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  1. There are a few, but they are not typically the architects. The dicks don't typically dominate the conversations, they just pollute them. The archies are among the most even -keeled of the posters there and provide some of the best insights. I think one reason some of the posters on GCA sound harsh at times is that expertise is generally given more sway on that site than on Golfwrx. On sites like Golfwrx there are significantly fewer experts posting and a significant number here have only played a small sampling of golf courses. I think because of the different participant pools, the culture
  2. Golf Club Atlas is a treasure trove for anyone with an interest in golf course architecture. The insights provided by the likes of Tom Doak, Jeff Brauer, Ian Andrew, Forrest Richardson, Ally Mcintosh, Mike Nuzzo, Richard Mandel, Mark Fine and numerous other golf course architects who post there is why I log on to it regularly. The thread you linked is particularly interesting. How many professionals in any line of work invite criticism of their work and respond in such an even tempered manner? I don't expect that much of what I learn about course design will help my game. I'm just
  3. First, to me Southern Dunes is worth the drive. However, if your goal is to play courses in close proximity, you should consider Sun Ridge Canyon and Eagle Mountain. They are close to each other and also close to We-Ko-Pa and less expensive than Greyhawk. Wickenberg is also a good choice, but it's a long drive and the opposite direction from Southern Dunes, so if you play Southern Dunes and Wickenberg you would be doing a lot of driving. Other courses to consider are Papago, Camelback Ambiente and Talking Stick. These options don't have the "sizzle" that courses like Greyhawk and
  4. Have you played Southern Dunes, OCN Panther Lake and Championsgate Country Club? They compare very well to Vegas and PHX courses other than desert views, which has nothing to do with strength of the designs
  5. Not debating where Florida stands overall as a golf state. The only question relevant to the OP is the quality of the courses needed for a three day golf trip. I've played more than 800 courses in 48 states and 13 countries I've played every course mentioned in this thread. The courses I mentioned for a three day Orlando trip are really quite good.
  6. For me, that's not such a tight loop for three days of golf. It's a two hour drive from World Woods to Streamsong and with the normal traffic on I-4 it would be almost 2 hours to Bay Hill. A lot of driving for such a short trip. If I was going "high end", I'd just do Streamsong and stay there for three days. It's got better courses than the others and there is a discount on the second round each day. The Streamsong courses are worth playing more than once each assuming it's in one's budget. World Woods and Southern Dunes are excellent and way less expensive. I haven't played World Woods this
  7. That's a broad over-generalization. Not all courses in Orlando or Florida are similar. I too am not fond of stereo-typical Florida style golf if that means tight fairways and lots of water in play resulting in target style golf with lots of lost balls. However, the courses I suggested don't fall in that category. Have you played Southern Dunes or the Country Club Course at Championsgate? They are not typical Florida golf. One could make a make similar generalizations about PHX golf as the stereotype that many desert courses fall into is target style courses with tight fairways and punishing d
  8. All of the places you listed will work. I've done them all multiple times. Tampa would probably be my last choice unless you are going to Streamsong, in which case it would be my first choice with the caveat that that would be the most expensive option. On the assumption that you are going to play two 36 hole days and one 18 hole day these would be my suggestions: Nothing wrong with your PHX choices. The two courses at We-Ko -Pa and the Southern Dunes course are must play courses. The two at Grayhawk are pretty good and an easy 36 hole day, but Grayhawk is more eye cand
  9. Sorry for your loss. Here are photo tours of a few of the courses he helped create. Click on a photo to see all of the pix Tam O Shanter CC Michigan The Orchards Michigan
  10. Yes, it's just beyond #4. It's the U.S. mint. I was told they mint everything from pennies to $50 gold coins there. From an online article: "The West Point Mint Facility is a U.S. Mint production and depository facility erected in 1937 near the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, United States. The mint is part of the US Bullion Depository system and as of 2019, holds 22% of the United States' gold reserves, or approximately 54 million ounces."
  11. Here's a link to a full photo tour (Click on the photo):
  12. I played the scenic golf course at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point for the first time in several years this morning. They are doing a lot of work on the course, including a new club house/pro shop which is expected to open next year. The course was in good shape and the greens were extremely fast. The course is set in the hills of the Hudson Valley and therefore has some very steep elevation changes , both up and down. It's a course where it would help to have a laser that adjusts for elevation. The course is only 6036 yards from the back tees, but is a par 70, with three par 3's on ea
  13. A couple of things: For most people the benefit of joining a club can't be determined by cost per round at the club vs cost per round playing publics. If you choose the right one, a private club can provide so many benefits that add to the value of joining, including ease of getting out on the course whenever you want, faster rounds, better course conditioning, tournaments, swimming pool and other amenities, and lifelong friendships. Regarding whether one gets tired of playing the same course all the time... it depends on the course. Your first priority in determining
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