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  1. It depends on how long the person takes to execute their shots. a player who takes 75 shots and takes 1 minute to go through their routine (checking yardage by range finder or otherwise, club selection, pre shot routine, reading putts etc) takes 75 minutes. A player who takes 95 shots but has a routine that is only 15 seconds less takes a total of only 71 minutes. It's math. I am an 11 handicap and often play with higher handicap guys who shoot anywhere form high 80's to high 90's. When we get out early we play in close to 3 hours. There are a number of low handicap groups that we hate to get behind as they are MUCH slower than we are, mostly because they spend way too much time reading their putts. I think pace of play is based on lots of factors and don't think handicap is a very significant factor. I think how often one plays is the most significant factor. I am part of a large group of seniors who play a lot of different courses. Those who play 50+ rounds a year tend to play faster than those who play 10 or fewer rounds per year notwithstanding handicap or age.
  2. Bars can certainly be held liable if they sell or give drinks to someone who is intoxicated and that person causes harm to persons or property. The details and extent of liability varies to some extent state by state, but such liability has long been established under what are called "dram shop laws".
  3. I've done all of those trips except Portugal and "Scotland North", which I am doing in June 2022 (12 courses) If you do the DR and are commuting to Casa de Campo from Punta Cana, make sure to play Punta Espada in Punta Cana. Corales is also good, but my fave in DR is Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo. Play it twice. Your Northwest Scotland trip is one of my all time faves. Rosses Point is one of the most under rated courses I've played. If you can extend the trip a day or two (or three) head up to Donnegal and play Narin & Portnoo, Cruit Island (both can be played the same day), Rosapenna (three courses, including the brand new Doak called St Patricks), and Portsalon.
  4. I've done them all and by far the best trips have been to Scotland. I'm doing my fourth Scotland golf trip in June 2022, postponed for two years due to the pandemic. You should start by applying for a tee time on the Old Course on the first day they open up their booking calendar in August 2022 for the full calendar year of 2023. Here are the instructions from TOC website: Start the process by applying directly to the St. Andrews Links Trust. Contact them by phone (011-44-1334-466718) or e-mail ([email protected]) during a two- to three-week window that begins each year in late August and ends in mid-September. The tee times are allocated lottery-style, and winners are notified in early to mid-October. Note that some months have severe availability restrictions, and reservations are for Monday through Friday only. You can book up to two foursomes, or as few as two players. There are limited advanced times for single players as well. Prepare to give the Links Trust the other names in your group, their handicaps and home clubs as well as a second course to play at St. Andrews. If you’re lucky enough to grab an Old Course time you’ll be required to pay for a second round at another Links Trust course, such as the New, Eden, Jubilee, Strathtyrum or Castle. If you don't get an Old Course tee time as a result of an August application, you can re-apply later when they sell the tee times that weren't paid for or cancelled. However, even if you don't get a tee time, I'd still make Scotland my first choice. If you stay in St Andrews you can enter the daily ballot and will have a good chance of getting an Old Course tee time that way. If you don't there are still so many amazing courses to play in Fife or in nearby Angus or East Lothian. In Fife, besides the seven St Andrews Links Trust courses, you can choose from Kingbarns, Crail, Elie, Lundin and Leven In Angus& Dundee you have Carnoustie, Panmure, Montrose and Monifieth In East Lothian you have Muirfield, North Berwick, three courses at Gullane, Dunbar, Luffness and Kilspindie. If you want to play Muirfield (which is expensive) you need to go to their website and make a reservation about a year in advance. That's 25 world class links to choose from at a wide range of prices. I book almost all my trips myself. It's a lot of fun and a lot less expensive than using a service. Here's a possible itinerary: Stay 3 nights in North Berwick and 3 nights in St Andrews. There are several gtreat B&Bs in North Berwick Day 1 - Gullane day ticket, play Gullane #1 and #2 Day 2 - Muirfield Day 3 - North Berwick West Links & Dunbar Day 4 - Lundin & Leven or Crail Balcomie & Elie or Kingsbarns Day 5 - Carnoustie Day 6 St Andrews Old & New You'll need to adjust the days based on which day (or whether) you get an Old Course tee time, and adjust which courses and the number of courses based on your budget. DON'T SKIP SCOTLAND BASED ON WHETHER OR NOT YOU GET ON THE OLD COURSE. IT WILL BE A TRIP OF A LIFETIME WITH OR WITHOUT TOC
  5. Sand Hollow is worth playing again. If you haven't played Coral Canyon, that's a good one to play in that area. Have you thought about going the opposite direction from Las Vegas instead of toward Mesquite or St George? Mountain Falls in Pahrump is a good course "off the beaten path" and not too expensive. It's the opposite direction form Las Vegas so not a good choice if you are going to Mesquite or St George. Primm Valley has two Tom Fazio courses south of Vegas Reflection Bay is beautiful, but may be more expensive than you want. Click on a photo to open photo album of a course. Mountain Falls Coral Canyon Primm - Desert Course Primm - Lakes Course
  6. THat looks great. I'll check out the site this weekend
  7. The two most difficult that I recall playing are Pine Valley and The Country Club (Brookline). The rough at the Country Club was brutal, high and thick.. Even just off the greens it was thick and made controlling chips difficult. I'd love to play it again when it wasn't set up for a tournament. I think it's the highest score I've had without losing a ball. The caddies wer unbeleiveble in tracking errant shots, even when they went into the high fescue. Pine Valley was a thrill to play but is long and the bunkers extremely challenging.
  8. Where to play depends on how far you want to drive, how much you want to pay and how important it is to you to play a great course vs an okay course. There are plenty of courses close to where you are staying. Most of the ones mentioned in the previous posts are close to where you are staying, and are all decent courses, but aren't the best golf courses in the area. Remember that December is the beginning of the high green fee season in Orlando. Celebration is a fun course in a nice setting and is probably my favorite of the ones mentioned in the previous posts The three Disney courses are pretty similar to one another (all designed by Joe Lee with similar bunkering and greens are fairly typical Florida Golf). The Magnolia is a little more forgiving than the Palm or Lake Buena Vista. Falcons Fire and Mystic Dunes are okay, but not special. Mystic Dunes has some interesting greens Hawks Landing is tight with lots of water. You can lose a lot of balls there The following are the five courses that I'd recommend in that area are just a few minutes further drive. Southern Dunes - My favorite course in the area. It has great, fast greens that have lots of movement. The fairways are wide, the property is sand based with significant elevation chnages and fantastic bunkering. Championsgate Country Club - a really good course. My only complaint is that the holes are spread out through a huge development with very long cart rides between holes. Grand Cypress New Course (now called Grand Cypress Links) and Championsgate International . These are both faux links. I prefer Grand Cypress. Orange County National Panther Lake Course You can find photo tours of all of these courses here: Orlando Golf Course photo tours
  9. If you plan a trip from Bay Hill to Streamsong, stop and play Southern Dunes on the way. The total distance is about 75 miles and Southern Dunes is about half way between them
  10. Streamsong Black Streamsong Blue Streamsong Red World Woods Pine Barrens World Woods Rolling Oaks
  11. Winter Park Deltona Mission Inn El Campeon Red Tail Victoria Hills Bella Colina
  12. Click on a photo to link to the complete photo set of that course. Southern Dunes Bay Hill Championsgate Country Club Grand Cypress New (n/k/a Links) Orange County National - Panter Lake Championsgate International
  13. That depends on where you are staying and how far you are willing to drive. Many people don't realize that the Orlando golf market covers an area bigger than Myrtle Beach. My favorite course, which I return to most often, is Southern Dunes in Haines City, about 20 miles south of Disney World. My next 5 favorites within 20 miles of Disney are: Championsgate Country Club (Rumors are that it may soon turn private) Bay Hill (expensive and you must stay on site) Grand Cypress New Course (currently being renovated and may have a name change to Grand Cypress Links) Orange County National Panther Lake course Championsgate International at the Omni North of Orlando also has some good choices if you are staying in that area: Winter Park 9 (9 holes) Deltona Club -Great design, very inexpensive, course conditions may be less than perfect and play can be slow unless you get out early Mission Inn El Campeon Red Tail (has some tight holes, but otherwise a very good design) Victoria Hills Bella Colina - Going private, you may need to stay there. It has nice elevation chnages and a few blind shots and can be expensive Although not really Orlando, Streamsong has three awesome courses and would be at the top of the list if you are willing to drive 90 minutes and pay the high green fees. Another day trip if you are willing to make the drive would be World Woods in Brooksville, which has two excellent courses. I'll post links to my photos of these courses.
  14. The posts that suggest rewarding fast play rather than providing refunds for slow play are spot on. The hot dog idea might work. But I think this could work better: I don't know what kind of IT system you have, but if you have the ability to track "points" or "credits" by customer name, I'd suggest granting a point to each player who finishes in under four hours. When the customer accumulates four points they get a reward. Something like $X credit in the pro shot or toward their next round. That way you are incenting them to play fast and to play more often. The more fast rounds a customer plays the greater the credits they earn
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