these guys are good?
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