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  1. [quote name='joeshmo' timestamp='1408928935' post='10000253'] New balls are really expensive here so I buy used balls from the ball boys. What they have for sale depends on what the tourist are playing. My ball of choice is Titleist Pro V. Anyway I played really bad on Thursday and for a joke I used a Bridgestone Lady Precept on Sunday. Surprise surprise. It's a nice ball. I didn't adjust any clubs into greens and the distance was the same as Pro V's. I backed up a few shots into the greens and one was with a 7 iron. I like my chip shots to release a little regardless of the ball I play and these were perfect. I liked the way they felt putting. Solid ball. After 18 holes, playing a few fairway and green side bunker shots, the ball was still in very good shape. No scrapes or discoloration. [/quote] I think this may have originated as the Precept Laddie golf ball. Many low handicappers here in Colorado, including a past PGA Tour Pro, are constantly asking me for them (golf balls land in my backyard....lots of them). I was told the Laddie is no longer in production. Precept (a Bridgestone company) golf balls are manufactured in China (I believe), although Bridgestone has recently moved most of their golf ball facilities to the USA (gotta admire that!!). The Precept MC Lady appears to be very similar. Anyone know if the MC Lady is basically the same ball? Don't know about playing the pink ones? When I'm not playing well I pull an old pink Flying Lady out of my bag....this grounds me.....I lighten up and usually start playing better.....despite constant insults from my "buddies". Try it!
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