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  1. Have been thinking the same thing. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be an opportunity to modify that SW with their weight system, which wouldn’t make sense at all.
  2. Great post and pics! Thanks for this. Appreciate the analysis of the driver and why they changed their lofts, which now makes sense to me. I am going after the TSi3 driver, but may wait on the fairway for now until I see it in person.
  3. Hey WRX, A few shafts up for your consideration today, aggressively priced to go ahead and get deals done. All in excellent condition, with length shown in pictures. PayPal only. First to PayPal takes the item. I am responsive and ask you do the same. Please, if you ask for my PayPal address, go ahead and use it so that we can move right along. Shipping to CONUS only due to crazy increase in pricing to ship...sorry to my friends I’ve worked with up north. Not in need of trades at the moment, but I’ll be responsive to offers. On to
  4. What’s the price point for the fairway? Assuming you have a pretty reliable source? Thanks much!
  5. For me, I just need to know how to make the swingweight what I want it to be. Gaming TS3 on driver and fairway, and bought the weights to make them right...now there is a new weight system. I am not complaining at all...love the look, just tell how to get the SW right without adding lead tape to a new club, and Titleist you just sold a new driver and fairway to a long term Titleist guy!
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