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  1. Looking for a 24 degree TSi2 hybrid. Let me know what you got
  2. I'm looking for a set of irons. Below is a list of what I'm interested in Heads only would be ideal. Callaway TCB 4-P Callaway MB/TCB 4-P Titleist 2021 T100 4-P (do not want the S model) Titleist 620 MB/21 T100 Titleist 620MB 4-P Thanks
  3. I'd suggest the Modus 120TX shaft as well. It's a different animal compared to the Modus 120 X model.
  4. Hey bud if you need or want help with the reshafting of your irons with MMT shafts or something else let me know. I can order them for you and also do the install.
  5. You must have a good fitter
  6. Looking for a single Tour issue x100 4iron shaft Let me know what you got
  7. PD and Ventus Black had the same type of feel. XC was not as stout because it has a softer butt end compared to the other two. Typically for most when the butt of the shaft is softer it helps provide feel. I would compare the XC more of a match to the older Tensei Pro White
  8. Yes the PD in TX was very similar to Ventus Black in TX. They both CPM to mid 280s just under a true XX shaft. For reference I'm a 115-118 speed guy with an aggressive transition and usually tip my driver shafts an inch at least. These two were the first two I installed with no tipping because the CPM was already in the spot I needed. From builds I've done for others the flexes match up pretty well between the PD and Ventus (PD in stiff similar to Ventus Black in stiff) I still have both on hand if anyone has questions feel free to PM me Regarding 1K vs PD. The is more linear of a profile where the 1K had a little more active tip. Also little softer on the overall profile.
  9. I will be testing the PD out tonight @phizzy30 I will provide everyone data tomorrow.
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