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  1. They’re fabulous. The CB/MB mix was for me a great set that I borrowed once to test out.
  2. Have P770 on the way in 5-P with a P790 at 4 for a little more forgiveness. Bought a single iron off the BST and worked with it to find out what I really thought of them...and loved them. Hope it turns out well for you!!!
  3. I went through the Edel fitting process and enjoyed it. Tendencies in aim and how site lines impacted my putting surprised me. Got the weight right. And my Edel putter is still in the bag and has been for several years. I’m not considering a change other than sniffing around the edges of a Stability shaft. It is the best putter I’ve had, and I came from SC when I had the fitting done. Everyone is different, but for me it works very nicely.
  4. Awesome way of thinking about it. I’d never put it in that context, but it absolutely makes sense. I’ve done both over time, but always gravitated back to the PW with the irons rather than a wedge. And it is a full shot iron for me.
  5. Have tried both as well. In the end, the feel of the DI, and (for me) it’s higher launch won the day. Different weight for me, but that’s not really consequential IMO as that is about need and preference. I have mine mated to a TS2 hybrid and love it.
  6. You’ve had some time with the Nippon 125. What do you think?
  7. On the 3W, I am swinging the ADDI 8TX at the moment. Haven’t had a chance to jump on a 9X before....nice!!! Love to give the red a run, or an ADDI 9X. I’ve heard and read so much about Ventus. Maybe I should find one and give it a go in driver as well. On your latter point, spot on my man!!! Every man carries a heavy burden. No need for any of us to add to that burden for others.
  8. Strong statement! And one against which it is difficult to argue.
  9. Congrats @hoselshot82! I wanted it and could not pull the trigger on shipping!
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