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  1. Still looking for a SIM Tour Issue 5 wood Head only or with shaft. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. These heads are Tour Issue which go through additional testing and some have specs listed like Loft Face Angle and CT which you won't ever find on Off The Rack head. They are hard to come by which puts them into a higher price range. This year a lot less tour issue gear has made it out to the public which has kept the price point very high but they are priced correctly. GLWS OP
  3. The RIP X is by far the best shaft for 2020 for low launch low spin players. Good luck with the sale
  4. Agreed it's in my bag right now. Totally awesome shaft a total steal for that price!!!!
  5. Yes the putter is Carbon. This was the first putter Byron did for a test for Tai. Can't believe I'm seeing this for sale again it was an awesome putter and pictures do not do it justice
  6. > @nels said: > > @Birdyjuice said: > > Did you wax those AP2s? They look extra minty!. GLWS > > ha, no I did not wax. I do take great care of my clubs and I usually hit everything in the center of the clubface :-) Liar!!!!!! GLWS
  7. I agree with Hughlock but will add that the TZ5 has a stiffer tip. Both great shafts send me a pm if you want to talk more details
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