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  1. Great thread and I appreciate you guys taking the time to document your experience. Mine came in last night…hope to put some swings on it this week!
  2. What did you think of it after hitting them side by side?
  3. I'd hoped they'd have them in hand before then. All OEMs are having problems from what I've read, so I'll be as patient as I can be (not a strength haha).
  4. Still looking forward to receiving mine. I understand the shafts that I ordered are the problem.
  5. Good luck and grateful you’ve made peace with it…though I hope time away and healing might allow you back out there someday!
  6. @tinytoes Not knowing anything more than offered above, I’d recommend staying with the same shaft you have in your irons for the 50, and then heavier in the 56/60. Nippon makes fantastic wedge shafts if you want to stay with the brand, and DG S400 is a favorite as well.
  7. We moved and I lost my practice space. Therefore, my Mevo is available to pickup. Never outside. Used inside sparingly. $OLD shipped CONUS. Bonus extra roll of metal stickers that I obviously never got to be able to use.
  8. Oh my. Perfect specs for me. Wish I could grab them up!
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