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  1. World Woods/Brooksville and Lake Jovita aren't between Orlando and Tampa, but here are links to photo tours of those courses in case you are considering them. They are nice and well priced, just not conveniently located to where the OP had inquired about. World Woods Pine Barrens World Woods Rolling Oaks Brooksville CC Lake Jovita North Lake Jovita South
  2. Will you have a car? Another vote for Bethpage, but depending where you are in Brooklyn and time of day 45 minutes isn't likely. If you can't get on the Black or Red, give the Yellow a shot. Also think about Rock Spring in NJ. It's a Seth Raynor design and was a private club until about two years ago. It's probably close to an hour drive, although closer in miles to Brooklyn than Bethpage. Rock Spring may also be easier to get a tee time (at least in comparison to the Black). Rock Spring is worth the drive. Also, Skyway is a nice 9 hole course in jersey City which is worth playing. Click on a
  3. Yeah, I can make an argument either way on that hole, but if you take out the tree it's just an easy short par three with little character and no memorability. With the tree it presents two options, neither of which is a particularly difficult shot. Unlike the par 3 anchor hole posted above, this one is actually pretty easy and doesn't hold up play, so I'll remain in the "quirky" camp LOL.
  4. Following on mc1711's post of North Berwick, I'd suggest Dunbar as being a fun links just down the coast from North Berwick that has loads of quirk. There is an old stone wall that runs the length of the course. The first three holes are on the inland side of the wall then you walk through the opening in the wall where the remainder of the course is on superb links land on the sea side of the wall, which comes into play on on the right side of most of the remainder of the outward nine. In addition to the wall, there are remnants of ancient buildings that can come into play if the wind is up or
  5. Keller, an exceptional muni outside of St Paul MN, has this quirky short short par three (4th hole) with a large tree between the tees and green. You can either hit a wedge or short iron over the tree or try to hit a low runner with an iron or hybrid under the branches. I think the left greenside bunker is overkill as IMO, the tree is a sufficient hazard. If you can land your tee shot pin high left, why make it harder for the typical golfer by adding the bunker? [url=https://flic.kr/p/Y4oSWp][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/4423/36794392315_19602617c2_4k.jpg[/img][/url][url=htt
  6. Yes, it's one of the first holes that came to my mind. It is a good hole with quirk. Many of the other holes described above in this thread are not quirky...they are simply poorly designed holes. There is a difference.
  7. Last time I played Legacy was on the day the Eagles won the super bowl. It was part of the annual business meetings I mentioned in the above Terranea post. I was playing with a woman work colleague who was an Eagles fanatic, wearing an Eagles jersey and hat. We had the game playing as we finished the round and made it to the pub on site at the resort by the middle of the second quarter. The place was a mad house and a load of fun. Legacy Golf resort- Scottsdale Click on photo for link pix of all holes
  8. El Campeon at Mission Inn is my favorite of the places you mentioned, although none of them can really replace Streamsong. Las Colinas at Mission Inn is pretty good if you want to play 36 that day, but if you are only playing 18, make sure it's on El Campeon. I also like Bella Colina and Harmony, but not as much as El Campeon. Both Bella Colina and Harmony both get mixed reviews. Bela Colina is a big brawny course with some quirky holes including a couple of blind shots. The fairways and greens have a lot of movement anf there is significant elevation change through much of the rou
  9. For ten years I attended an annual business meeting in Vegas in February. The meetings were moved to Scottsdale for the next five years and then to Rancho Palos Verde in 2019, which was the last one due to Covid. I always took vacation before and or after those meetings to play some golf. The last trip was 2 years ago this week. Here are a few pix form the course at the site of the meetings, Tarrenea Resort, Rancho Palos Verde CA. It's a nine hole par three course, just up the road from Trump LA. I was the first one out the morning after the meetings ended.
  10. Here are links to some other pix of Estrella and Verrado. Click on a photo to see them all. GC of Estrella Raven @ Verrado (the older of the two Verrado courses)
  11. Here are links to photos of Kings Ridge and Highlands Reserve. If I had ten rounds to play, I'd play Highlands Reserve 7 times and Kings Ridge 3 times. Except for 1 green, Highlands reserve is in very good condition. Highlands Reserve is a more interesting course, but if the drive time is too long I can see playing Kings Ridge. Note that those two courses are only 20 minutes apart on Highway 27 Kings Ridge Highlands Reserve - From a day where I was the first one out and there was thick fog for the first six holes
  12. If it's all about the golf and you don't care if there is nothing else to do within 100 miles, Ballyneal (CO) would be at the top of my list. It's in the middle of nowhere, but one of my favorite courses. Similarly, Rock Creek Cattle Company (MT) is very cool: a great course in the middle of nowhere but a homey clubhouse and good food. One of the previous posts suggested The Kingsley Club (MI). That is also a good choice and is close to Traverse City in case you want to have more activities besides golf and practice
  13. Glens Falls Country Club The course is one of the best in the U.S. (ranked #86 in Golf Magazines 2020 "100 best" list). It's a 110 year old Donald Ross gem and one of the best Ross courses you will find outside of Pinehurst. It is well preserved and conditioned and you'll find a warm welcome and good craic. It's the perfect course and club in the perfect location for a three week U.S. summer holiday, located 30 minutes north of Saratoga Springs which is one of the nicest summer vacation spots in the U.S. with lots of excellent restaurants and the famous racetrack and also close to all of th
  14. TPC Stadium would not be my first choice. (neither would Quintero). For photo tours of my faves in PHX/Scottsdale area click on a photo below At the end of the post is a link to 30+ AZ photo tours We-Ko-Pa Saguaro We-Ko-Pa Cholla Ak Chin Southern Dunes Wickenberg Ranch Troon North Monument Troon North Pinnacle 35 AZ golf course photo tours
  15. Willowbrook is okay, but not in the same class as Eaglebrooke. However, it is better suited for high handicappers. Eaglebrooke has a lot of water in play and a number of forced carries. Willowbrook does have water in play on 4 or 5 holes but is not as daunting as Eaglebrooke. It is also less expensive. Cypresswood is in the same area and is a little more forgiving but is a bit of a "plain vanilla" course. Big Cypress and Sandpiper are also options between Orlando and Tampa. Big Cypress was designed by Ron Garl who also designed Eaglebrooke, but like Eaglebrooke there is a lot of water and y
  16. I almost played Cleveland Heights today, but got a last minute deal at Disney Magnolia. Cleveland Heights has been on my radar for awhile, but just haven't had a chance. They have three nines. Are there two "preferred" nines?
  17. The greens had decent turf, but weren't particularly interesting. I've been playing a lot of of inexpensive courses lately and there are certainly a lot of courses that are equally "rough around the edges" as Lake Wales, or worse. I have pretty low expectations when I am paying $30-$40 for a round including a cart and I usually have fun playing notwithstanding conditions. I played Oaks National yesterday had fun, but got a kick out of this sign in the golf cart about their new Champions G-12 greens, as this is what the greens looked like. They seem to be making a go of it. Maybe it's locatio
  18. I think the issue is that it will be hard to make it profitable even with a makeover. Lake Wales isn't a real golf destination the way Orlando , or even Tampa are. You'd have to either make it a "locals" course which may not be worth the investment needed to make it appealing to locals, or make it a great destination course, but then how can it compete with Streamsong which has three excellent courses and World Woods which has two. What business model would make it worth investing millions?
  19. The land is pretty good for a golf course. Some nice elevation change and width. A good architect could probably make a good course using the existing playing corridors. The exterior of the building looks okay. Sort of Spanish style. However, the interior would need to be gutted. When you walk in to the locker room and event facilities you'd think Nixon was still President... outdated and run down
  20. Mountain Lake is supposed to be amazing. I'd love to play there, but have no connection.
  21. A lot of the decision making will depend on how far you want to drive. I'd say that Southern Dunes and Eaglebrooke are the two must plays that are pretty conveniently located to Winter Haven. Eaglebrooke is about 30 minutes and Southern Dunes is about 25 minutes. I played both this week and they are in great shape and fun, albeit quite different from each other. I agree with most of Richie Hunt's advice, except that I like Shingle Creek and Highlands Reserve. Highlands Reserve is primarily a local's course. It's on a very interesting piece of land with a lot of elevation change, go
  22. The course is in rough shape and there is not much left of Raynor's work. The template par 3's are gone. I doubt that the Raynor name alone would be enough to get enough traffic to the course to make it profitable, which is likely why they advertise it as a Ross instead of a Raynor). Here's a link (click on the photo) to the photo tour I posted on the GCA thread.
  23. It's about a 90 minute drive from Atlanta to the Grand National RTJ site in Opelika. They have two nice "championship" courses and a short course. Also a hotel on site Click on photo to link to other course photos RTJ Trail Grand National Lakes Course RTJ Tail - Grand National Links Course
  24. I played in Branson last week of July, 2017. The heat and humidity was almost the same as Florida (i.e. pretty brutal). For a fantastic summer trip, I'd recommend Northern Michigan, particularly if you can fly private into Traverse City. For a fantastic three day summer golf trip I'd recommend the following: Stay in Traverse City. Do one day at Arcadia Bluffs (36 holes),One day at the Kingsley Club. (It's private but they do allow a limited amount of guest play and it is a great course) and one day at either Bay Harbor or Forest Dunes, where you can play the original course and whichever vers
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