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  1. Well that was enlightening! Thank you for the responses, this makes it a far easier process!
  2. So do you just trim as per manufacturer instructions?
  3. Considering buying a frequency analyzer and installing my own shafts on a set of heads I'm thinking of buying. I used to have a club scout but was wondering if there was any other models a little less expensive?
  4. Could be, I’m trying to exaggerate the movement right now so when I swing for real I’m in a better position.
  5. Had another lesson last night and as I figured, we would be working on lower body movements. Like before I wasn’t shifting my weight forward correctly and I was turning my hips too soon on the downswing. The before pictures are in the left frames, you can see when I turned my hips too soon on the downswing, the back knee would kick out and I’d be on my toes at impact. When you look at the frame with Rory, you see his back leg is almost straight. I’m learning to push off the ground like Rory does which gets your weight forward and gives you more power. I mentioned to my coach It felt like what I call effortless power and he agreed saying this is how it’s created. You can also see in the one picture the amount of “ hip sway” or forward shift was double from when I went in. Things are looking up and I’m excited to get to practice this.
  6. Too many swing thoughts sounds so familiar! You tube,Instagram watching the pros so much overload! I won’t try anything new unless my coach says to. Quite liberating from my own mind! Haha. If you have any questions just message me.
  7. My package says 3 club fitting appointments are available, I'll have to inquire about what that means. I wondered about getting tired after a few hours of hitting balls, totally makes sense. I probably won't be done my lessons until close to spring so we will see if new clubs come in for the season. Buying this lesson package was the best money spent on golf, I'm learning so much and I can look back and review each lesson. I started a post here to show some of the things I'm learning as I go and maybe other guys can relate it to their game. it's called "Quest for lower scores with a 10 pack of lessons"
  8. So I’m on a journey to get to mid-low single digits and I thought I would post it here in case anyone else can find it valuable and it might be fun to follow the journey as it goes. Been playing golf for about 20 years, taken lots of lessons but could never seem to improve the way I thought I should. Once I left the instructor, my old habits would come back and I wasn’t sure how to fix them. I attribute my decent short game for the reason I got to this point. My ball striking was poor. I now work in a different city than I live so my options for golf instruction were better. I like seeing the swing plane lines, shaft angle at impact etc. I find the visual really helps. So when I looked at the Golftec website, I was intrigued and after calling and being told what the deal was(including getting fitted for clubs at the end), I was sold. My first lesson was in August and I was about an 11 handicap. I have had 3 lessons and am now a 9 and I finally broke 80 for the first time. I also live in Canada (Alberta) and all the courses are closed until spring. Lesson 1- hitting a push to the left ( I’m left handed) Was always my miss but I had no idea why. Turns out I had a weak grip and took the club away outside the swing plane. So after seeing myself compared to a pro in certain positions, I really understood what I was doing wrong. After I started getting more comfortable with the grip and backswing, I gained about 10 yards with my 7 iron. Lesson two, I was hitting the straighter but still couldn’t turn the ball over. And when I hit a wedge, sometime I would shank it. Again I just didn’t know why. Turns out my body stops rotating through the shot and my arms take over. This makes the hosel get closer to the ball. The fix was to learn how to hit the ball from the inside. So after doing some drills it started coming together. A few days later I played and shot 79. I had a few bad shots and my putting was not great but for the most part, I hit the ball really well. On one hole I normally have around 180-190 in. This time I was 145. I had so much confidence! Went to play 9 with my Girlfriend and my ball striking has regressed a bit. Hit balls at home in the garage and I knew something was off. I figured it was the way I use my lower body but wasn’t about to start self analyzing since I have these lessons. Lesson three-hitting them fat Turns out I wasn’t far off with my analysis, it was my lower body moment creating the problem. On the downswing, I turn my hips aggressively toward the target, but I wasn’t shifting my weight. Basically, I was spinning out and by not shifting my weight forward, I was hanging back creating a low point slightly before the ball. I have some drinks to work on without a ball and I will practice with a ball and with the Golftec software on Monday. What I like about these lessons is I get to see myself on film vs a pro and I get to understand what I’m doing, and how it creates the ball flight. I feel I’m starting to get the tools I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong when it happens. I’ll post an update when I get back for another lesson. Hope you find this beneficial!
  9. Full bag is correct, everything now is just whatever I thought might work at the time. I'll take good notes and see what the results are. I will also look for a lefty JPX fitting iron, that would be sweet to find! Eager to see what I find out with this adventure.
  10. Looking to get fit after my lesson package ends in a few months. I'll be looking at the whole bag. Right now I play JPX 900 forged irons and they are fine, although I bought them off ebay so I have no idea if the shafts work well for me or not. I'm a 9 now and will be down closer to a 6 next season so when it comes to new irons, my options are limited as I am a lefty and there's only a few I like the looks of. Minus the pure blade of tour type iron which probably isn't what I need. Would I really gain anything from a new set of irons that are similar to what I have now? I kinda figured I would probably be just as well off just putting new shafts in the 900's.
  11. I had one of these years ago and sold it and recently bought another one to check my swing speed. When I swing with the radar in place half the time it doesn't read or reads a super low number like 40mph. I've tried several times and can never seem to get it to read correctly. Will not pick up a driver swing without a ball. Anyone have problems like this or know how to get this thing to read corrctly?
  12. Went back last night to use the simulator to practice. The launch monitor normally in there was dead so they put a different one in there for me to use. It's a GC2 not a quad. Right away spin numbers were double what I had seen before, around 5000RPM. Which made more sense plus I wasn't getting 20 yards roll out. So it seems the other launch monitor was off as even my 56 had way more spin. Side note my old 56 wedge spun around 2-3000RPM lower than a brand new one. Makes sense since it's about 10 years old. HAHA
  13. I’m not sure, I didn’t check swing speed. I’ll make a note for next time.
  14. I will be back at this place this week and I will confirm all these numbers again. I was using a range ball so I will try a good ball and see what happens. Contact was clean and pretty close to the center judging by feel. (I’ll use face tape to confirm) I carried the ball over 170 yards. Three weeks prior, my max distance in the same machine was about 165. I do hit the ball low most of the time and I’m not sure why. That will be topic for my next lesson. I’ll relay the details here by the weekend.
  15. Been playing for about 20 years and have taken many lessons before. Problem is, once I left the coach to practice on my own , my old habits came back and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Part of it was me but sometimes I just didn’t understand what the coach wanted. I feel it’s because I couldn’t see myself and have it compared to what I should look like. So I decided to try GOLFTEC and I’m happy I did! I love seeing my swing frame by frame with the swing plane lines etc and being compared to a pro. Having that showed me my club face was open going back and I had a slight OTT coming down. So a couple minor tweaks and my ball flight is much straighter, at least one or two clubs longer and much more confidence. Because I practice there I get to use that software to see myself as I swing. Now I feel if I start to leak, I have a fighting chance at fixing it. This is the most important to me as I could never understand why today I was awesome and tomorrow I suck. After my lessons are done I get a clubfitting package included which is perfect timing. Because of these lessons, I finally broke 80 with a 79. Next season will be good for sure. So if you’re looking to take lessons to get better, I highly recommend GOLFTEC. That feedback is so valuable!
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