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  1. I’d send em back, but that’s me. Let us know how it turns out!
  2. @Shanker84 I like what you are doing here and I especially like the intent!
  3. Interesting! Thanks for the detail @HISPL
  4. Came from Cally Apex Pro. Have X100s in my T100. Interestingly, I too have the T200 in the 3i slot and it is just great. Really enjoying the setup!
  5. For me it was the R9 Supertri, and I (like most of us here) tried just about all of them.
  6. Thanks for the great feedback. I have a T200 3i I. The bag now and it…is…hot. Mated to an X100 and blending into my T100 set…it is fantastic!
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