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    HAHA, I get that. I want to get fitted for a driver but I'd rather 2021 models since there will be little to now difference in 2022 models minus the hefty price tag.
  2. True! Head makes more difference than the shaft. Maybe try the head you like with a stock shaft and you'll have better luck finding a deal on that combo.
  3. I record myself all the time. lol It helps to have the pro so he can see what I don't. it's the little things I can't always see.
  4. We all know golf is hard, but sometimes I feel it gets made more difficult trying to understand what specific terms mean. Had a lesson the other day and I've been working on what feels like turning my chest through impact instead of throwing my arms at the ball. I've been shown this position before but never really understood why I need to be there. Basically you'll hit the ball better with more distance and less effort. I stumbled upon that finding while experimenting on a sim. So my pro is telling me this but saying it's spine angle blah, blah blah. I didn't understand what he was talking about until he showed me a pro doing it. Then I realized we were talking about the same thing. Anyone else having encounters like this? Sometimes the K I S S, analogy gets forgotten.
  5. Long story short, Heavy duty tech back in the trade after a short layoff needing new steel toe boots. I work 7 12 hour days then off for 7 days. I'm on concrete all the time and climbing up and down machines. Anyone recommend a good pair of boots for this type of work? They need to be 8" steel toe and CSA approved for use in Canada. Thanks!
  6. When I received notice they has shipped it had a note not to be drop shipped. Which was perfect as I work out of town. I came home to a mail notice on my door.
  7. Fair point, Ian did say they plan on bringing in a variety of golfers to do the testing. Would be nice to see a mix of good players along with the average golfer.
  8. Mike is definitely not a good fit for the videos. He's not fun to listen to on the podcast either. Can't blame Ian for trying to do what he feels was best for the company, sad to see Matt go. In time they will get the kinks worked out and hopefully provide more great content.
  9. This was my point. Weather it's TXG or CC if you go in for a fitting I expect the fitter to find what works best for the customer (me). What's the point of going for a fitting if you just spend a bunch of money on upcharges and see no benefit. If he suggests an upcharge shaft or service I would want to see how it will benefit my game. If I can't actually see a benefit then I won't spend the extra money. Or you may just want the upcharge items which is fine since it's your dime. At the end of the day, I get clubs that benefit me, fitter gets paid (and had the opportunity to make more money) and company turns a profit. Win- Win-Win.
  10. Valid points. I didn't realize some of the fitters are on commission.
  11. Ping co-engineers their stock shafts so I assume they feel they are a great fit for the majority of us average golfers. (assume is the key word) The whole idea of going for a fitting is to find out what equipment will help you play your BEST. So it might be a stock shaft or maybe an upcharge shaft but it should help the golfer and not just the companies pocketbook. I will be going for a fitting in a few months and I am open to and upcharge shaft, but it better make a big difference if I am going to pay $500 or more for it.
  12. I was told by a local golf rep that Ping had a secret shopper go into one of these companies for a fitting and the fitter didn't even mention a stock Ping shaft. He went right for the upcharge shafts and that's all he would let the shopper try. Ping told the company if they do that again they will pull their product line from them. After reading the posts here it seems this is something Club champion would do. Never been to either but interesting none the less.
  13. Not sure, you could ask on the Haywood website.They’re good at getting back to you quickly.
  14. Already on it and half way through my plan. Big improvements so far. I don't know that those are issues and I will talk to the pro about them. I still would like to know more about clubfitting though.
  15. Looking to get fitted in a few months and before I go I would like more knowledge of the process. I've watched TXG videos as well as a few other clubmaker videos. But i want to understand a bit more in depth. As an example I launch my 7 iron on the low side and my decent angle is under 40*. I'd like a better understanding on how those can improve and why or if they need to. Any tips on where to look?
  16. Hahaha, it was a choice. Part of the Canadian heritage.
  17. This makes absolute sense. I’m looking to make my misses less punishing. I don’t need to buy any clubs but if they out perform my current ones I probably will. I will be looking closely at the data for sure. One thing I’m sure they will mention is the landing angle of my irons. I’m 7 irons comes in under 40* so I’m sure they will say that needs to change to hold the green. But it does now, if I hit a decent shot the ball Stops pretty quick. Will be fun process to go through.
  18. Bought a set of 3 Haywood wedges and I’m very happy with them. Price was better than the OEM’s and they perform just as well. On the simulator I hit full shots and half shots, both stopped right away. The feel softer than the Taylormade Zspin I was using and I hit them longer. (Distance isn’t a priority and I don’t know it’s the wedges and I’m using a KBS shaft in these that I’ve never played before.) I love the 60, it opens up really nice for super high soft shots. I’m considering the new CB/MB Irons they are coming out with as well but I need to hit those first. If you’re looking for good wedges at a good price, definitely look at Haywood
  19. Dispersion is my biggest concern as I’ve gained about 15 yards with lessons.
  20. In the next few months I’m looking at a 3/4 bag fitting ( just bought Haywood wedges) I wanted to read about the before and after results of guys that have been through it and bought new clubs. I want to see improvements worth justifying the cost but I’m not convinced I will.
  21. I want to say whatever equipment makes me play my best, but that’s a lie. Once the big bucks came floating around it would be hard to to go that route. l’m thinking Mizuno irons, Titleist woods, odyssey putter, Bridgestone ball, foot joy shoes and apparel or maybe Under Armour.
  22. I find these stats you kept very interesting! I’ve always wondered what the difference would be and your post sheds some light on it.
  23. Makes perfect sense. I know I can hit my 5 iron just sometimes it gets in my head. I’m going to hit it much more often just to get rid of that stigma.
  24. I don’t but a good clubfitter cand bend the lofts to give you proper gapping.
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