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  1. Specifications Shaft Name FLEX LENGTH (IN) WEIGHT (G) TIP OD (IN) TIP LENGTH (IN) BUTT OD (IN) TORQUE (DEG) KICK PT. 5th Gen. Diamana™ PD-Series 40 R2 46 45 0.335 3.0 0.604 6.1 Mid-High 5t
  2. Let me know when you are ready or if you go another direction with Mitsubishi Aldila True Temper Graphite Design LA Golf KBS Fuji or Accra
  3. Copied from Mitsubishi The second installment in Diamana™ 5th Generation is here with Diamana™ PD-Series. In a continuing effort to offer the best fitting experience possible, Diamana™ PD-Series shafts use Consistent Feel Design™ to minimize variance in butt OD, weight and balance point through the entire range – from 40R2 to 80TX. Players who enjoyed the seamless experience of trying various weight/flex combinations in Diamana™ TB shafts can now experience a lower-launching, tip stiff 5th Generation Diamana™ profile in Diamana™ PD. Constructed using our exclusive dual-phase XLINK
  4. Looking for a 4-p set of Callaway TCB heads. I'll take any shaft but they will be pulled so much rather have just heads Would be open to a combo set or TCBs and MB Callaway heads Thanks
  5. Looking for a TM or Callaway tour issue head within the last year and current Looking for a head 9ish to 10 actual loft. If you feel you have something shoot me a message with pics and price. Thanks
  6. Raw shaft to the E in Velocore is 4 inches. So your shaft with the adapter on should be 4.5 inches from the E to the end of the adapter
  7. Brand new SIM 10.5 Head and headcover 435 shipped. Please PM me if you have any questions
  8. That's the position where the test for CT on the head to make sure it's legal.
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